Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Another head throbbing day. Suffering from both graduation hangover and Financial Accounting Syndrome. Everytime I work on my FA assignment, or anything related to it, I'm sure to get headache. Hmmmm...guess accounting just isn't my thing. Was left alone again after lunch. Had a NICE one hour lunch today. Afterall, there's no one waiting for me to come back at the office (aww....sounds so pitiful and dramatic). Er...let's not talk about unseen and unknown elements...I don't wanna know T_T

The thing about accounting is...it's already rather tough to do class exercises. But when you take the actual financial report of public listed companies, it's even worse! Stupid ppl...can't they write out clearly what WE students need in order to calculate the ratios? HMPH!

Tried really hard not to sleep in office. I took panadol before lunch so it was a tough staying awake...Must stock up on panadols.

Tomorrow the industrial trainees might be coming in. Wonder if there will be any cute guys...HEHEHE!


Monday, May 30, 2005

And life goes on...

Monday morning. The day after graduation. Hands aching. Graduation hangover ARGhhhhh...really...it's like the calm AFTER the storm. Not before. Anti climax. Computers hanged. Restarted the whole LAN. It's MONDAY MORNING of course. BAH! Had work to do. Before I knew it, it was lunch time. BWAHAHAHAHAHAA! I GOT MY PAY CHEQUE TODAY! First time depositing in the cheque myself...was so nervous that I filled in the form wrongly.T_T Hopeless...I'll be left alone in the office again tomorrow.

Came back home, had dinner with family and uncle and aunt who came down from Singapore. Viewed graduation pics, all graduates look absolutely lovely! Viewed the video that my aunt took, ANNETTE! LAY THENG! U GUYS LOOK LIKE MOVIE STARS! I on the other hand... T_T



Sunday, May 29, 2005


AHAHAHAHA! AHAHAHAHAHA! GRADUATION DAY! SOOOOOOOOOO TIRING! AHHH! I also didn't write about yesterday...OK! I'll start from yesterday. Woke up in the morning. Ate breakfast. Supposedly helped clean the house (was walking up and down most of the time, doing nothing). Picked relatives up. Came back. Rushed for photo session at SS2. Took niceeeeeeeeeeeeee pics. I hope. There was a bride and bridegroom there as well... PRETTY BRIDE! Nice body shape...Came back home. Waited for friends to come. Had graduation dinner at..er...somewhere far...with family and friends! THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING! =D

This morning, woke up around 7.30am. Had breakfast with dad, mom and uncle. Came back home, prepared for graduation. MAN! It's hard to pin the gowns properly! After that, Lay Theng, Annette and I left to go to Renaissance Hotel. Bearie the dog barked at us like crazy at first. Must be wondering who these three black ghosts flapping about are...He stopped once he realized that it was us. Reached hotel safely. It was already crowded! Went around pinning ppl's gowns for them. I was the pinner for the day. Took the group photograph together with the lecturers. I thought my feet died. Had lunch at a cafe or restaurant. Was pissed off by the cashier.

FINALLY TIME TO ENTER THE HALL. I was a bundle of nerves before the ceremony started. Kept on thinking, "will my mortar board fall off on stage? Will I trip and fall flat on my face? Will I be able to smile nicely at the photographer?" Was pretty fidgety at the beginning. Then, I sort of calmed down. Then, I started yawning. Almost fell asleep after that but I saw the lecturer looking at me T_T Got myself to sit up straight and WAKE UP after that. Right after the speech, it was time to take the scroll! All the long wait and big preparations just for less than 2 minutes on stage...started praying again that I won't trip or that my mortar board won't fall off on stage. Took the scroll and smiled at the photographer (I'm not even sure whether I was looking at him!). After the ceremony, Annette and I rushed down to take the Individual Picture package. Then it's MAKAN TIME! Oddly enough, I didn't have much of an appetite. Ah well, food isn't that important today right?! Then, PICTURE TAKING TIME! Saw the big nice board with the words APIIT GRADUATION 2005 falling on top of a bunch of fellow college mates. HAHAHA! I'm sure it's something that they will never forget. After taking all the pictures, with family and friends, all I saw were stars...Then it's dinner time! When I sat down at Secret Recipe KLCC, I wanted to cry...MY FEET WAS SO PAINFUL T_T REALLY PAINFUL! So anyway, we EVENTUALLY found our way home. And now...I think I'll go to sleep. Really tired. Back to work tomorrow!


