Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mystery of the Melted Butter

At office today…

Steffi: there's something weird happening at office
Sugi: y
Steffi: my colleague and I are baffled...
Sugi: huh?
Steffi: water coming out from carpet, we can understand...
Sugi: huh?
Sugi: r u sure its butter?
Steffi: near the fridge
Steffi: so i tot
Steffi: mebbe the butter melted
Steffi: and leaked out
Sugi: ya
Steffi: but when we open the fridge
Steffi: there wasn't any SIGN of leakage
Sugi: did u find the source?
Steffi: and when my colleague and I open cabinet to the fridge, we saw one small drop
Steffi: we came in
Steffi: we went out there to clean it up
Steffi: and suddenly there's another bigger patch...
Steffi: >.<
Sugi: maybe yesterday when someone took it fell
Sugi: and by today it melted
Steffi: this morning i walked past it
Steffi: it wasn't there...
Steffi: >.<
Steffi: i wiped part of it
Steffi: rushed in here to pick up phone
Steffi: then went back there
Steffi: it seems to be getting bigger...
Steffi: T_T
Steffi: i was freaking out on the phone with my lady boss
Steffi: she came in for a short while but we haven't discovered the mystery of the melted butter yet
Sugi: aicks...
Sugi: hungry ghost festival is not near yet rite
Steffi: nooooooooo
Sugi: hmmm

As I am writing now, the "melted butter" patch is getting bigger and bigger... My colleague and I came up with a "reasonable" explanation, but neither one of us want to check if the explanation is correct or not...This is like a horrible living nightmare...

2.00p.m. update...

Mystery Solved!

At 2.00p.m., one of our clients, who is also a close friend of our Guy Boss, came in to sign some documents. He saw the spot and concerned, asked us what happened. We told him what we thought happened and he investigated.

Client: This isn't butter, it's some sort of chemical substance...anyone around here doing repair work ah?
Steffi: Urm...AH! I REMEMBER! This morning, there was loud drilling noise. We aren't sure where it's coming from.
Client: I'm sure it's downstairs...
Steffi: Yeah, I remembered seeing a few repairman downstairs...
Client: I will go downstairs and talk to them for you...

We went down to find out what's going on, and true enough, the office directly below us was repairing their ceiling. He told the workers to come up and have a look and to rectify the problem. The mystery of the melted butter was solved, but a bigger problem appeared. Apparently, they were doing "grouting" and that substance, once hardened, even acid can't destroy it. Right now, our carpet's spoilt...

At the moment, the two of us are feeling very foolish...I didn't even have appetite to eat during lunch. All because of the fridge...It all started with the fridge that wasn't shut properly, the tub of butter in the fridge and coincidentally, the affected spot was very near the fridge too.

I feel...very, very tired now...

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Random Thoughts...

Either I'm losing it, or I'm too stressed up...

MSN conversation at work. No, I wasn't that free Ash. I was really busy. I just wanted a break.

Steffi: u noe, i just realized
Steffi: it's gonna be difficult for us to explain to a foreigner
Steffi: how our name system works
Steffi: :S
Sugi: y
Steffi: if we go to japan, they'll tell u, the surname comes first, then the individual's name
Steffi: if they come here
Steffi: we'll tell them
Steffi: if you see a chinese, the english name will be the first name
Steffi: then
Steffi: after that it will be the surname
Steffi: and then followed by the chinese name
Steffi: if the chinese doesn't have an engish name
Steffi: then the first word is the surname
Steffi: and the second and third word is the individual's name
Steffi: if u see a malay
Steffi: the first word is the individual's name
Steffi: the second word, normally bin or binti, indicates whether the person is a male or female
Steffi: bin for male and binti for female
Steffi: then
Steffi: following that, is their father's name
Steffi: they have no family name
Steffi: and then
Steffi: if u see an indian...
Steffi: *takes a deep breathe*
Steffi: well
Steffi: u get what i mean?
Sugi: ya
Sugi: but now loads of indians r followin the western style
Sugi: like north indians
Sugi: north indians hav family names
Sugi: but i think dat is so much better
Sugi: yes i agree
Sugi: ppl wud be confused
Steffi: yeah
Steffi: that's why i said
Steffi: i haven't even started on ppl like Elizabeth Jessica Ronald (random name to replace my friend's name)
Steffi: and her last name is NOT a family name
Steffi: altho it follows the western style, like mine
Steffi: and in my case it is the western style ALTHO the second word is chinese name
Steffi: see?
Steffi: explaining to foreigners is going to be one hell of a problem
Sugi: hahaha
Sugi: dun bother
Sugi: just say 'call me steph'
Sugi: it'll make ur life so much asier
Sugi: hahaa
Sugi: *easier
Steffi: i mean if they ask lah

Well. Call me Steph. Or Steffi. Or Stephy. Or Steff. Maphy also can. Cheers.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Ash!

Many Happy Returns of the Day! So how does it feels like being 23? =D I used to think that being 21 was THE age and any older than that is not so cool anymore... I used to think that the most exciting things will happen during that age bad sadly, nothing did...2 yrs after being 21 and I'm still the same old boring Steffi... T_T Nevermind! I'm sure being 24 will be exciting too...we shall aim for that!

Ok, enough crapping. Happy birthday ashy washy! ^-^v May all your birthday wishes come true!


Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Call...

I have always thought, that in my line of work, I won't have to talk to mad people on the phone.However, I was proven wrong.

*Phone rings*

Steffi: Good morning, ABC Sdn Bhd...
Caller: Hello?
Steffi: Yes?
Caller: ...*heavy breathing*
Steffi: Uh, hello?
Caller: peria ada (it sounded like that to me)
Steffi: Huh?
Caller: ...*heavy breathing*
Steffi: Hello?
Caller: peria ada
Steffi: I'm sorry?
Caller: Kamu siapa?
Steffi: Sini ABC Sdn Bhd
Caller: ...*heavy breathing*
Steffi: ...*puts down phone. Grumbles to colleague about mad fellas*

Phone rings again.
Steffi: Ah, just ignore it.
Colleague: You sure?
Steffi: Yeah, don't pick it up, it's that mad woman again.
Colleague: Alright.

*phone continues ringing*

Steffi: AHHH! What the heck...*picks up phone* Good morning, ABC Sdn Bhd.
Caller: *breathes heavily* Hello...
*caller passes on phone to guy friend*
Guy friend: Hello, Ramlah ada?
Steffi: Ramlah? Sorry, wrong number
*overheard guy friend telling mad woman: Wrong number lah*
Mad woman taking phone back: Bla bla babi *puts down phone*
Steffi: *jaw drops* What the hell?!

I got scolded "BABI!" T_T For no reason! Just because I was telling the truth...
The way she was breathing down the phone, if she was a guy, I would have thought that she was a perverted stalker...

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