Sunday, May 29, 2005


AHAHAHAHA! AHAHAHAHAHA! GRADUATION DAY! SOOOOOOOOOO TIRING! AHHH! I also didn't write about yesterday...OK! I'll start from yesterday. Woke up in the morning. Ate breakfast. Supposedly helped clean the house (was walking up and down most of the time, doing nothing). Picked relatives up. Came back. Rushed for photo session at SS2. Took niceeeeeeeeeeeeee pics. I hope. There was a bride and bridegroom there as well... PRETTY BRIDE! Nice body shape...Came back home. Waited for friends to come. Had graduation dinner far...with family and friends! THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING! =D

This morning, woke up around 7.30am. Had breakfast with dad, mom and uncle. Came back home, prepared for graduation. MAN! It's hard to pin the gowns properly! After that, Lay Theng, Annette and I left to go to Renaissance Hotel. Bearie the dog barked at us like crazy at first. Must be wondering who these three black ghosts flapping about are...He stopped once he realized that it was us. Reached hotel safely. It was already crowded! Went around pinning ppl's gowns for them. I was the pinner for the day. Took the group photograph together with the lecturers. I thought my feet died. Had lunch at a cafe or restaurant. Was pissed off by the cashier.

FINALLY TIME TO ENTER THE HALL. I was a bundle of nerves before the ceremony started. Kept on thinking, "will my mortar board fall off on stage? Will I trip and fall flat on my face? Will I be able to smile nicely at the photographer?" Was pretty fidgety at the beginning. Then, I sort of calmed down. Then, I started yawning. Almost fell asleep after that but I saw the lecturer looking at me T_T Got myself to sit up straight and WAKE UP after that. Right after the speech, it was time to take the scroll! All the long wait and big preparations just for less than 2 minutes on stage...started praying again that I won't trip or that my mortar board won't fall off on stage. Took the scroll and smiled at the photographer (I'm not even sure whether I was looking at him!). After the ceremony, Annette and I rushed down to take the Individual Picture package. Then it's MAKAN TIME! Oddly enough, I didn't have much of an appetite. Ah well, food isn't that important today right?! Then, PICTURE TAKING TIME! Saw the big nice board with the words APIIT GRADUATION 2005 falling on top of a bunch of fellow college mates. HAHAHA! I'm sure it's something that they will never forget. After taking all the pictures, with family and friends, all I saw were stars...Then it's dinner time! When I sat down at Secret Recipe KLCC, I wanted to cry...MY FEET WAS SO PAINFUL T_T REALLY PAINFUL! So anyway, we EVENTUALLY found our way home. And now...I think I'll go to sleep. Really tired. Back to work tomorrow!



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