Sunday, May 22, 2005


After working slightly over a month, I got used to answering the phone with the greeting, "Good afternoon, (insert company's name)". Most of the time, when the caller goes "Hi, (insert Lady Boss' name)," it'll normally be followed by, "Sorry, she's not in." So when my neigbour called me early this morning, waking me up from my beauty sleep, looking for my mother, I replied groggily, "Sorry, she's not in." O.o Which was true anyway. She really wasn't in. I'm just glad that I didn't pick up the phone and say, "Good morning, (insert company's name)."

I was reluctant to leave my house this morning. Reason being, the TV was showing one of the favourite childhood cartoons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. The very first episode! At least that's what I think...Going to college on a Sunday morning while my favourite cartoon was being aired really sucks!

The first thing that came to my mind when I entered the class was, "Shit. It's cold." And I didn't bring my jacket. I purposely wore a short sleeve shirt as my original classroom is rather warm. Fortunately, my body got used to the temperature.

Lunch break was as usual. When I got back to class, lecturer passed us two companies' Annual Report. To my dismay, my calculator is unable to compute some of the ratios that we have to calculate today and it's all because my calculator is an 8 digit calculator. Me, stupid and ignorant as usual, didn't realize that public listed companies have sales of over billion ringgit.

My RM50.00 Animetech membership card that I got yesterday proved to be really useful today, as a RULER. Again, I have forgotten to bring my beloved ruler. Poor card...During our tea break, I went to 7-11 with a classmate to grab some snacks. As I was crossing the road, she held my hand like I was a little kid. T_T AM I REALLY A KID TO THEM?! (To those who don't know, my classmates are all working adults) *Sigh* I guess I've got some growing up to do...



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