Thursday, June 30, 2005

As red as a tomato

Wow. Haven't written in a long time. Which means that nothing really stupid has happened. So why am I writing today? Because something stupid/embarassing has happened. :P This was what happened today (I know I wanted to write something about yesterday, but I just can't remember now):

Guy Boss received a call from client today and we (Lady Boss and I) were waving our arms to get his attention, since we wanted to ask the client to come in to sign some docs.

Guy Boss: Eh, you wait for a while ah, my girl wants to speak to you because you are so leng chai.
Steffi: O.o
Lady Boss: *starts laughing*
Steffi: *picks up phone*
Steffi:Hello? (while giggling)
Client: Hie...I didn't get your name that day, what's your name?
Steffi: (in a small kid's voice) Stephanie...
Client: Oh, Princess Stephanie
Steffi: (turns red)
Lady Boss: (while laughing) SHE"S TURNING RED!
Steffi: Mr Leng Chai, can you come in to sign some documents? (trying to hide behind monitor, so that bosses cannot see her face)
Client: Of call me Mr Leng Chai, how can I not come...
Steffi: (in small voice) Thank you...

WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! I think I was as red as a tomato! T_T

This is the conversation that followed after the phone call:

Guy Boss: That guy ah...tsk tsk...
Lady Boss: HAHAHA, you were the one who started it, now you...
Guy Boss: No! Really! Just now during lunch (and he proceeds to talk about lunch time)
Lady Boss: But he's all talk only, won't do anything wan...
Steffi: (still trying to get her face back to normal colour)
Lady Boss: He's got wife and kids already right?
Guy Boss: Yeah
Lady Boss: He's pious, so he won't do anything...
Steffi: (while mumbling) cannot...cannot....the range is five yrs older or five yrs younger...
Lady Boss: Don't even think about it! Even if he's within your range, he already has wife and kids!
Steffi: *grins*

And so, he's off limits. Not that I care. Don't think I wanna see him for a while. Thank god Guy Boss will be passing the documents when they meet at his house, so he won't be coming to office. So much for the "how can I not come..."


Saturday, June 25, 2005

Food Review!!!

I shall continue torturing Prakash. :D FOOD REVIEW! The day is...Friday. Yup. Shan't write about the other two days (or was it three?) coz I've forgotten what has happened. Work was as usual. Torturous. ^-^ It's one of those days where I will start acting like Sakura from Naruto anime. Smiling on the outside while listening to boss lecturing while imagining myself banging his head with a large hammer. LOL! But anyway, I met Pun Pun for dinner today. PENANG VILLAGE! Ain't a bad place. Nice ambience. Folks there were nice too, although there was one sissy waiter there. In fact, he told me where to buy animes from in Singapore. O.o According to Pun Pun, the food there isn't too bad. I have to agree. I ordered Beef Rendang set. What they gave was a HUGE plate (and I mean the plate) with a small bowl of beef rendang. Contents of the plate? Rice pressed nicely in square shape, two prawns (probably for decoration) sambal and salad (you know, those kind of sourish salad that has cucumber, pineapple, onions, etc) and ikan bilis. Really small ikan bilis. Nice presentation. Taste? Not bad...just nice. Not too much herbs either, so it's not overpowering. Quantity? I actually felt a little hungry an hour later, but I guess I'm just being greedy. =D About the price...hmm...definitely not cheap, but not too expensive either. Uh, I didn't keep the receipt so I can't remember the price. Probably around RM10.00-RM13.00 Is that right, Pun Pun? She'll probably know better than me. Then I got a crazy phone call from a crazy friend who came back from Aussie. Thought that he was an Indian man talking in Tamil at first, but realised it was him after his "Bon jour" greeting (There you go, Shaunie!). Had light snack with Wai Kit at Giant after that (I told you the beef rendang wasn't filling enough). The carrot and ginger soup there was a bit lumpy...I think they have already pre-prepared it and kept it in the freezer, then take it out and heat it up before serving to the customers. I just hope it's not spoilt.

