Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ferrets, Fishes and Conmen

The day started with....A FERRET! Yes, that cute little furry animal - ferret! Came out of the house this morning, heard my neighbour exclaiming "WHAT IS THAT?!" and oh, of course I exclaimed back "FERRET!" was just so sweet...>.< Pity I had to go to work, was so tempted to catch it (as if I could). Must be someone's pet. No way there are wild ferrets running around here.

So I guess this can be considered Introduction Part Two. As you have guessed by now, I'm an animal lover. I have fishes (though I wanted a dog). One Betta (fighting) fish, one (psychotic)platty and one disco (SORRY! To all those who are against disco fishes, I'm so sorry, I didn't do my research before getting them). I had another Betta fish. Her name's Arua, but she sadly died of dropsy last week. RIP Arua. Why did I say psychotic platty? Simply because my platty has issues with ANY orange coloured fishes. It's supposed to be a sociable fish, but it kept on attacking all the other orange fishes. It doesn't do that anymore though (coz it's the only orange one left in there). Wish I could have a dog, but I'm afraid I just don't have the time for it now. To all animal lovers out there, there's an excellent doggie portal on my "Link" section. Have fun.

My other obsession is animes and mangas. I can go on and on about them. Current favourites, there's just too many. But my all time favourite is Full Metal Panic and Full Metal Panic Fumoffu. And Gundam Seed. And Gundam Seed Destiny. And Prince of Tennis, as well as Naruto...and Yami no Matsuei. And...ah well, you get the idea. To make it simpler, I love mecha *drools over mechas* and sports animes. Action. Anything that gives me adrenaline rush.

Right now my friend is complaining to me about job interviews. About finding out that they offer a different job than the one that they'd advertised earlier. Really pissing off. Let this be a lesson to other job seekers.

And so, the story begins. One fine day, I was looking at the recruitment ads in the newspaper, searching for suitable jobs. Came across this ad asking for IT and another few more degree holders for the post of IT trainee, Management trainee (and three more post which I can't remember). Happily applied for that and got called for an interview. Interviewer said "Oh, you'll be learning about logistics, marketing, warehousing..." So I asked "but what has IT Trainee got to do with that?" She replied "Oh, initially, everyone goes through the same training". RIGHT. My alarm bells should have gone off there and then but they didn't, unfortunately. So the next day, like a good girl (I passed the interview, duh) I went for my training. Just to find out that it was OUT of the office. Suspicious right? It was only on my way to my destination did I really find out what kind of training it was. In the car(wasn't told where I was going either, stupid trainer evaded my question) my trainer suddenly pulled out this stack of Disney cookies brochure from her hand bag (yes it was a big handbag). IT trainee my foot. Management trainee my ass. It was PLAIN salesman job that we are supposed to do. Going to the schools to sell them were bad enough. Almost had heart attack when we went to the police station (don't like that place very much). I would have gone home immediately, if I wasn't all the way in Klang (I think it was Klang, I've got a bad memory). Since I didn't drive there, and I didn't dare take a taxi (paranoid) and there wasn't any LRT station there, I had to wait for them to wrap up for the day and take me home. To make matters worse, during dinner, this salesman approached me and asked if I would like to buy...TADA! DISNEY COOKIES. BAH! Gritted my teeth and told him, "I already have ONE in the car, thank you very much". Definitely an experience to remember. So, to all you jobseekers out there, it's good not to be fussy, but do be careful with your job applications. RESEARCH first (I did try, couldn't find any info on them).

Alright, I guess that's more than enough for today. Excuse me for my rambling, but you'd be grumpy too if you had to eat rabbit food and swim like a fish for the sake of looking good on graduation day...

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