Monday, July 25, 2005


Friday night...Right after having dinner, I demanded for Harry Potter book 6 from my mom. So much for refraining myself from reading until after I hand my assignment in. But it doesn't matter, I've already done the full draft. Right. Excuses. So, although I could barely keep my eyes open, I read the whole book that night. Can't be helped. I just couldn't stop reading. Now, I'm waiting and waiting for the last book to come out.

Thankfully, my friend has lent me a few mangas too keep my occupied. One of them was Yotsuba&! which I found rather entertaining. There was this particular chapter, however, which caught my attention. In that chapter, Yotsuba, a little girl, went shopping with her dad. They were at the household department when she saw furnitures and decided to try them out. Then she saw a bed and ended up sleeping on it, while all the other customers were cooing away on how cute she was. Her dad was embarrassed. This chapter reminded me of an incident which happened in One Utama, at the Home Center. I was walking around with my mom, looking at the bathtub displays when I saw this little boy running towards a toilet bowl display. My eyes bulged out as he pulled his pants down and sat on it. His mom immediately ran towards him and snatched him up before he whatever he had in mind. Perhaps he wanted to make the display more...realistic. Though I don't think Jusco's staff will be too happy about that. This was definitely more hilarious than what Yotsuba has done :D Can never forget that incident.

Thanks to my friend, I'll be like a panda for the next few days. Having two hard disks of animes is...BLISS! PURE BLISS! No doubt I'll be suffering at work though. So forgive me if I don't reply your messages on MSN coz I'll be in Anime Heaven...


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Stupid Things I Do & See When…

I do not have enough sleep.

Scene 1:

It was study leave week, last semester of my college life. Naturally, I slept really late "studying" and I had to wake up early the next morning. Mom asked me to wash the clothes. So I did that. First, I turned on the washing machine. Then I turned on the water supply and poured in the detergent. Finally I closed the lid and walked off…when suddenly...

Mom: STEPH!!!!
Steffi: Huh?
Mom: THE CLOTHES! (while pointing onto the floor)
Steffi: *Blinks. Looks down* OH NO!!!!
Steffi: *Laughing hysterically*
Steffi: (Still laughing while gathering the clothes) was that.

Scene 2:

Exam week, on the day of a paper. Friend A was driving while I was sitting behind, still half asleep when I saw something running across the road.

Steffi: ...annette...did a monkey just ran across the road?
Friend A: ...what monkey?
Steffi: I thought I saw a monkey running across the road in front of your car…
Friend B: Where got...
Friend A: Steph...what are you talking about?! THERE"S NO MONKEY!
Steffi: *mumbles* I thought I saw one...

Scene 3:

This happened recently, after my part time (full day) class at One Utama SC. Was paying the parking ticket. First, I inserted the ticket. Then, the one dollar note. And then, took the ticket back and waited. And waited. For the stupid one dollar not to come out. And then I realized that I was waiting for a one dollar note that will never come out because the ticket price was one dollar. Wheeeee....Must not daydream while paying for the ticket anymore next time.

I'm sure there are others as well, but I've forgotten, which leads to...

Scene 4:

I have been corresponding with one of my clients quite frequently over some matters and was waiting for a reply from him. However, two weeks later...

Lady Boss: Have you received any reply from Mr Z?
Steff: ...
Steffi: Somehow, that name sounded so familiar...
Lady Boss: STEFFI!
Steffi: *blinks*
Lady Boss: Mr Z is the director of that company! The one you've been corresponding with!
Steffi: ...OH!!!!!! Now I remember.

And then Lady boss continued testing me, to see if I can remember other clients whom I've been corresponding with frequently. *Sigh*

On the bright side, FMP TSR IS OUT! OMGOMGOMGOMG! I’m SO EXCITED! I have just watched the first episode last nite. OMG! I REALLY MISSED SAGARA SOUSUKE! They still look good…I hope the entire series will be good as well!

And on the Harry Potter book. Yes, I have it with me. No I haven't read it. And please don't tell me anything about it coz I won't hesistate to murder that person. I've been refraining myself from reading is as I have yet to complete my assignment. Which is torturous. Every now and then I'll go and touch the book without realizing it. Extremely torturous. So don't tempt me. >.< I've warned you.

