Thursday, May 19, 2005

Animes, kids and toys nowadays

I'm currently watching Gensoumaden Saiyuki Reload now, but if I don't write now, I'd probably won't do it later. Haha, lazy pig, that's me. First thing in the morning when I woke up at six thirty was to call my buddy, Wai Kit. No, it's NOT a daily wake up call service. It's just for today, to remind him to burn my anime, Saiyuki which I'm watching now. That's how crazy I am about animes. Sacrificing my sleep time so that I can watch it today. After that I fell back asleep, woke up late, and arrived just in time for work after going through a jam (why are there so many cars on the road today? Hmmmm...). Sky was pretty gloomy and started raining after a while. Was given work to do, asked to print some stuffs...and then Words hanged. So, restarted words and tried printing again. Hanged again. Tried restarting the computer, but this time the WHOLE computer hanged (or was it crashed? ha, so called IT graduate). But anyway, I have concluded that gloomy sky or rainy day = computers go cranky day.

Anyway, the day brightenened with the arrival of my Lady Boss' daughter. Such a cute little girl! Kids nowadays ain't the same as kids last time anymore. I mean, I don't remember saying "Who dares to scold me? I'm the boss' daughter!" Wow. A five yrs old kid saying that. Or "Why is my mommy doing work for you? Your own work, you should do it yourself!" Sure can't help laughing whenever she argues with my other boss...very entertaining.

I really envy kids nowadays. Toys now are really really fun to play with! My boss' son is getting a laser beam gun with the body contraption that has a round screen in the front. Shoot that screen and it'll beep, indicating that the person wearing it has been shot. 150 pounds for that. Hmmmm...wish I could afford one. One of the toys I had (and still have) was Polly Pocket and that requires the player to imagine...a lot. It was fun though.

And again, I was left alone this afternoon. Not that I'm complaining. Afterall, I've just discovered how fun it is to do origami. Wonder what my bosses will say when they see the bear, tulip, butterfly and crane all over my desk tomorrow...

Had dinner at Giant with an exclassmate and collected my darling animes from him. Went back home and here I am, watching Yeah. I'll continue watching now. See ya!

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