Friday, May 27, 2005


Really restless day. Relatives coming down tomorrow and my room is still like a pig sty. Er...I am a pig anyway. >.< First day without lady boss around. I'm on my own...in a way. MUST TRY MY BEST! Got pissed off by the company's clients today. I was free the WHOLE BLOODY AFTERNOON but noooooooo, they must call at 5 o'clock when I'm about to go back home to request for this and that. "Need the documents urgently"
So why didn't you call earlier? HA?! because of that, I got stuck in the jam. Nice...Next time I'll pretend not to hear the phone ring.

Dinner was as usual. Ate at home. After that, went out to buy my er...cosmetic stuffs. I know. I never said that I'm not vain. Ran around the house hunting for hair pins to pin the mortar board to my head. THE MORTAR BOARD KEPT ON SLIPPING! Too little hair to pin the board properly. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?! T_T I don't want it to fall off when I'm on stage! That'd be so embarassing! Any suggestion? Besides gluing it to the head of course...


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Tiring Thursday...

It's really hard to remember that today isn't Friday. Guess it's because of the graduation ceremony on Sunday. So many things not done yet. So little time. So little money...For some odd reason, I'm really tired today. Or maybe I don't have enough sleep. But anyway, I found myself alone in the office this morning. Nice feeling. As though as I am in some Hong Kong drama...LOL! Anyway, Guy Boss' son came in today...cute boy. Followed me here and there to watch what I did (just like the cute girl in Fruits Basket).

Had a lot of work today, so didn't have time to fold origami. Such a pity. At least I have my MP3 player back with me. Can listen to songs while doing work. Lady Boss' going to Hong Kong tomorrow. T_T TWO WEEKS ALONE (not technically though).

Had to fetch dad today. Coz was tired, so drove like a mad fella. Poor dad. He was gripping the handle so hard. He said, "You think you are driving a go-kart..." Ah well, I was just trying to beat the red light. Which reminds me. My uncle got my aunt really confused because he kept on saying "Beat the Green Light" So just exactly HOW do you BEAT the GREEN light? This is the definition of beating the green light according to my uncle:

Drivers BEAT the GREEN light, when they go ahead before the RED light turns GREEN.

Yep. So there you go. Remember not to BEAT the GREEN light next time. Dangerous.

Currently watching American Idol results...GOD! JUST WHAT THE HELL THOSE PPL ARE THINKING, WEARING WEIRD AND TURNING A PERFECTLY GOOD SONG INTO SOMETHING WEIRD?! Uh, I meant the Top Ten Worst...contestants. I really pity the judges. Anyway, back to the tv...


Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Boring day. Nothing much happened. Folded about 12 butterflies and two flowers and typed out my assignment. And, oh, two survey girls came in today, one with the same name as mine. Not that I care. Watched the American Idol Finals today. NOT SATISFIED! BRING BACK THE OLD GANG! T_T Just can't "feel" it at all when they sang. NOT AT ALL T_T DIANA, FANTASIA, LA TOYA! I MISS YOU PPL!

Hmph! *Looks at origami butterfly* Pretty...It's odd how a paper with a design that I don't really like can be turned into a really beautiful butterfly. Just like a dress. Some dresses can look really plain and not attractive but after wearing them, they really look good...Shows that people should not judge before trying whatever it is out first. Well, back to making more butterflies.

Butterflies, butterflies, flutterby...

