Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Hmmm...first time I'm blogging. Ah well. I shall start with an introduction to myself. Er...let's see, I'm 22, single, and am a numbnut. I'm an IT graduate, working as an assistant to company secretary and currently studying ICSA course. Sounds complicated? Hey, I never did say tht my life is simple, or normal. After all, who washes clothes WITHOUT the clothes? -_-

I have weakness for food. HUGE weakness. I've just eaten goulash with spaghetti for lunch and I'm so darn full now. T_T Never ever overeat.

About office work, I've discovered a few things.

  1. Typewriters are sill being used. Somehow, everytime I use the typewriter, I will defnitely make an error. BIG error. Damn you evil typewriter...I'll conquer you someday!
  2. Never read fanfiction in your office. It won't be funny at all if you suddenly laugh out loud in office, especially when u are sitting right in front of your boss.
  3. Never ever put your head on the table. You'll fall asleep immediately. Either someone will wake you up, or you'll have to spend the night there.

I'm sure I'll discover other things soon.

About studies. It's really tough working full time and studying part time, especially when your course is a fast track course. But I'll just remember to always keep cool and calm and if anything happens, I'll forward the mental hospital bill to the lecturer. One subject has passed and it was pretty stressful. I hope this subject is alright (financial accounting). ICSA CERT! I WILL GET YOU ONE DAY! Eventually...



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