Thursday, May 26, 2005

Tiring Thursday...

It's really hard to remember that today isn't Friday. Guess it's because of the graduation ceremony on Sunday. So many things not done yet. So little time. So little money...For some odd reason, I'm really tired today. Or maybe I don't have enough sleep. But anyway, I found myself alone in the office this morning. Nice feeling. As though as I am in some Hong Kong drama...LOL! Anyway, Guy Boss' son came in today...cute boy. Followed me here and there to watch what I did (just like the cute girl in Fruits Basket).

Had a lot of work today, so didn't have time to fold origami. Such a pity. At least I have my MP3 player back with me. Can listen to songs while doing work. Lady Boss' going to Hong Kong tomorrow. T_T TWO WEEKS ALONE (not technically though).

Had to fetch dad today. Coz was tired, so drove like a mad fella. Poor dad. He was gripping the handle so hard. He said, "You think you are driving a go-kart..." Ah well, I was just trying to beat the red light. Which reminds me. My uncle got my aunt really confused because he kept on saying "Beat the Green Light" So just exactly HOW do you BEAT the GREEN light? This is the definition of beating the green light according to my uncle:

Drivers BEAT the GREEN light, when they go ahead before the RED light turns GREEN.

Yep. So there you go. Remember not to BEAT the GREEN light next time. Dangerous.

Currently watching American Idol results...GOD! JUST WHAT THE HELL THOSE PPL ARE THINKING, WEARING WEIRD AND TURNING A PERFECTLY GOOD SONG INTO SOMETHING WEIRD?! Uh, I meant the Top Ten Worst...contestants. I really pity the judges. Anyway, back to the tv...



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