Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Plotting revenge...

When I came back from Singapore, I thought that I could catch up on my sleep. I was wrong. The entire of last night, I was kept awake by one bastard of a mosquito. It wasn't because it was biting me non stop. Oh no, that would have been too merciful. This mosquito...has PhD in psychology. It was driving me nuts with its endless buzzing in both my ears. It BUZZED me awake. At 4am, I finally got out of bed and turn on the lights, hoping to chase it away (or kill it). No such luck. So I went back to bed. Less than 5 minutes later, the buzzing came back.

At one point, I even wondered whether it was really a mosquito or my ears were having problems (it happens to the elderly). I reminded myself that I'm not even 30 years old. -_- Fed up, I covered myself with the comforter, from head to toe. For a while, it was quiet, BUT! I couldn't sleep! Why? I was actually afraid that if I fell asleep, the mosquito would wake me up. I'm starting to sound illogical here.

And THEN. The comforter wasn't soundproof enough for our energetic mosquito. I could hear it buzzing. Sounds crazy, but I could tell that it was mad. Angry that it has no access to me, because the buzzing suddenly got aggressive and loud. I can't believe I was beginning to understand mosquito talk. T_T

I couldn't hide under the comforter forever. It was suffocating. I actually thought, "Can you just hurry up, suck my blood and get lost?" I thought that that was better than buzzing around the entire night, and I could get some sleep. It DID suck my blood, from my index finger which was sticking out of the comforter. -_- Stupid mosquito. It, however, didn't leave after it's meal. How rude.

Finally, I decided that I shouldn't be so nice. I started to imagine what I would do with it once I caught it. Smacking it dead would be too merciful. Instead, I will capture it alive, and then pull out its legs one by one...and then the wings...let's see how it'll buzz after that! HAH!

Unfortunately, catching a mosquito alive is even more impossible than climbing Mt Kinabalu for me. So all I did was spray the entire room this morning and I HOPE and pray that I'll be able to sleep peacefully tonight.


Thursday, July 03, 2008

It's a Fish Tale

I own several sick guppies. Why sick? There was a time, one or two always turn up dead the next morning, even though I've mixed in the medicine and changed the water. Some kind of strange disease. Fed up, I just let them be. I even called it the "Swamp of Death". The baby guppies couldn't survive got the bigger ones love to attack them. I know I'm supposed to separate them, but...try catching babies from the Swamp of Death. The plant grew big and wild and the water got darker...

And I only had this many after a while...

Until one day..."MOM! There are baby guppies! LOTS of them!"

So I thought, they probably won't last long, as usual. However, after a week or two...they were still swimming around, and were slightly bigger, so it was easier to scoop them out and not miss them.

One fine, sunny Saturday morning, my mom and I cleaned all the fish...bowls? Pots? Anyway...I wasn't expecting THIS MANY BABIES!!! IT"S MADNESS!

Mom: They'd probably survived because it was too dark in there for the big ones to see them...

Me: You think so? It's stupid how when you work so hard to keep them alive, they don't. Then when you leave them alone, they breed like...guppies.

So anyway, we decided to separate the babes and adults while we were at it. These are their new homes:

Baby guppies new home

Big guppies new home. I think there are two preggy fishies in there...

I suddenly spotted a baby guppy who seems to be suffering from scoliosis! He's darker than the rest...

And my other lone ranger fish, Fei fei or Fatty, whichever you prefer, is a platy. Also known as the Murderer. Why? Initially I had 5 platys. Fei fei decided that he didn't like that and forced them to commit hara kiri.

Fei fei in a plastic container while I was cleaning his bowl.

Fei Fei in his new home, hiding at the bottom. Coward.

5 July 2008, Update:
This is ridiculous! I knew that at least two of the fishes were pregnant, and I was expecting more babies, but I didn't expect them to do this!

How did you guys get in there?! Ok, nevermind, maybe there's a tiny hole for you to go in, but...How am I going to get YOU out? How about when you are too big to squeeze out? Geez...I'll just have to flush you guys out when you are bigger...


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Darabif, Desa Sri Hartamas

I have always wondered about the lack of burger shops near our office. There's a Burger King down the road, but it's too far to walk to under the hot afternoon sun. :P Finally I received a flier from Darabif, a burger shop (same row as 7-11, just about 5-8 minutes away on foot) which has just opened recently. I dragged my colleague there of course. The interior's mostly white and green, quite "bright" too. As if the afternoon sun isn't bright enough.

I like the colours and design. Feels funky.

We sat at one of the cubicles. With the lamp situated at such a spot, sooner or later someone's going to smack his/her head against the lamp.

The burgers available. The burgers have really cute names:

Beef burgers: Maxi Moo, Mooo and Mini Mooo
Lamb burgers: Double Glam, Lamb Glam and Mini Glam
Chicken burgers: Hot Chick, Chik and Cute Chick (Eating CUTE CHICK? Hehehehe)
Fish: Salmon Surprise (Wah, a class higher)

Darabif patties in boxes? Does that mean I can find it in the supermarket?

Our meals. a Mooo, Chick and Corn chips with Mexico Mayo Salsa and Tomato Salsa Sauce.


What got me sniggering, however, were the names of the drinks. Types of "Darajuices" available are "Detox", "Immune Booster", "De-Stress", "Gym Junkie", "Fat Buster" (I want this!), "Skin Rescue", "Cool Down" and last but not least, also my favourite, "Dragon Desire". The last one really takes the cake. Imagine you tell your guy friend this:

"Wanna drink darajuice? Then have the Dragon Desire Juice!"

My imagination just ran wild. Anyone would, especially if you know Fei Long from Viewfinder. Maybe Mikhail might want one...>=D