As for today, was having Malaysian Taxation class till 5.30 pm. After that, went to Megamall because sis wanna buy specs from Focus Point. I'm telling ya...DON"T ORDER KOREAN FOOD FROM THE FOOD COURT THERE! So disappointing. I ordered Spicy Beef Soup with rice...what I got was lots of vege, radish and garnishing, but almost no beef at all. It looks as if it was the remnants of a big chunk of beef that has been shaped nicely (er, think of how they take one piece of jade, then carve it to shape it into something beautiful. The beef that I got was equivalent to those unwanted parts of the jade, the remnants). And I paid RM9.98 for it. Sakit hati...It's like those Old English days, when the poor goes into the dining hall to eat the leftover food that the rich had for dinner...except that I paid for mine. *Sigh*

Went into Animetech after that. Felt uneasy. My hands were itching to grab the dvds, tear open the wrappers, hug them and while glaring at the sales ppl there, yell, "MINE! THEY ARE ALL MINE! EVEN THE MERCHANDISE! MINE MINE MINE!" I just can't help it T_T The magnetic powers of the dvds and merchandise there are just too strong. And I'm weak. Bought a few photo frames after that so that I can display them in office. =D College mates photos. =D You know who you are... ;Þ Must clear my table first, though. Too many papers and files. Sure miss the good ol' days (minus assignments and exams).


Tuesday, June 21, 2005


First of sister bought me the Edward Elric's state alchemist pocket watch of Full Metal Alchemist!! YAY! Thanks sis! Should I get Naruto's kunai next? :P Damn... I'm really addicted to all things anime and manga.

Today started off badly. Had terrible headache. Went down during lunch to buy panadol. Bought Actifast panadol. Bullshit was actislow T_T. Not only that, it has succeeded in making me sleepy while I drive home. Had one hell of a time trying to stay awake while driving.

Then...there was my craving for egg tart. IT"S ALL YOUR FAULT WAI KIT! I started whining to my mom about getting egg tarts. She finally said today, "You are worse than a pregnant woman!" And nope, I'm not pregnant. Just...felt like eating egg tarts. That's all. My plan was to take an hour and a half nap today after dinner. I ended up spending one hour on egg tart hunting. Never knew that it wasn't easy to find egg tarts at night. Went to Taman Megah. Couldn't find any. Then proceeded to SS2. Finally found Macau Egg Tart at Baker's Cottage. Bought a Mushroom Tart as well. Came back. Ate them. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!! I WANT MORE! But I guess that's enough of eating for tonight, sad to say. Haih. Goodnite, food.

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Weekend Post

It's been a while since I've typed my last blog. I have just realised that it is especially difficult to do so during the weekends. I'll either be too tired or I'll be playing computer games. Ok, these are pretty lame excuses :P

I was happily chatting with my friends online while at work. Alright, I know I'm supposed to "devote you time to your work" as stated in the employment agreement letter, but that was the only way to keep my sanity in place. Afterall, I can't exactly gossip with my bosses about cute guys, right? But I digressed.

As I was saying, we were chatting online, m,ainly about our budget for food and beverage. "You have expensive taste" Sounds familiar Pun Pun? =D I have to admit that I have been splurging on food lately. Can't help it. Food is good at Sri Hartamas. Real gooood... Just the other day, my dad exclaimed "You are eating like a person who's earning RM5,000 a month!" Gee, I know that, dad. I really have to start eating those RM1 nasi lemak for lunch.

I read the newspaper about "kidults". Adults who stay with their parents. In the past, once they go to uni or get their first job, they move out. I laughed out loud when I read that. There's no way I can afford to do that, not with my pay. As it is, I'm already having spending so much on food. Of course, I have DREAMT of living on my own before, but that will have to wait.

Right now, I should be concentrating on my studies. Which is what I'm not really doing. I actually heard my lecturer saying "yada, yada, yada...RM550 for boob transplant..." I was like O.o It sounded really shocking, coming from a lecturer who looks conservative. When I checked the book, it was actually "RM550 - Book Translation." I think it's time to clean my ears, or maybe my brain.