You Are From Neptune

You are dreamy and mystical, with a natural psychic ability.
You love music, poetry, dance, and (most of all) the open sea.
Your soul is filled with possibilities, and your heart overflows with compassion.
You can be in a room full of friendly people and feel all alone.
If you don't get carried away with one idea, your spiritual nature will see you through anything.

What Planet Are You From?

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Rainy Tuesday

For some odd reason, I kept on thinking that today's Friday. Hmph. Pounding headache the WHOLE day. Serves me right for sleeping late the night before. At least I didn't have to swim today. Had a buzy morning. An insurance agent for our company came in after lunch and asked me all sorts of questions which I don't even know the answer to.

Lady: Can I have your IC?
Steffi: Sure
Lady: Is Kampung Tunku your address?
Steffi: Yeah. (uh...it's in the IC...how wrong can it get?)
Lady: bla bla bla
Steffi: Bla bla bla
Lady: What's your post?
Steffi: Assistant to company secretary.
Lady: Pardon?
Steffi: Assistant to company secretary.
Lady: Not admin assistant?
Steffi: No.

HELL, LADY! Did you actually think that you know my post in the company more than I do? I believe I'm the one who signed the employment agreement...*Sigh* Just because I look like one doesn't mean I'm one! Never judge a person by their looks...HMPH.
But of course, I had to make a fool out of myself.

Lady: Do you have any problems with your eyes?
Steffi: Does counting specs wear?
(pauses for a second)
Steffi: I MEAN, does wearing specs count?

OH MAN! >.< I used to have this bad habit of switching the words last time, but it went off. And now it's back. ALL BECAUSE OF HER.

And after that, I had to use the EVIL TYPEWRITER. I also had to use the cellophane tape to correct my mistakes. T_T It still doesn't like me... Oddly enough, time passed quite fast today. Spent the rest of my free time doing assignment and e-mailing Wy-Pun. Wy-Pun, it's not fair...howcome YOU HAVE TIME TO READ STORIES? You as a programmer (is that your title?) should be busier than me!

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Monday, May 23, 2005


WAHAHAHAHA! Public holiday! Even a one day break makes a lot of difference to me...since I'm working AND studying. Nice to have one day off. We had actually planned to go to Fraser's Hill, but after listening to our neighbour complaining about their not so enjoyable trip to that hill, we changed our minds. In the end...My sis and I spent half the day at the hair salon. Ah well, it was worth it since my hair was in such a bad condition that it needed professionals to "rescue" it. However, my wallet needs someone to "rescue" it now. >.<>.< Maybe I should charge them each time they (unrelated ppl) touch my hair...BWAHAHAHAHA! By the time I was done, it was time for dinner. Came back home and started clearing the mess which I was supposed to clear months ago. I'm still packing now...I want my Saiyuki... T_T WAIIIIIIII KIIIIIIIIT T_T GIMME MY SAIYUKI!!!


Sunday, May 22, 2005


After working slightly over a month, I got used to answering the phone with the greeting, "Good afternoon, (insert company's name)". Most of the time, when the caller goes "Hi, (insert Lady Boss' name)," it'll normally be followed by, "Sorry, she's not in." So when my neigbour called me early this morning, waking me up from my beauty sleep, looking for my mother, I replied groggily, "Sorry, she's not in." O.o Which was true anyway. She really wasn't in. I'm just glad that I didn't pick up the phone and say, "Good morning, (insert company's name)."

I was reluctant to leave my house this morning. Reason being, the TV was showing one of the favourite childhood cartoons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. The very first episode! At least that's what I think...Going to college on a Sunday morning while my favourite cartoon was being aired really sucks!

The first thing that came to my mind when I entered the class was, "Shit. It's cold." And I didn't bring my jacket. I purposely wore a short sleeve shirt as my original classroom is rather warm. Fortunately, my body got used to the temperature.