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

What IS the point of writing this blog?!

I can't find my wooden comb. I miss it very much T_T No, it's not that kind of affection one has for his/her wet blanket. I'm just fed up of my hair sticking out when I use the plastic comb because of the static that was generated. I dislike getting zapped by the screws on the photostating machine as well. HAS ANYONE SEEN MY WOODEN COMB?! Please come back....T___T

It's 2.40a.m in the morning and I'm supposed to be asleep. But here I am, taking a break from my assignment as I am suffering from writer's block. Maybe I should spend my time thinking of what excuses to give the lecturer tomorrow. Or maybe I should just go to bed. Yeah...good idea. Goodnite Tuatha. Goodnite, Piggy. Goodnite, Steffi.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I have lots of stuffs to complain about today! Firstly, when you are entering someone's room to do something, acknowledge them if you know that they are awake. Don't just sneak in quietly and do nothing/say nothing and then stare...It's freaky, especially in the dark and when the person inside has four eyes! Mom came into the room yesterday to check one me (I was napping) and she wanted to check if the windows were open. I turned around, saw a silhouette there. It wasn't moving, wasn't speaking and it was just standing there (at this point of time, my imagination started running wild). Only after I called out to her did my mom moved and responded. MAN! It was like those Hong Kong dramas, where the assassin enters the room to kill his target who's on the hospital bed...

Next, don't eat at Cengkih in Desa Sri Hartamas. Unless you don't mind spending much on mediocre food. Malay chap fan (mixed rice). Eight bucks for curry chicken, sotong kerabu and ikan bilis plus a glass of teh o ice limau. Not very delicious either. Plus that shop is cursed. First time there, and I got skinned by the tongs there. That piece of my finger's skin is sticking out akwardly. Just when I have decided not to cut it off (don't like that sensitive feeling you get when the skin's not there), the photostating machine decided to rip it off. Don't ask me how. Now, to get good food, the place to go to is Spicy Restaurant(mamak shop). The food's great, the milo ais is good and the price is ok as well. Plus it's clean. Flattened flies on table makes one loses his/her appetite.

Next, be more considerate on the road. I don't appreciate getting heart attack early in the morning. Why can't they just obey the rules T_T I'm not a goody two shoes either, but as I said, please think of the others.

Today seems to be a highly static day. Came to office, after a while, noticed that the skirt was sticking to my legs. Was de-staticfying by leaning against the wooden cabinet while waiting for the water to boil. Now, it's sticking to my legs again. Guess I'll have to de-staticfy by sitting on the wooden chair...

Urgh, enough for today...Back to work.

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Monday, July 11, 2005


FINALLY I have handed in my Taxation assignment. Doesn't mean that I'm done with taxation though. Still have taxation office work to do...Been pretty bz the past week. Doing homework, reading manga, visiting the dentist, reading manga, going for classes, reading manga...BUT anyway, I have just found out a week ago, to my horror, that my teeth were getting stained...AIYEEEEEEE!!! Everytime I look into the mirror I can just cry T_T. Reason? Ever since I started work, I've been drinking lots of ceylon tea. Bad colouring. Ended up paying a visit to the dentist...So now I must flash my RM60.00 grin around to everyone *grins*. Nice and shiny now. No more Ceylon tea, at least for the time being. HAHA!

I have watched Batman about two weeks ago and I must say that it's one of the more realistic superhero shows that I have watched. Everything has a logic and scientific explanation to it. Though it was slow moving at first, the CG was really good. Nothing felt fake. Everything felt real, even the entire Gotham City. The car was mean looking though. Not that I don't like it. I wanna drive that one too... I never knew that Batman was a ninja student. In a way, this movie kinda makes ppl realize that even superheroes have to work hard to be what they are now. There's no easy way out. So work hard my friends and enjoy the fruits of your labour...:D (right).

Just yesterday I have met up with a friends I knew in secondary school...It's good to see you people again. It's interesting to find out where your friends are now, what they are doing and how they are doing. So, Dr CK! Have a safe journey to Scotland, and enjoy yourself there (give me discount when I need your service next time yah!).