Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bon Odori

I've been so busy these past few days I'm trying hard not to ignore my blog...hahaha! Ah well, here's a short report on Bon Odori held on the 14th of July at erm, the ex-Matsushta stadium (it has a new name now). First of all, there were MANY MANY MANY people. Oh, there were also many many MANY WEIRD people - I'm referring to the way they dressed. I could see lolitas, goth lolitas, punk, kawaii chicks but no kakkoii blokes unfortunately, and well you have those who dressed with the motto "anything goes".

The crowd walking towards the stadium. We (Jyrenze, YSLim and I) parked quite far away, so we had quite a distance to walk.

The stage before the events started.

I saw many kawaii kids in tradional garbs! They looked so cute, running around the field.
Another cute chibi...Picture's from Jyrenze's camera.

Drummers beating the drums, signaling the start of the festival.

Mix and match! Tudung worn with yukata...Oh, they were all dancing. This IS the Bon Odori festival. We danced too...

There were performances by the locals and Japanese as well.

I also met a replica of Shin Chan at the festival. Those who read Crayon Shin Chan, or Dik Cerdas as it is known in Malay, would know that Shin Chan is a 5 years old pervert. While I was watching the performances, I felt tiny fingers crawling up my thigh...and I whipped my head around to glare at the pervert...just to find myself staring at a small boy! So I thought he probably accidentally touched me and continued watching the ongoing performance. However, a few seconds later, I felt those fingers again! When I turned around to look at my "molester" I saw the same boy again, only this time, his maid wrapped her arms around him, clutching his hands tightly! I found out from Jyrenze later that the same boy kept on leaning his head on her...Just what is wrong with kids nowadays?!

Anyway, there were many food stalls there, selling Japanese and local food, which were quite pricey (RM6-RM10)Here are some of the food pictures (from Jyrenze's camera - mine ran out of battery).

Korokke (croquette)
...I can't recognize this. Oh, wait! I think this is the okonomiyaki...
Unagi don

Sakura Mochi
Ice cream - RM10.00 from this stall:

Hmmm, I'm pretty sure we ate more than this, but ah well. It doesn't matter.

I actually went to the festival, hoping to see a few cosplayers, but I guess since STEFFI wants to see, they decided to hide. All I saw were these two Bleach cosplayers.

Looks like I'll have to attend an animecon to see more cosplayers!

End of report.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Steffi the Numbnut #007: I Don't See It There


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Teru teru bozu

Back in November 2006, I wrote a post on my Teru teru bozu which got beheaded, er, by me. I continued using that handphone chain with just the head alone, but I guess, beheading him isn't enough. Enma-Daioh (ruler of the spirit world in Japanese) is not satisfied with just his body. He wants his HEAD as well.
The head

The body

The string

All parts detached.

I think it's time to replace it...


Thursday, July 19, 2007


Late last night...about 9.00 p.m. after coming back from gym...

Steffi: Haih...
Mom: *eyes glued to the TV*
Steffi: So painful...
Mom: *eyes still glued to the TV*
Steffi: *limps past mom*
Mom: *eyes STILL glued to the TV*
Steffi: *muttering* stupid Korean drama...
Steffi: OI!
Mom: HA?
Steffi: ...
Mom: WHY?!
Steffi: I FELL DOWN LA *mutters under breath again* stupid Korean drama...
Mom: How?!
Steffi: I knew I don't do well with steps...
Mom: choose to attend that class wan wat.
Steffi: Ceh...I thought that if I was a bit careful, I can avoid tripping or falling...
Mom: So lousy, ex-ballet dancer lah, used to dance latin lah...and then like that also can fall...
Steffi: HYPERLAXITY! Prone to accidents! *points to ankle* Not my fault, ok...

Sounds familiar? Only this time, I did not pull anyone's skirt down. I have successfully injured the same problematic ankle AGAIN, by falling down during one of the classes held at the gym. It's called "Steps" whereby you do series of exercises with this long flat stool, stepping up and down and going around it. Needless to say, my ego also suffered from that fall. -_-

I give up...someone up there wants this ankle to be permanently damaged. Excuse me while I go bandage it up.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I've been transformed...

I've been ignoring my blog. Blame Transformers for this.

I think I don't need to say this. Transformers movie is superb. I still remember, when I was small, I used to like watching Transformers cartoon. However, if you ASK me about what series I've watched, or the sequence of the series...I can't answer. All I knew back then was, the robots could transform into vehicles among other things and that was way cool.

After watching the movie TWICE (and I'm waiting eagerly for the DVD to be out), I think I'm going nuts. Now, whenever I see a nice truck or car which has er...a more "humanlike face" (lights that resemble eyes, etc), I always expect the vehicle to just transform into a robot and start running. Whenever I hear loud sounds, I thought it was Optimus Prime walking outside...

At least I didn't imagine my NOKIA phone transforming into a little twerp shooting at all directions. -_-||| I wonder if that would happen if I watch the movie for the third time (which would not happen until I get the DVD).

Now, I can only pray that the same producers come up with a Full Metal Panic movie or Gundam Seed series movie. Then maybe I can imagine myself piloting one of those giant babes...