Lunch break was as usual. When I got back to class, lecturer passed us two companies' Annual Report. To my dismay, my calculator is unable to compute some of the ratios that we have to calculate today and it's all because my calculator is an 8 digit calculator. Me, stupid and ignorant as usual, didn't realize that public listed companies have sales of over billion ringgit.

My RM50.00 Animetech membership card that I got yesterday proved to be really useful today, as a RULER. Again, I have forgotten to bring my beloved ruler. Poor card...During our tea break, I went to 7-11 with a classmate to grab some snacks. As I was crossing the road, she held my hand like I was a little kid. T_T AM I REALLY A KID TO THEM?! (To those who don't know, my classmates are all working adults) *Sigh* I guess I've got some growing up to do...


Saturday, May 21, 2005


The morning started as usual, with me turning off the alarm and falling back to sleep again. And because of that, I had to rush to go to college. This is the conversation I had with my mom while she's locking the gate and I was eating my breakfast.

Me: (Munching breakfast) Mom, can you help me put on my socks for me?
Mom: No, siao (crazy)!
Me: Awww...mom, please help me put on my socks for me...
Mom: No way.
Me: But you used to do that when I was young.
Mom: But now your legs are so long and your feet stinks.
Me: ...

*Sigh* So much for trying to be like a kid. In the end I had to put it on myself, and rush to the LRT station. Class was as usual, but after a while my mind started wandering...thinking about watching Saiyuki. And then I started wondering, who on earth (or in heaven) made the corporate world so complicating?! Whatever happened to the simple barter system of "I give you this and you give me this?"

But anyway, I STILL have to do it, so...no use complaining. Somehow, I got worried everytime my classmate in front of me calls the lecturer. Because everytime that happens, I will have to face my lecturer's posterior. And I will keep on chanting, "Please don't fart, please don't fart..."

No, I'm not crazy. OK, so I lied, but who wouldn't start thinking of nonsense during a 9.30am-5.30 am Financial Accounting class on a not so bright Saturday? SO, on with the lectures. Class ended slightly earlier today. Had dinner with family and then went to Sunway Pyramid to collect my AnimeTech member card. THE BEST EVENT OF THE DAY! HAHA! Anything to do with animes or manga is good. Real good. :D Bought Tactics manga. Wanted to buy Saiyuki first season but I guess that will have to wait until I get my paycheck end of this month. T_T Nevermind, at least I have the mangas to entertain me meanwhile...

Ok! I'm off to read my mangas!


Friday, May 20, 2005


I wrote what I did on a paper today, so that I will not forget what happened when I write this blog. But...I have forgotten to bring that paper back. T_T Let's see if I can recall what happened today. Erm, yeah, Lady Boss wasn't around today coz she has a meeting so I was alone with Guy Boss. Which means less work, though Lady Boss did send instructions on what to do through e-mail. One of them is to ask Guy Boss for money to top up Jaring account. The other was to ask Guy Boss money to make payments to ROC. Though it wasn't for myself, I still felt embarrassed for asking him for so much. >.<

Lady: Hello? (insert company name) ah?
Me: Yes?
Lady: What's your fax number ah?
Me: (insert number)
Lady: (grunts and puts down the phone)
Me: O.o

What on earth happened to the Thank you? Or introducing herself?! SHEESH! Later on, my Guy Boss called the same company, and someone else picked up the phone. Put him on hold, and then just hanged up the phone like that. That company sure has some attitude problem...

