Friday, January 05, 2007

RASHES! Bah...

It never ends...I thought that the reason why I felt so itchy was because of the many mosquito bites I've obtained over the last few days. It seems that it's rashes that I have now. The cause of it? Probably alcohol. HAH. I've re-developed allergy against alcohol. Why re-developed? That is becaaaaaaaaause I once had rashes when I drank alcohol when I was 9 yrs old. BAH! This means that I have to abstain from alcohol and sea food for the time being. T_T WHAT AM I GOING TO DO AT LANGKAWI?!

Anyway, finally, I managed to upload a few of my New Year's Eve picture taken with my Olympus FE-190 digital camera. It has really, really cool modes and functions, it's awesome!

View of KL Tower and the Twin Towers from this pub/bistro called The Attic at Damansara Heights using the "Fireworks Scene" mode. It's suitable for shooting fireworks at night, and uses a slower shutter speed than in normal shooting.

The same as above, except that I've used the Night + Potrait mode. You can see the difference...

And this one, was taken at Sugania's house, using the candle mode. It's especially for shooting under candlelight where warm colours are reproduced (says the camera). After the miserable webcam taken I can go digicam crazy again! BWAHAHAHAHA! However, my wallet's crying...*sigh*


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Numbnuts on New Year's Eve

Alright. So I didn't damage anything else before Year 2006 end. Except, of course, myself. I have to say that the last new year's eve was probably the most exciting one that I've ever had. Oh yeah, I musn't forget painful as well. I thought that I'll be spending my New Year's Eve on the couch watching tv (no, I'm not an old lady) but I didn't, thanks to Micchy.

Firstly, due to some strange nightmare that my mom had, my parents ended up as our (the Numbnuts = Steffi + Darke)chauffeur. Our destination - The Curve. We decided to have our dinner there in order to avoid the jam later on. Darke decided to give me a few surprises when I reached his house in the form of a bouquet of flowers and a bunch of bananas. YES. A BUNCH OF PISANG EMAS. No. Don't laugh. Because that ain't the funniest part. That title went to the flowers.

My first reaction was "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!" (and my mom's reaction to mine was "Oh my god, no wonder she can't get a boyfriend!") Poor Darke, who didn't have a clue about this particular Chinese superstition (is it even superstition?) had to pick, of all the flowers, this type:

Daisies. Flowers associated with the OTHER world (at least, for the Chinese). But it's ok, Darke, my mom doesn't mind, she likes the flowers. ^-^ Thanks a lot. For the flowers AND the bananas which would have ended up somewhere else, if my parents weren't there. *Cracks knuckles* Superstition aside, the flowers AND the bananas were sweet. *Cracks knuckles* Somehow, I think this can only happen to numbnuts like us.

Anyway, after taking about half an hour (or was it more than that?) to decide what to have for dinner, we had Kenny Roger's. I was just telling Micchy how everytime I'm with her, something is sure to happen, and hopefully, nothing strange or odd will happen on that day. Fat hope. My lipstick fell onto my dinner plate (previously, it was my handbag which fell into the ice cream tub at Shogun Buffet).

We spent a good one and a half hours (according to Dark's biological clock) at Borders, browsing the mangas there and I finally got my first copy of Yaoi manga. YAY! I was RM40 poorer though. Boo... And then...due to certain circumstances, we had to change our venue. So much for watching Jaclyn Victor performing. Ah well, as long as I have my manga with me, I'm happy.

HOWEVER, when I stepped outside the Curve, I HAD to look up to see if Jaclyn Victor was on the stage and then WHAM! I went straight down on my knees. There was a slight step there and I didn't notice it because it looked like level ground to me. To those people who weren't busy staring at the stage, they must have thought that I was worshipping Ikano, kneeling down in front of it like that (I stepped out of The Curve, so I was facing Ikano). So, in a few seconds, I've managed to twist both my ankles, and bruise both my knees.

Finally, in Micchy's car, we proceeded to leave Ikano's carpark. Only to find the oncoming traffic coming directly at us. WHAT THE HELL?! THAT WAS ONE WAY STREET WASN"T IT?! I screamed for three people. Micchy, Darke, you are welcome. XP And at Micchy's friend's house, she managed to reverse into another friend's car. Again, I think I screamed for three people. See? I helped you guys save your breaths. How nice of me.

So we went to this place called The Attic at Damansara Heights, which was actually a rather posh place. I took some nice pictures from there, but blogger photo tool (or is it my computer, or my line?) went cranky after uploading the picture of the daisies. Anyway, I shall post them up later.

Then, Darke and I ditched Micchy and Kurarensu, because we both suck at drinking. We decided to gate-crash SUGI"S PARTY! Hoo yeah! We took a taxi back, ALL the way from Damansara Heights, and the taxi driver only charged us RM11. He must be quite happy with the way Darke was livening up his lonely New Year's Eve.

At Sugi's house, lots of weird things happened. Firstly, there was this male dog outside her house, knowing that he won't need to celebrate New Year's all alone if ONLY that darling female-dog-with-nasty-teeth's owner let him into the house to meet her... What the silly male dog doesn't know is that he'll end up at the bottom in position since Sugi's dog is twice his size.

Thing started to get REALLY hot after Annette's arrival. Somehow, she attracted Sugi's little nephew (2-4 years old?) and he actually flashed flirted with her. Ok, so he didn't pull down his shorts, but...well, pulling the hem of your shorts while jumping kangkang kaki in front of her with that cute grin? *Protects head from Sugi* He's definitely a bundle of's a power electrical engineer, I guess it runs in the family. And then, the elder nephew thinks that he's who already? Vijay? A Bollywood actor in an action movie and kept on glaring at us, gangster style. I wish I could say cute, but instead, I have to say that he did it pretty well. I was creeped out. Darke had to accept his challenge and challenge him back -_-. I noticed that he followed Darke around after that, glaring of course. Kids.

Then it's time for FIREWORKS! I didn't think that we'll be seeing any that night, at least not from Sugi's house, but I actually saw fireworks in two directions. Somehow, no matter how old I am, I will always enjoy watching fireworks.

The next morning, though 2006 has left us, my clumsiness hasn't. I slipped three times and almost fall on my butt once at Carrefour. -_- I HOPE that would be the last of it. BEGONE, YOU DEVIL FROM YEAR 2006!!! Anyway, Happy New Year, folks. All the best in year 2007. ^-^v