Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Rainy Tuesday

For some odd reason, I kept on thinking that today's Friday. Hmph. Pounding headache the WHOLE day. Serves me right for sleeping late the night before. At least I didn't have to swim today. Had a buzy morning. An insurance agent for our company came in after lunch and asked me all sorts of questions which I don't even know the answer to.

Lady: Can I have your IC?
Steffi: Sure
Lady: Is Kampung Tunku your address?
Steffi: Yeah. (uh...it's in the IC...how wrong can it get?)
Lady: bla bla bla
Steffi: Bla bla bla
Lady: What's your post?
Steffi: Assistant to company secretary.
Lady: Pardon?
Steffi: Assistant to company secretary.
Lady: Not admin assistant?
Steffi: No.

HELL, LADY! Did you actually think that you know my post in the company more than I do? I believe I'm the one who signed the employment agreement...*Sigh* Just because I look like one doesn't mean I'm one! Never judge a person by their looks...HMPH.
But of course, I had to make a fool out of myself.

Lady: Do you have any problems with your eyes?
Steffi: Does counting specs wear?
(pauses for a second)
Steffi: I MEAN, does wearing specs count?

OH MAN! >.< I used to have this bad habit of switching the words last time, but it went off. And now it's back. ALL BECAUSE OF HER.

And after that, I had to use the EVIL TYPEWRITER. I also had to use the cellophane tape to correct my mistakes. T_T It still doesn't like me... Oddly enough, time passed quite fast today. Spent the rest of my free time doing assignment and e-mailing Wy-Pun. Wy-Pun, it's not fair...howcome YOU HAVE TIME TO READ STORIES? You as a programmer (is that your title?) should be busier than me!

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