Feeling bored, I decided to try out Pornogami (Guy Boss has gone out). Well...it went into the dustbin. Haih. Not ready for something so complex yet. During lunch, bought two packets of origami paper. Oh, by the way, I was left all alone after lunch. Tried the chicken origami. The result was...a chicken who has lost his crown and has been pecking on cement floor for quite some time AND high on drugs. It went into the dustbin as well. While keeping a plastic bag into the drawer, my Polly Pocket castle version (which I brought to show my Lady Boss' daughter) caught my attention. Hey! Why not play with that! Opened it up, started setting the dolls and things in place and...ah well. It's bored playing with just one character there (the princess of the castle) since the prince is missing (he ran away from the princess...). Chucked that to one side. Pity I don't have a laptop with me, otherwise I would be able to watch Saiyuki. After all, a laptop looks normal in an office whereas a bright pink Polly Pocket looks totally out of place in an office.
Next, decided to read fanfiction while folding simpler origamis. Table seems to be getting more colourful. Played around till it's time to go home, swam, had dinner, bought some stuffs and watched Saiyuki.

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Animes, kids and toys nowadays

I'm currently watching Gensoumaden Saiyuki Reload now, but if I don't write now, I'd probably won't do it later. Haha, lazy pig, that's me. First thing in the morning when I woke up at six thirty was to call my buddy, Wai Kit. No, it's NOT a daily wake up call service. It's just for today, to remind him to burn my anime, Saiyuki which I'm watching now. That's how crazy I am about animes. Sacrificing my sleep time so that I can watch it today. After that I fell back asleep, woke up late, and arrived just in time for work after going through a jam (why are there so many cars on the road today? Hmmmm...). Sky was pretty gloomy and started raining after a while. Was given work to do, asked to print some stuffs...and then Words hanged. So, restarted words and tried printing again. Hanged again. Tried restarting the computer, but this time the WHOLE computer hanged (or was it crashed? ha, so called IT graduate). But anyway, I have concluded that gloomy sky or rainy day = computers go cranky day.

Anyway, the day brightenened with the arrival of my Lady Boss' daughter. Such a cute little girl! Kids nowadays ain't the same as kids last time anymore. I mean, I don't remember saying "Who dares to scold me? I'm the boss' daughter!" Wow. A five yrs old kid saying that. Or "Why is my mommy doing work for you? Your own work, you should do it yourself!" Sure can't help laughing whenever she argues with my other boss...very entertaining.

I really envy kids nowadays. Toys now are really really fun to play with! My boss' son is getting a laser beam gun with the body contraption that has a round screen in the front. Shoot that screen and it'll beep, indicating that the person wearing it has been shot. 150 pounds for that. Hmmmm...wish I could afford one. One of the toys I had (and still have) was Polly Pocket and that requires the player to imagine...a lot. It was fun though.

And again, I was left alone this afternoon. Not that I'm complaining. Afterall, I've just discovered how fun it is to do origami. Wonder what my bosses will say when they see the bear, tulip, butterfly and crane all over my desk tomorrow...

Had dinner at Giant with an exclassmate and collected my darling animes from him. Went back home and here I am, watching it...er...now. Yeah. I'll continue watching now. See ya!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ferrets, Fishes and Conmen

The day started with....A FERRET! Yes, that cute little furry animal - ferret! Came out of the house this morning, heard my neighbour exclaiming "WHAT IS THAT?!" and oh, of course I exclaimed back "FERRET!" Awww...it was just so sweet...>.< Pity I had to go to work, was so tempted to catch it (as if I could). Must be someone's pet. No way there are wild ferrets running around here.

So I guess this can be considered Introduction Part Two. As you have guessed by now, I'm an animal lover. I have fishes (though I wanted a dog). One Betta (fighting) fish, one (psychotic)platty and one disco (SORRY! To all those who are against disco fishes, I'm so sorry, I didn't do my research before getting them). I had another Betta fish. Her name's Arua, but she sadly died of dropsy last week. RIP Arua. Why did I say psychotic platty? Simply because my platty has issues with ANY orange coloured fishes. It's supposed to be a sociable fish, but it kept on attacking all the other orange fishes. It doesn't do that anymore though (coz it's the only orange one left in there). Wish I could have a dog, but I'm afraid I just don't have the time for it now. To all animal lovers out there, there's an excellent doggie portal on my "Link" section. Have fun.

