Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Happy Ramadan!!!

It's the time of the year again! The time of the year to go Ramadan food hunting! Or so I say. I've only ever bought Ramadan food from one location and that's Section 14's Ramadan bazaar. So today, on the way home, I stopped by at Section 14's Ramadan bazaar. It was raining on the way back, but fortunately, the sky was still clear at Section 14. So, I walked around, hunting for my ayam percik (spicy chicken) and grilled fish. Placed my order for grilled sotong (cuttlefish) and grilled ikan pari (ray fish). Then I continued hunting for my ayam percik. I was surprised though that I didn't see the lemang (bamboo glutinous rice) stall at the usual spot. In fact, I didn't see any lemang stall at all. Perhaps I missed it?

The otak-otak (fish cake?) smelt nice, but due to last year's bad experience, I didn't feel like buying any. I finally found my ayam percik stalls, but I hesitated in buying from them as there was no one at their stalls! After a few minutes of walking up and down, I finally bought one ayam percik peha. Then I returned to the earlier stall to collect my pari and sotong.

However, halfway waiting, it started raining! On top of that the lady gave my order to a guy after me (we were given numbers), because really, I'm too unnoticeable and he ordered the same thing. While waiting for her to pack my order, the rain got heavier and heavier. Although I had an umbrella with me, I was too close to the stall and other people to open it up.

Grabbing my plastic bag of food and change, I hurriedly opened my umbrella and rushed back to the car where my mom was waiting for me. For a moment, my umbrella was rendered useless thanks to the strong wind. Due to the rain, I was wet and feeling cold in the car. I placed the plastic bag of food on my lap and exclaimed that it was hot. Mom advised me to place the newspapers on my lap to put the food on, but I declined. I welcome the warmth from the plastic bag of food. It was better than being chilled to the bones.

It was only when I got back that I realized that it wasn't a good idea. Because I was feeling cold, I couldn't gauge the heat of the plastic of food properly. This was what I discovered after I reached home:

AIYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe!!! Red patch on my thigh!
And then...and then...it became a pretty shape:

On top of that, because I grabbed my change and rushed of just like that, the notes got all crumpled up:

And this was after mom has flattened them out. Before this, she almost threw the notes away because she thought that the notes were rubbish >.>

And the food pics:

My ayam percik. RM5 for this portion. Not too bad, a bit on the sweetish side due to the sauce. Question: Was ayam percik sweet? I can't remember.

Sotong panggang and ikan pari panggang...This dish was a disappointment. It tasted rather bland, has no "panggang fragrance" at all. Even my mom commented that she couldn't taste much from this dish. *Sigh* After all those sacrifices made...

So, anyone has any recommendations? On where I can get good Ramadan food?

Anyway, selamat menyambut bulan Ramadan!

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At 9:53 AM, Blogger Darke Shard said...

Steffi, why are you showing off pictures of your sexy legs? *blush!*


"Due to the rain, I was wet and feeling..."
I didn't know that the weather had that effect on you. *blush again!*

At 10:13 AM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

Just think of it as a chicken drumstick. -_-

Besides, Darke, it's Ramadan, you are supposed to keep your brain CLEAN.

At 2:46 PM, Anonymous ah lee said...

don't think anyone can stay clean reading ur blog lo~ even when it's RAMADHAN~!!!!!!!! >_<

At 10:39 PM, Blogger YSLim said...

haha! hunting for the chicken and show the sexy legs...

At 10:44 PM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

You know, I don't really understand how a red patched flesh can seem sexy -_-

Ah lee, there are worse blogs than mine ler T_T


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