Today in class, my classmate from JB was telling me, "Putrajaya is really beautiful!" She told my classmate from Ipoh about all the beautiful architecture ther while I listened. Then she told me, "You are really lucky to be here in KL where everything is at." I just laughed. No doubt Putrajaya is a beautiful place, but there are many white elephants there. I just can't help thinking "Oh my god, wasting so much money..." when I was on the beautifully designed bridge in Putrajaya. Can't help it. The noob employee kiamsiap (stingy) attitude if showing up. Haih.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Good News, Bad News, Bad Memory

The good news throat is feeling a lot better than yesterday. The bad news? I have been sneezing a few times today...Darn. Good news? Got to watch Saiyuki Gunlock ep. 6 today. Bad news? I don't have ep. 7 yet. Besides taking lots of cough drops yesterday, and having ham with bread for breakfast, grilled fish for lunch and cup noodles for dinner, I can't remember what happened. Which shows how bad my memory is. I think both my bosses realize now just how bad my memory is. My processor is like a Pentium II's processor. My boss probably knows better than I do on what I have done and what I haven't done. Which is the reason, why there are so many yellow stick on notes on my computer and table. I really have to take B Complex to boost my memory before I forget my name...

However, I realize that I have VERY good memory when it comes to anime. Or any other stuffs which are not related to work or studies. Odd eh? I guess I have to put more effort in remembering things from now on. Memory, in my working line, is very important. Haih.

Anyway, the day started off fine, with the exception of one big sneeze before I left the house. And I wasn't late, which was good. Brought my darling earl grey tea with me today. Definitely relaxing and soothing :D shall bring more next time. Work sure is getting tougher. Lunch was expensive T_T Shan't eat there anymore. Well, maybe once in a while. Must stick to my budget!

Wypun installed yahoo in her office today. YAY! One more chat fren to chat with! Good to have you both on yahoo, Pun Pun, Kit Kit! See you guys tomorrow!


Monday, June 13, 2005

Painful day...

Today was a really painful day. Sore throat. Body started aching. Ankle getting worse. June is a seriously bad month for me. It all started on Friday...

Thank god it's Friday, right? RIGHT! Was supposed to have dinner with a friend that night. But guess what mom bought back home? DURIANS! Although I knew I will be having dinner with my friend, I finished a packet of durians...D24 durians...WHO CAN RESIST?! Then after that, I for dinner. YAH! I ACTUALLY FINISHED MY PORTION. PIG!

On Saturday, went to college, collected photos, had lunch at Kim Gary Pyramid with Pun Pun, Kit Kit and Philip. Watched Ghost Train after that. You know what? I'm never taking night trains anymore. Then followed my sis to Cyberjaya and had dinner at ANW (my "and" sign isn't working).

Sunday. Had dim sum for breakfast because we thought lunch was gonna be late. Was supposed to have tea buffet for Father's Day Celebration (I have classes next week, so we celebrated earlier). But the hotel's definition of tea is 12pm -5pm. Went to megamall, shopped and then head for the hotel. Not bad. Ate a lot. Ate too much. Over ate. Mussels, smoke salmon, etc...but no oysters. *Sigh* Nevermind, shall look for one with oysters next time. Throat was already sore, but I still ate spicy stuffs. Had dinner with ex-classmates, Teckiee, Wai Kit (Chan), LT, Annette, Wei Chin and my anime supplier, Clarence. Ate maggie mee goreng which was spicy as well. Really am an idiot, aren't I?

Monday morning. Throat very sore. Took medicine and bought cough drops. Don't seem to be working though. I guess I abused my body too much. And now I'm paying the price for it. T_T


Thursday, June 09, 2005


Eto...yesterday was Wednesday...Nothing much happened. Except that I learnt that working for two bosses is really, really hard.

Today. Er...Thursday. Right? Morning was as usual. Had lunch with Wei Chin. WEI CHIN! COME AND HAVE LUNCH WITH ME MORE OFTEN! Guy Boss' son came today as well. Pity I was too busy to play with him. At least he was busy helping his father photostat things as well...He fell asleep on the chair though. KAWAII! SO CUTE! But still refused to go back. Later on, he was meddling with my drawers...I assumed he wanted to play with the Polly Pocket that I kept in my drawer, but when I asked him, he denied, although his hand was still on the drawer handle. AHAHAHAHA! When I looked at him again, he was on the floor playing with the Polly Pocket. Had to hide my smile behind the documents I was holding as I found it really funny. I brought the toy for my Lady Boss' daughter to play, but ended up, the Guy Boss' son was the one playing with it.