My other obsession is animes and mangas. I can go on and on about them. Current favourites are...er...Bah, there's just too many. But my all time favourite is Full Metal Panic and Full Metal Panic Fumoffu. And Gundam Seed. And Gundam Seed Destiny. And Prince of Tennis, as well as Naruto...and Yami no Matsuei. And...ah well, you get the idea. To make it simpler, I love mecha *drools over mechas* and sports animes. Action. Anything that gives me adrenaline rush.

Right now my friend is complaining to me about job interviews. About finding out that they offer a different job than the one that they'd advertised earlier. Really pissing off. Let this be a lesson to other job seekers.

And so, the story begins. One fine day, I was looking at the recruitment ads in the newspaper, searching for suitable jobs. Came across this ad asking for IT and another few more degree holders for the post of IT trainee, Management trainee (and three more post which I can't remember). Happily applied for that and got called for an interview. Interviewer said "Oh, you'll be learning about logistics, marketing, warehousing..." So I asked "but what has IT Trainee got to do with that?" She replied "Oh, initially, everyone goes through the same training". RIGHT. My alarm bells should have gone off there and then but they didn't, unfortunately. So the next day, like a good girl (I passed the interview, duh) I went for my training. Just to find out that it was OUT of the office. Suspicious right? It was only on my way to my destination did I really find out what kind of training it was. In the car(wasn't told where I was going either, stupid trainer evaded my question) my trainer suddenly pulled out this stack of Disney cookies brochure from her hand bag (yes it was a big handbag). IT trainee my foot. Management trainee my ass. It was PLAIN salesman job that we are supposed to do. Going to the schools to sell them were bad enough. Almost had heart attack when we went to the police station (don't like that place very much). I would have gone home immediately, if I wasn't all the way in Klang (I think it was Klang, I've got a bad memory). Since I didn't drive there, and I didn't dare take a taxi (paranoid) and there wasn't any LRT station there, I had to wait for them to wrap up for the day and take me home. To make matters worse, during dinner, this salesman approached me and asked if I would like to buy...TADA! DISNEY COOKIES. BAH! Gritted my teeth and told him, "I already have ONE in the car, thank you very much". Definitely an experience to remember. So, to all you jobseekers out there, it's good not to be fussy, but do be careful with your job applications. RESEARCH first (I did try, couldn't find any info on them).

Alright, I guess that's more than enough for today. Excuse me for my rambling, but you'd be grumpy too if you had to eat rabbit food and swim like a fish for the sake of looking good on graduation day...

P.S. Sorry, the latest message will appear at the bottom in the chatterbox instead of the top!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Hmmm...first time I'm blogging. Ah well. I shall start with an introduction to myself. Er...let's see, I'm 22, single, and am a numbnut. I'm an IT graduate, working as an assistant to company secretary and currently studying ICSA course. Sounds complicated? Hey, I never did say tht my life is simple, or normal. After all, who washes clothes WITHOUT the clothes? -_-

I have weakness for food. HUGE weakness. I've just eaten goulash with spaghetti for lunch and I'm so darn full now. T_T Never ever overeat.

About office work, I've discovered a few things.

  1. Typewriters are sill being used. Somehow, everytime I use the typewriter, I will defnitely make an error. BIG error. Damn you evil typewriter...I'll conquer you someday!
  2. Never read fanfiction in your office. It won't be funny at all if you suddenly laugh out loud in office, especially when u are sitting right in front of your boss.
  3. Never ever put your head on the table. You'll fall asleep immediately. Either someone will wake you up, or you'll have to spend the night there.

I'm sure I'll discover other things soon.

About studies. It's really tough working full time and studying part time, especially when your course is a fast track course. But I'll just remember to always keep cool and calm and if anything happens, I'll forward the mental hospital bill to the lecturer. One subject has passed and it was pretty stressful. I hope this subject is alright (financial accounting). ICSA CERT! I WILL GET YOU ONE DAY! Eventually...