Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Another head throbbing day. Suffering from both graduation hangover and Financial Accounting Syndrome. Everytime I work on my FA assignment, or anything related to it, I'm sure to get headache. Hmmmm...guess accounting just isn't my thing. Was left alone again after lunch. Had a NICE one hour lunch today. Afterall, there's no one waiting for me to come back at the office (aww....sounds so pitiful and dramatic). Er...let's not talk about unseen and unknown elements...I don't wanna know T_T

The thing about accounting is...it's already rather tough to do class exercises. But when you take the actual financial report of public listed companies, it's even worse! Stupid ppl...can't they write out clearly what WE students need in order to calculate the ratios? HMPH!

Tried really hard not to sleep in office. I took panadol before lunch so it was a tough staying awake...Must stock up on panadols.

Tomorrow the industrial trainees might be coming in. Wonder if there will be any cute guys...HEHEHE!



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