Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One of those days...

The following is a snippet of my chat with Jyrenze ABOUT my conversation with my dispatch boy and colleague:

Just now my dispatch boy said, "bye bye, selamat hari raya haji"

Steffi says:
Me: huh?

Steffi says:
Dispatch boy: Haji ma

Steffi says:
Me: ha? (isn't it xmas?)

Steffi says:
Colleague: tomorrow...

Steffi says:
Me: tomorrow?

Steffi says:

J¥®ëñzë ´`·…->★☆ says:

J¥®ëñzë ´`·…->★☆ says:

J¥®ëñzë ´`·…->★☆ says:

Steffi says:

And then...during lunch:

Steffi says:
i almost ate my earphone

J¥®ëñzë ´`·…->★☆ says:

Steffi says:
i was eating my fishcake

Steffi says:
then the phone rang

Steffi says:
so i put it down

Steffi says:
removed my earphone

Steffi says:
and answered the call

Steffi says:
and then after that...

Steffi says:
i took up my earphone

Steffi says:
and almost ate it

And, not long after that...

Steffi says:

Steffi says:
i attempted to drink water from the bottle with the cap still on

J¥®ëñzë ´`·…->★☆ says:

It's just one of those numbnutting days...


I went to Low Yatt Plaza yesterday, and on the way there, I saw many foot massage/body massage/facial/what-not workers standing out at the five foot way trying to "hijack" customers.

Steffi: *reading signboard* Foot massage and body massage...
Steffi: Hmmm...
Steffi: Foot massage? Yeah, yeah, in reality, it might actually be third leg massage...
Dad: HOI! Can you not be so dirty minded!

Update (1.35pm) MSN chat with my sis:

Steffi says: table is vibrating
elaine says:
elaine says:
elaine says:
notty girl
elaine says:
Steffi says:
Steffi says:
you... runs in the family.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Comic Fiesta 2007

Presenting to you...


The last anime convention /comic fiesta /however you want to call it that I went to was about 4 years ago I think...So anyway, my sister told me to go as a lolita this year...however, when I went to the lolita shop which I have tried on the clothes before, it had vanished! Another shop only allowed members in, on top of that members aren't allowed to try the clothes! Ridiculous, considering that the prices of the clothes are more than RM300.

So what does a poor Lolita wannabe do? Improvise of course.

I got myself a while frilly lacy top and added black laces to it. Then I added white laces and ribbons to my long black skirt, and voila!

My mom even got for me an "English lady/Queen E" brooch to pin at my collar.
Needless to say, when we first arrived, I almost died of embarrassment, used my friend as a shield (didn't work) and sneaked in through the side entrance to get to the 6th floor.

There were LOTS of people there. It was held in two shop lots. The entrance fee was RM10.

The cosplayers were really nice people, very obliging, they allowed us to take pictures with them without any fuss. The first two cosplayers we took picture with were two characters from D.Grayman, Allen Walker and Linali...

There was also a Bongun from Ragnarok Online, a very well known MMORPG. I confess, I was once an avid Ragnaroker...

He was really good! He was really into character from the start until the end. He even "died" and had to be resurrected!

Oh, there were many items on sale, and on display too.

Figurines from various animes.

Oh, one of the most popular character was none other than HANI SEnPAI FROM OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB! WOOHOO!

Hani senpai was really shy, LOL! He found his pink rabbit to be really useful...This Hani senpai can also play the violin!

Other Ouran Host Club members trying to coax Hani senpai to show his face...

Hani senpai finally shows his face!

Hani senpai playing with paper roses...

I was told that Hani senpai cried later because the crowd around him was getting too big for his liking! Poor boy!

Of course, there were Bleach characters too...

Zaraki Kenpachi, the 11th squad captain! His "hair" is even smacked my head when he bent down to put his bags on the floor.

And the prob the most famous character at the fiesta...

KON...pachi. Eh?! KONPACHI? Why Konpachi? Because it's Kon wearing Zaraki Kenpachi's uniform! Or maybe it's Zaraki Kenpachi wearing a Kon headgear...Hmmm...

Konpachi on stage posing...


I left early so I didn't get to take picture with Konpachi T_T

Oh, there's also White Ichigo/Inner Hollow Ichigo and Kira!

Freaky like the anime one, eh?

Ok, so other characters...

Characters from Air Gear

Characters from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.

Characters from xXx-Holic

Sousui Seki from Rozen Maiden.

Characters from Legend of Zelda, they were too tired to stand! I would be too...if I were them.

Echizen Ryoma from Prince of Tennis.