I was thinking, maybe I should bring a "boy's" toy for the Lady Boss' daughter to play. But the only "boy's" toy that I have is a remote control Viper car. I don't think my bosses will be happy if a small silver remote controlled car goes zipping around on the office floor...I won't be happy either if it gets stepped on. -_-


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Long Long Days, Long Long Post.

Saturday. Public holiday. Road trip to Fraser's Hill. That was what we had in mind and that was exactly what we did. Except that it didn't turn out the way we expected it to. Woke up nice and early, feeling like shit coz was too stubborn to sleep early the night before. Had breakfast and bought nasi lemak for lunch, to be eaten at Fraser's Hill. After a LONG and WINDING path, we stopped by at The Gap, a resthouse just before the gate up to Fraser's Hill. Took a few nice pictures, met a grumpy cat (from then onwards, I refer to it as Mr Grumps).

Went back to the car excitedly as the gate to ascend Fraser's Hill was opening. And then...the car refused to start! After more than 20 tries (Serious!) So, went back to The Gap, sat on the railing and had my nasi lemak there. Finally managed to get a mechanic from Keling (which was pretty far away) as there were no mechanics on Fraser's Hill and it was also a public holiday. Before the mechanic reached, the car started! O.o Arse of a car...

Reached the top, looked for a nice place to have lunch and well, had lunch. Beautiful scenery...Never thought that lilies, especially yellow lilies could look so beautiful...Went to Ye Olde Smokehouse to use their washroom.
Quaint little english house. But the atmosphere inside...was really intimidating. It's like entering another world, when I entered, those folks staying there looked up at me solemnly, almost ran out of that place. Somehow, though it's beautiful, it does not feel as welcoming as the cheaper and simpler The Gap.
Back to the car. Prepared to leave, in search of my horse ride. AND THEN THE CAR WON"T START AGAIN!!!ARGH! after a few tries and discussions, my mom, sis and I walked to town where the clock tower is. That's a few km away.

Just right after I brought my little weapon out, Mr Cyclist appeared saying in mandarin "Miss, you've still got a long way to go." I assumed that he was talking about reaching the NEAREST destination of course. But anyway, I asked him how long more before I reach the Horse Paddock. "About half a kilometre more," he replied.
I noticed, however, that he kept on staring at my hand and then at my face repeatedly. Only after saying thanks to him and walking a while more did I realize that I was waving my penknife around while talking to him. That explained the weird stares I got from him...A nicely dressed girl with her sister walking on foot in the middle of nowhere, smiling sweetly at him while waving the penknife around...Yup. He must have thought that it was a weird day.

Finally reached the paddock and then bought the ticket. Was lining up to wait for my turn when I received a call from mom. Mom who thought that I was still on the way, freaked out and yelled at us to get back immediately to the clock tower. I've wasted RM8.00 and I didn't get to sit on my horsey after walking a few km. That really sucked! Got back to the Clock Tower, waited for the damn tow truck to come which doesn't seem to be coming. It does not help either that all the inns were fully booked. GAH! Just when we thought that we would have to spend the nite in the car, the tow truck showed up. Of course, mom and I still had to walk back to the car (another few km) because there just weren't enough space in the two truck to fit the four of us.

Sat in the back seat of the car with sis while it was being towed all the way back to my house in PJ. Had to wind down the window (otherwise we'll suffocate). And then, it started raining. Wheeee....Was so tired, fell asleep in the car. Later on, my mom (parents were in the two truck) told me that the driver saw us sleeping in his rear view mirror and asked her worriedly whether we have fainted or not...HEHEHEHEHEHE!

