Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stressed out by new mobile phone

I just got myself a new mobile phone. For the first time. Yes, for the first time in my life. It was a sudden thing. Anyway, I got it because it could play animes :D (decisions are of course always made based on anime). Although sometimes the audio and video aren't in sync. Hmm...must figure that one out sooner or later.


Oh yeah. I've forgotten. This is my new mobile phone. Sony Ericsson W880i. Probably the second time I've owned a SonyE. The rest were Nokia phones. It...feels like dark chocolate. The urge to snap it and eat it...

BUT that aside...

If there's such a thing as computer illiterate, I wonder whether there's such a thing as "mobile phone illiterate". I am totally clueless about 3G. The only thing I know about 3G is that it can make video calls. Before this, mobile phones to me are for:

1) Make calls, such as "Mom, you can pick me up now..." or "Did you know that Jyrenze has a boyfriend now?"
2) SMS - "I'm bored."
3) Play games - until my thumbs got sore
4) Take pictures (previous one had a camera) which couldn't be uploaded onto the computer.

The new phone has 3G. I didn't even plan to activate it at all. So I didn't bother to really read up on it. However, I didn't realize...I didn't even have to do the activation myself. IT AUTO ACTIVATED! ARGH! So I have no choice but to check it out on Maxis' website.
I hate technology. I love it and yet at the same time I hate it.
WAP?! <---Greek
GPRS?! <---French
MaxisTV?! <--- English
Hey hey...Maxis...TV...:D
*koffkoff* I shall continue.

I tried video calling my aunt in Singapore. I don't know whether it's because I didn't activate the above, or she didn't activate her 3G or she turned off her hp, but it failed.

So I thought I should activate all of the above, and I did that. It's ok, my line is prepaid, so I won't get heart attack when I see the bill ('cause there isn't any).


Is there anyone from Maxis, or 3G whizkid who can help this handicapped Numbnut? Before I really snap it and eat it...

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Anime in class?


Translation (roughly):
Teacher said, "Let's watch anime in the next class." I was really happy. We discussed with teacher on what anime to watch. The anime we decided on was Bleach. After reaching home, I watched Bleach once again. This is terrible! Rukia-chan uses "You bastard" (or anything equivalent) a lot in the anime. Well, it should be ok. Probably.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


昨日の晩Intermediate 3 が始めました。先生と友達に暫く会わないから嬉しかった
ん です。皆は元気だからよっかた。昨日せんせいにあたらしい形容詞(?) をおし
えて貰いました。めいれい形と禁止形お勉強した。私は禁止形 のほうがちょっと
こうやって、 何時ノベルを読めますか?なんか。。。無理みたいな。。。


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Twins: Absolutely numbnutting

This happened when I was travelling back to Kluang, Johor for my grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration…

My dad was asking me about a pair of twin friends that I have. Let’s call them Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Dad: Who is the older one?
Steffi: Tweedledee.
Dad: So who came out first?
Steffi: *jaw hangs open*
Steffi: …Didn’t I just said that Tweedledee is the older one?!
Dad: Yeah, yeah, of course Tweedledee is the older one…
Dad: By how many minutes…
Steffi: Dunno, didn’t ask them…
Dad: …or days?
Steffi: *jaw drops again*
Steffi: …
Steffi: *cries into her pillow – yes, I brought my pillow, bolster and blanket along*
Dad: I mean, some of them can be born a few days later
Steffi: IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?! (Even for non twins?!)
Mom: Dear, she has been calling them twins all along. Was there a time when she said they weren’t twins?

I’m beginning to wonder if I was used as a tool to just keep him awake while he was driving, therefore, he wasn’t concentrating at all on the conversation. Either that or he was just trying to be cute.

I think the former is more like it. *Sigh*

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