Saturday, May 21, 2005


The morning started as usual, with me turning off the alarm and falling back to sleep again. And because of that, I had to rush to go to college. This is the conversation I had with my mom while she's locking the gate and I was eating my breakfast.

Me: (Munching breakfast) Mom, can you help me put on my socks for me?
Mom: No, siao (crazy)!
Me:, please help me put on my socks for me...
Mom: No way.
Me: But you used to do that when I was young.
Mom: But now your legs are so long and your feet stinks.
Me: ...

*Sigh* So much for trying to be like a kid. In the end I had to put it on myself, and rush to the LRT station. Class was as usual, but after a while my mind started wandering...thinking about watching Saiyuki. And then I started wondering, who on earth (or in heaven) made the corporate world so complicating?! Whatever happened to the simple barter system of "I give you this and you give me this?"

But anyway, I STILL have to do it, use complaining. Somehow, I got worried everytime my classmate in front of me calls the lecturer. Because everytime that happens, I will have to face my lecturer's posterior. And I will keep on chanting, "Please don't fart, please don't fart..."

No, I'm not crazy. OK, so I lied, but who wouldn't start thinking of nonsense during a 9.30am-5.30 am Financial Accounting class on a not so bright Saturday? SO, on with the lectures. Class ended slightly earlier today. Had dinner with family and then went to Sunway Pyramid to collect my AnimeTech member card. THE BEST EVENT OF THE DAY! HAHA! Anything to do with animes or manga is good. Real good. :D Bought Tactics manga. Wanted to buy Saiyuki first season but I guess that will have to wait until I get my paycheck end of this month. T_T Nevermind, at least I have the mangas to entertain me meanwhile...

Ok! I'm off to read my mangas!



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