Monday, May 23, 2005


WAHAHAHAHA! Public holiday! Even a one day break makes a lot of difference to me...since I'm working AND studying. Nice to have one day off. We had actually planned to go to Fraser's Hill, but after listening to our neighbour complaining about their not so enjoyable trip to that hill, we changed our minds. In the end...My sis and I spent half the day at the hair salon. Ah well, it was worth it since my hair was in such a bad condition that it needed professionals to "rescue" it. However, my wallet needs someone to "rescue" it now. >.<>.< Maybe I should charge them each time they (unrelated ppl) touch my hair...BWAHAHAHAHA! By the time I was done, it was time for dinner. Came back home and started clearing the mess which I was supposed to clear months ago. I'm still packing now...I want my Saiyuki... T_T WAIIIIIIII KIIIIIIIIT T_T GIMME MY SAIYUKI!!!



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