Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Curse...

It's already 27th of August and we have yet to hang up the National flag at my office. Suddenly remembering, I exclaimed loudly that we had to hang the flag up, startling my colleague who was working diligently on her laptop (no, I'm not being sarcastic, she really is too hardworking). We took the flag out, and I had the honour of pulling up the blinds behind my seat where the window is. See, the thing about the window blinds is that we were hardly successful in releasing it down after pulling it up in the past.

However, the blinds on the second REFUSED to stay up today, so I had to step on the string attached to the blinds in order to keep it up.after that, we managed to hang the flag without any problem. It was time to release the blinds. Lifting my foot up, I expected the second window's blinds to fall down since it wasn't "locked". Strangely enough, nothing happened. The blinds remained secured up the window. BAH. After a few tries, we managed to release the blinds.

Now the first window blinds however...the more we tried to release it, the higher up it went. Until...we were exposed to the world like a newborn baby -_- After much desperate struggling, the blinds came down. Good.

Then I turned back to my computer and found that the screen was blank. Strange. I didn't turn it off. That was when my colleague commented that she "smelt something burning". Panicking, I tried to turn my computer on a few times. Nothing happened. I crouched down and took a sniff at my CPU's air vents. The only thing that came to my mind was, "OMFG!!!"

My colleague however, made the situation funny...when it shouldn't be. She innocently (or jokingly?) asked whether the CPU "fried" due to the sunlight that came in from the "blind-less" window earlier. I laughed out loud and told her that that was impossible. Fortunately, my work was backed up so I could use another computer to do my work.

Hours later, after having a good lunch at Sugimoto (Japanese restaurant, duh)I walked back to office. I looked up to admire our handiwork (the flag, remember?). I frowned. I thought that something looked strange. Then my eyes widened and my jaw dropped. I started giggling and as I rushed back to the office, I prayed that no one saw the handiwork that we were slightly "proud" of.

I burst into the office, again, startling my poor colleague, and exclaimed loudly, "OH MY GOD!" She jumped up, wondering what has happened.

"The flag, the flag!"


"It's facing the wrong way!"

My colleague burst out laughing. We rushed to the window to amend our error and thereafter, the cycle began again with the window blinds...

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rock Hard

Went to SS2 one weekend morning with my mother. I was surprised that my PARENTS noticed THIS first:

Like, weeks or months before I did.

Which is strange, really, considering that I'm the most corrupted of the family. I know that things look different from another point of view. Perhaps I haven't been looking at it from THIS point of view.

Sometimes, even an SM Queen like me may have overlooked things like that, because that thing is just too HUGE.

No, I don't go for small peckers. XP

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Friday, August 01, 2008


Ever since I've watched anime, I have this fascination for the Ramune drink, especially in the old fashioned glass bottle. A few years ago, I got myself a bottle from 100 Yen Shop:

Shin Chan Ramune! But because it was so cute...

I couldn't bear to open it...

And it has expired more than a year ago. Now, even if I want to open it, I dare not open it (imagines all sorts of demons flying out if Steffi opens it).

So this time around, I bought myself a more...original looking bottle at Takashimaya, Singapore:

One bottle for SGD2++ There were plastic bottles too, but I wanted the good old glass bottle (and yes, I lugged it all the way back).

Simple instructions on how to drink. Haha, yes, HOW to drink, because, really, only hamsters and their relatives will know how to drink from this bottle.

The little glass ball lodged at the top due to the pressure from the CO2 inside the bottle.

The cap.

The inner cap, used to push the glass ball away from the mouth of the bottle.

It was a tough job, maybe because I've been carrying the bottle here and there, the pressure inside was REALLY great. It took me a good five minute to dislodge the ball, and look at what happened! The liquid came fizzling out. Luckily the bottle was on the floor and not on the table.

The glass ball at the neck of the bottle. The glass ball is supposed to prevent the liquid from flowing out of the bottle, and the drinker has to use his/her tongue to push it away while drinking, just like a hamster's water bottle. BUT IT DIDN"T WORK! IT DIDN"T WORK! The liquid came gushing into my mouth...almost choked T_T So sad. So it's for show only? T___T

After five minutes of struggling, there were even blood marks on my palm. So much hard work and it didn't work the way it was supposed to work? T___T

Disappointed, I went to the bathroom to wash the bottle, only to discover that...
IT WORKS! The water didn't flow out at all...well, after the initial 2 seconds, as long as you turn it upside down 90 degrees like a hamster's water bottle. Who the heck drinks like a bird la? -_-