Reached home. Alas, the two truck couldn't reverse the entire car into the house as one car was blocking it and the owner wasn't home. In the end, it took five of us, including my neighbour to push the car into the house. And that's how I twisted my ankle. Haih. It was already "not well" before going to Fraser's Hill and now it's worse.

After that, washed my face (THE COTTON TURNED BLACK!), bathed, ate dinner, went online and then SLEEP TIME!

The next morning...Sunday morning...body sure hurts like hell! Especially the ankles and legs. So what did I do on Sunday? Had breakfast (dim sum) with Wei Chin and Lay Theng and spent the rest of the day in front ot the computer, watching Gensoumaden Saiyuki. Bliss...

Monday. Another long day. Was busy filling in tax forms in the morning. Guy Boss had meeting in the afternoon, so I helped him prepare documents but I kept on making mistakes. Felt like the biggest idiot ever to exist. It didn't help that the phone and doorbell kept on ringing that day. Was ready to growl at the phone anytime. Insurance lady called up, asking for doctor's report to confirm that my migraine which I had for ONE DAY was a normal migraine. I supposed they just want to make sure that I don't have brain tumour. Sheesh. Not my fault. She saw my MC in my office.

Tuesday. Uh...oddly enough, I can't remember what happened today. Except that I had dim sum and chinese tea for breakfast, chicken chop, potato soup and ceylon tea for lunch and rice with pork ribs and grilled fish for dinner. Oh, and my sister threw away my sandals which I still wanted. HMPH! Oh yeah, selected the pictures for graduation as well. What happened during office hours however...I really can't remember right now. Hmmmm...

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Friday, June 03, 2005


Woke up at 5.45am to finish off the assignment. T_T Reached office just in time again. Or maybe five minutes late...ARGH! Must reach office earlier next week. Yesterday the Guy Boss' son came to office again. He was pretty restless moving around here and there, playing with his father's stationery. Suddenly, I received a call from a client to print out 11 companies' AGM documents and Annual Report. ARGH! Last minute as usual. Idiots. Luckily, I have a little assistant to help me yesterday. My boss' son stood in front of the printer, waiting for the documents to be printed, then collect them and pass it to me...SO CUTE! He learnt how to photostat as well...not bad for an eight yrs old kid! Towards the evening, he got bored again after watching Star Wars movie. So I got him to draw me something. He actually sat down quietly to draw for sometime. I showed him my Polly Pocket to give him more ideas for his artwork...and he started playing with it.

I learnt yesterday that the way boys play with Polly Pocket and the way girls play with it is different. Lady Boss' daughter will go "Ah...that's so cute! And the princess will sit on the horse to visit her prince..." Whereas the Guy Boss' son will go " BOOM! GUNDAM ATTACK (where DID the gundam come from?!)! Now the horse will defend! ARGH! NO MORE LIFE LEFT! THE HORSE DIED!" and so the gundam invaded the castle. Pretty...interesting...Never knew my Polly Pocket could be played THAT way...

The industrial trainees came in today. Pity there weren't any cute guys. *Sigh* But compared to them, I will choose my bosses' kids anytime. More...entertaining. Or maybe I'm just a kid at heart.

I have finally bought my Saiyuki after waiting for so long. I'm lucky that I had money from graduation to buy it since it's Father's Day this month, I will have to splurge again...Ah well, I hope it's worth it.

Tomorrow is a public holiday, will be going on a road trip with family. Probably Fraser's Hill. ALRIGHT! This kid at heart needs to sleep now since she is the co driver tomorrow...GOODNITE!


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Rush Day...

Rush day...not Rush Hour...Must quickly finish my assingment. Oh yeah, the boys were supposed to come in today. What happened was, Mr Ang Moh who was from NASA came in first, speaking through his nose...then two boys came. And then later they left. Reason? Because the four remaining boys got sesat and went to the wrong location -_- IT kids who don't know how to read their e-mail. Or who don't check their mails often. Which is odd for IT kids. And so they left. To look for the sesat ppl. The rest of the day? Doing assignment of course. What else? Right after work, rushed to college to collect certificate. Had to eat dinner in the car. Then rush to cousin's house to do assignment. Then rush home. Now I have to rush to bed...