Transformers productions photos

P.S.: I hope I get to see Special Forces Army Ranger Sgt. Lennox (Josh Duhamel) in the sequel too >.<


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Steffi the Numbnut #006: Practice Makes Perfect


Monday, July 09, 2007

Marriage customs

070707 seems to be a popular date for weddings. I've just gotten back from Malacca, after attending my cousin's wedding on this popular date. I think 080808 would be...even more popular. Better book those wedding halls/restaurants/hotels now.

I've discovered many interesting customs which were unknown to me at my cousin's wedding (she's the bride).

1. When entering the groom's house, she had to walk over, er, this small pot of fire. I swear I saw the bottom of her gown almost catching fire. It turned slightly black because of the ashes, but after patting it, it was alright. Oh, I believe this was done to chase away demons/devils or er, anything unwanted...Correct me if I'm wrong.

2. Girls/ladies should not sit on the bridal bed. This is so that they will be bestowed with man sons and not daughters in the future.

3. Kids jumping on bed. To be specific, little boys. This is so that they will have many sons in the future. I think this was what led to China's current "wife shortage" situation. Probably every single family there practiced No. 2 and No. 3
The little boy was so cute...he probably thought that he heard wrongly when his mom told him to JUMP ON THE BED, since normally parents would yell, "STOP JUMPING ON THE BED NOW!!!" Well, in the end, they just got him to roll over on the bed.

4. Boy pissing into red potty wrapped with red crepe paper. Er, I don't know what is the purpose for doing this, maybe it's also related to "more sons in the future" thing. However, all the little boy did was punch through the crepe paper and fish out the red ang pow inside. Dang. I so thought that they were going to go, "Come on boy...shee shee now..." >=D

5. A red lamp must be lighted until the next morning. No idea what's the purpose of this red lamp.

I guess there were many more, but these were the ones which caught my attention. :D

I have also made many decisions after attending her wedding ceremony.

1. Marry a foreigner with different culture, or better still, someone from a less traditional family. This is so that I can always go back to my side for Chinese New Year :D No need to argue with him. I also really don't feel like "belonging" to the guy's side, as such is the case with traditional Chinese family.

2. I get to experience two different cultures, celebrate many festivals...

At most weddings, the brides will cry when they start talking to/about their mom. I decided that mine HAS TO BE A HAPPY ONE. So I've even prepared a speech, if there's a need for one.

"Hie mom. So you've finally gotten me out of the house...but don't celebrate yet! WE'LL come around to bug you, very often, in fact...Aha, you see? You have ONE more person to deal with..." *imagines herself with Shirota Yuu as the groom*

Ahem. I wonder if that would ever happen...>=D

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Tagged - 8 random facts about myself

ARGH! Got tagged Misha's Mom
I find this tag a little hard to do because this requires me to THINK. I'm too lazy to think. Oh, rules first:

And the rules are :

1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog

And here are the facts:

1. I am single. And available.
2. I am a female (those who disagree can jump down from the top of KL tower).
3. I like pretty boys. Shirota Yuu is an example.
4. I'm 165 cm tall but I won't tell you my weight, so don't ask.
5. I like travelling.
6. I love good food.
7. I am a manga fan.
8. I am an anime fan.


Oh, I'm supposed to tag someone? Sugi, Darke and Jyrenze, I choose you! (I won't bother doing rule no. 5)


Monday, July 02, 2007

China Part 10: Hangzhou's Speciality

Just a short post on China trip...

Hangzhou is famous for it's tea leaves, Loong Jing (Dragon Well). Apparently, the tea leaves have been given to V.I.P.'s such as Queen Elizabeth as a gift, so naturally, a trip to the tea plantation is a must. Hangzhou people, according to my tour guide are "lazy" people (she's from Hangzhou herself!). They are quite laid back. As long as they can live comfortably, they are satisfied with that. I think they are quite lucky too, because even their tea trees require very little care. They can be left alone and yet still grow well. Apparently, this is due to the soil and air at Hangzhou. As they don't grow very tall, the owners don't even have to trim them regularly. Most of the workers (actually, from what I can see, ALL)are women. These women have REALLY red cheeks due to the wind chill factor. They'll be hired to pluck the tea leaves while I see men sitting at the many tea houses along the road to the main research centre drinking tea. They can do this the entire day, according to my guide. I wish I could do that and earn money at the same time too. Good quality Loong Jing tea leaves are VERY pricey, and yet, there are many people buying it. My mom is a living proof :P

It is said that Loong Jing tea leaves have many health benefits although I think it is not scientifically proven yet. One good thing (or not?) about Loong Jing is that it has no caffeine, so you can drink it right before going to bed and still sleep like a baby.

I can't remember the name of the research centre, it's right at the end of the road on top of a hill. Here's the plaque with the name on it:

And the tea plantation and the many tourist buses:

Loong Jing tea leaves are very special that it must be roasted with HANDS. This is so that the person roasting it can feel the shouldn't be too hot. Those "roasters" surely must have iron hands after doing that for a long time...

Here's the "wok":

Loong Jing tea leaves are also used to cook with freshwater prawns, a supposedly famous dish in Hangzhou. We didn't get to eat any, so I assumed that the reason was the price of the dish. Loong Jing tea leaves can be bought here too, but for the same grade, the price here is MUCH more expensive than what we paid for in China.

Ok, time for a mug of Loong Jing...Tata!