Friday, May 27, 2005


Really restless day. Relatives coming down tomorrow and my room is still like a pig sty. Er...I am a pig anyway. >.< First day without lady boss around. I'm on my a way. MUST TRY MY BEST! Got pissed off by the company's clients today. I was free the WHOLE BLOODY AFTERNOON but noooooooo, they must call at 5 o'clock when I'm about to go back home to request for this and that. "Need the documents urgently"
So why didn't you call earlier? HA?! because of that, I got stuck in the jam. Nice...Next time I'll pretend not to hear the phone ring.

Dinner was as usual. Ate at home. After that, went out to buy my er...cosmetic stuffs. I know. I never said that I'm not vain. Ran around the house hunting for hair pins to pin the mortar board to my head. THE MORTAR BOARD KEPT ON SLIPPING! Too little hair to pin the board properly. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?! T_T I don't want it to fall off when I'm on stage! That'd be so embarassing! Any suggestion? Besides gluing it to the head of course...



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