There were also non-anime/TV characters such as...

Mr TV Man! I was really amused when I saw him and couldn't resist taking pictures with him!

SWAT member...Probably from Counter Strike

This sexy chick is actually a guy!

Neko-chan! He was so cute on stage when he was performing a famous dance from Suzumiya Haruhi.

And last but not least...

...NANI KORE?!POCKY!!! But...uh...why Pocky?

Group photo. Yes, that is Ten Ten from Naruto there...

Preliminary cosplayers on stage. It's gonna collapse!

The MC was a really funny guy too...We even had requests for our pictures to be taken! Not by the MC lah, by other photographers. Hahaha, soaking up on public attention for the first time. :P Overall it was good, although I missed half of it because I had to go somewhere else.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

I'm free...NOT

I thought I'll be free after exams. I had to think again.

One day after exams...
Mom: So now that your exams are over, you have to start exercising otherwise you won't be able to fit into your cheongsam for the function end of this month,
Steffi: Ok...Oh, by the way, I want to go to One Utama tomorrow to meet up with Jyrenze.
Mom: Huh? Don't you have your Japanese homework to catch up with? Better do all your homework otherwise your teacher will kill you.
Steffi: ...yahor. Anway, Elaine said that this weekend we'll be going out to Sungai Wang to look for lolita clothes and accessories.
Mom: Don't go out so often. Only one day per weekend, you have to pack your things. Your books and notes are all over the place.
Steffi: ...yeah, but, but...I promise to meet up with Annette and Steven...he just got back from NZ

And yesterday...
Jap Sensei: Shiken owarimashita? (Exam over?)
Steffi: Hai, owarimashita. Yokatta... Ima, hima desu. (Yes, it's over. Thank god...I'm free now)
Jap Sensei: Ii desu. Ima, takusan shukudai o shimasu, ne? (That's good, now there's lots of homework to do...)
Steffi: ...Hai...(...Yes...)

Towards the end of class...
Jap Sensei: Kyo no shukudai...(Today's homework)
Steffi: *jaw drops. Arranges accumulated homework* much...T_T I'll be busy this weekend...



Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fourth of December, 2007.

Doom's Day.

First bad omen:
Woke up in the morning. Saw one guppy floating with its belly up...Does this mean...?

Second bad omen:
As I looked into the mirror, preparing to go for my exam paper, I noticed...BLOOD ON MY TEETH! SHOCKED! On closer upper lip cracked. But...wait a minute! Does this mean...??

Third bad omen:
It's time. It's now. It's time to write my name on the stupid exam paper before they distribute the question sheet. My hand shook. Eh? What is this? I can't even write my own name down! Does...does this mean...???

Exam proceedings censored.

Fourth bad omen:
It's over. It's FINALLY over. Move. Get up. GO get my bag. But...WHY ARE MY LEGS SHAKING THIS TIME?! DOES THIS MEAN...????

FIFTH bad omen:
Walked out of the exam centre (Unity College). Saw a classmate sitting down at the stairs, look dead and depressed, being consoled by her friend. Probably crying too. I'm not too sure, better have a closer look and...WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING?! SO KPC(busybody)?! Just go already! But...WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! doesn't matter...not now...not yet...because, it is...

On the way to Megamall.
Mom: What do you want to eat for dinner?
Dad: How about teppanyaki:
Steffi: Wait, wait, let me think...
Steffi: ...
Steffi: ...
Steffi: ...
Steffi: I...I can't think. Everytime I try to, my mind goes blank!

After dinner at Megamall:
Walked around. Looked down at the Christmas decoration at the Centre Court.
I COULDN'T THINK OF WHAT TO DO AT MEGAMALL! My mind was blank. Empty. What do I normally do there?

So, knowing that I will be like this after exams, I actually prepared a list of "Things to do after exams" BEFORE my exams. Now, I have to figure out which one I want/have to do first.



Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Last Desperate Attempt

This is how it looks like when I'm trying to at least PASS my upcoming paper.

The white board is for my dad (and me to release stress on). And yes, it's attached to the ladder.
Er...ignore the Sudoku book, ok?
Geez, I wish I can just eat all the notes and books up, even then, there's no guarantee I can pass. -_-

It really sucks to have flu while you are on study leave. I spent lots of time sleeping instead of studying during the first few days of study leave.

Feast your eyes on this rare photo...

Sick + Exam Stress = Crazy Steffi

My sis found it amusing, so she started snapping photos of me while I tried to study. Actually, I just didn't want my hair to get in the way. Really.

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