Friday, June 03, 2005


Woke up at 5.45am to finish off the assignment. T_T Reached office just in time again. Or maybe five minutes late...ARGH! Must reach office earlier next week. Yesterday the Guy Boss' son came to office again. He was pretty restless moving around here and there, playing with his father's stationery. Suddenly, I received a call from a client to print out 11 companies' AGM documents and Annual Report. ARGH! Last minute as usual. Idiots. Luckily, I have a little assistant to help me yesterday. My boss' son stood in front of the printer, waiting for the documents to be printed, then collect them and pass it to me...SO CUTE! He learnt how to photostat as well...not bad for an eight yrs old kid! Towards the evening, he got bored again after watching Star Wars movie. So I got him to draw me something. He actually sat down quietly to draw for sometime. I showed him my Polly Pocket to give him more ideas for his artwork...and he started playing with it.

I learnt yesterday that the way boys play with Polly Pocket and the way girls play with it is different. Lady Boss' daughter will go "Ah...that's so cute! And the princess will sit on the horse to visit her prince..." Whereas the Guy Boss' son will go " BOOM! GUNDAM ATTACK (where DID the gundam come from?!)! Now the horse will defend! ARGH! NO MORE LIFE LEFT! THE HORSE DIED!" and so the gundam invaded the castle. Pretty...interesting...Never knew my Polly Pocket could be played THAT way...

The industrial trainees came in today. Pity there weren't any cute guys. *Sigh* But compared to them, I will choose my bosses' kids anytime. More...entertaining. Or maybe I'm just a kid at heart.

I have finally bought my Saiyuki after waiting for so long. I'm lucky that I had money from graduation to buy it since it's Father's Day this month, I will have to splurge again...Ah well, I hope it's worth it.

Tomorrow is a public holiday, will be going on a road trip with family. Probably Fraser's Hill. ALRIGHT! This kid at heart needs to sleep now since she is the co driver tomorrow...GOODNITE!



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