Friday, September 30, 2005

Naughty conversations, beware!

To those of you who are sensitive to...naughtier and homo stuffs...don't scroll down. I've warned you. Just for your information, Haze is a female and Fire is a male.

[14:01] Fire: u know steff
[14:01] Fire: Haze has this theory
[14:01] Steffi: yeah?
[14:02] Fire: she got the info from her mate the length of a guy's d***
[14:02] Fire: can be measured
[14:03] Haze: HAHAHAHAHAHA
[14:03] Fire: without asking him to take off his pants
[14:03] Steffi: ...
[14:03] Steffi: HOW
[14:03] Steffi: HOWHOW
[14:03] Haze: i knew it !
[14:03] Haze: i knew steffi sure wanna know
[14:03] Fire: ahahahhaha
[14:03] Steffi: TELL LAR
[14:03] Haze: see
[14:03] Haze: how desperate she is
[14:03] Fire: Haze, u tell la
[14:03] Fire: hahahha
[14:03] Haze: i tell u ar Fire
[14:04] Haze: she will be staring at the guys !
[14:04] Steffi: ...
[14:04] Steffi: just cut the crap and tell me T_T
[14:04] Fire: ahahahhahha...
[14:04] Fire: u measure the fingers, steff
[14:05] Fire: the distant between the thumb n ur index finger when u stretch it
[14:05] Fire: tats the measurement
[14:07] Fire: ehh...steff measuring adi?
[14:08] Haze: AHHAHAHAHAA
[14:08] Fire: ahha..but anyway..i think all the guys know this la
[14:08] Steffi: ...
[14:08] Fire: and Haze has been doing some research
[14:09] Steffi: whoa
[14:09] Fire: ahhaha..just a theory la steff
[14:09] Steffi: *taking ruler*
[14:10] Fire: ahahhahah
[14:10] Fire: whose one u measuring there?
[14:10] Steffi: eh, like that i wanna marry a musician
[14:10] Steffi: mine..
[14:10] Steffi: pianists normally have really long fingers...
[14:11] Fire: ahhahhaha..u want long long ones for wat ler
[14:11] Steffi: :D
[14:11] Steffi: :D:D:D:D:D
[14:11] Haze: u want so long for what !
[14:11] Haze: as Fire said
[14:11] Haze: later it comes out the other end
[14:11] Fire: AHAHHAAHHAHa
[14:11] Steffi: ...
[14:11] Fire: yeaaaaa
[14:11] Steffi: WHERE GOT SO LONG
[14:12] Haze: steffi
[14:12] Haze: listen to me
[14:12] Haze: long = Itai desu ne
[14:12] Steffi: ...
[14:12] Steffi: <---close to bursting
[14:12] Steffi: and she's talking to boss some more
[14:12] Haze: gyahahaha
[14:16] Steffi: ...mine is more than 6 inches
[14:16] Haze: u dont have one steffi
[14:17] Haze: no need measure
[14:17] Fire: ahhahhaha
[14:17] Fire: im not showing my fingers when we meet

And the biggest blunder Fire made...

He was away while us two girls were chatting, and this happened after reading the history of the chat while he was away.

[16:03] Fire: aihhhhhhh
[16:03] Fire: finally it ended
[16:03] Fire: if i didnt step in at the blowjob
[16:03] Fire: dunno how far u guys would hav gone
[16:03] Steffi: :D
[16:04] Fire: ahahha..ok im back
[16:04] Fire: after the blowjob
[16:04] Fire: i mean..after READING the BLOWJOB
[16:04] Fire: GAWDDDDDD
[16:04] Steffi: *dies of laughter*
[16:04] Fire: wat am i typing

ANDDDD...the blunder that Steffi made...

This chat of course, was posted with permission from my lively two friends, as long as I do not post up their real names...

[16:49] Steffi: ..
[16:49] Steffi: so simple
[16:49] Steffi: WHERE

[16:50] Haze: where??????
[16:50] Steffi: i actually laughed
[16:50] Steffi: WHERE LAH
[16:50] Haze:

[14:11] **real name**: ahhahhaha..u want long long ones for wat ler

[16:50] Haze: hahahhahhahaha
[16:50] Fire:

[14:10] Steffi: pianists normally have really long fingers...
[14:11] **real name**: ahhahhaha..u want long long ones for wat ler

[16:50] Steffi: ok
[16:50] Steffi: done

Gomen Fire! HAHAHA!


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What the...

I was complaining to my mom about this young insolent girl that I knew. Because she loves to watch black comedies, she has learnt some pretty crude words...

Mom: Tell her you'll spank her if she says that again...
Steffi: Mmmmhmmmm...needs to be spank...
Sis: Just tell her that you are fat enough to body slam her now.
Steffi: ...
Steffi: Body slam...
Mom: *giggles*
Steffi: *mumbles* what lar you...
Mom: *giggles*
Sis: What's wrong with..
Steffi: *giggles and looks at mom*
Mom: *bursts out laughing* She'll be flattened against the wall!!! AHAHAHAHA!
Steffi: ... -_-|||
Sis: Like Garfield!
Steffi: T_T

And later on, mom was adjusting the height of my sister's lamp in her room...

Mom: I've shortened the height of your lamp.
Steffi: For a moment, I thought you wanted to say that you have shortened Sis' height. Was wondering why you wanna do that when she's already short enough.
Sis: HUH! HUH! >.<#



Monday, September 26, 2005


1. Stephanie
2. Steph
3. Steffi
1. Kaguya Hime
2. Jonquina
3. Lady Erin (LONG long time ago)

1. MY hair (I spent a lot on it, so I have to like it)
2. My height (not too short, not too tall, though sometimes I wished that I'm taller
3. My hands

1. Nose
2. Face
3. Body

1. Ghosts
2. Graveyards
3. Have I mentioned ghosts?

1. Mangas
2. Animes
3. Food

1. Sarah Brightman
2. Julie Andrews
3. Josh Groban

1. Love
2. Hugs
3. Harmony

1. I'm a yaoi fan
2. I'm an anime otaku
3. I hate mangas

1. Good body, not too muscular like the Hulk, nor too skinny like a scarecrow
2. Slightly long hair (not too long like a girls)
3. Beautiful eyes

1. Manga
2. Anime
3. Music

1. Sleep
2. Read manga
3. Watch anime

1. Work as anything in NASA except for astronaut (heh, sugi, how similar we are eh?)
2. Work at movie making companies.
3. Kindergarten teacher :P

1. Europe
3. 7 Wonders of the World

1. Read and watch as many mangas and animes as possible
2. Visit all the places that I want to go to
3. Have sex

1. I've been told that I'm quite gentlemanly...
2. I’m loud
3. I'm rough sometimes

1. I’m fickle minded
2. Uh...does being called a grandma counts? (I nag I guess)
3. ...I ran out of ideas...someone please fill this space up.

1. Orlando Bloom
2. Zai Zai
3. That guy actor in Herbie, what's his name? *drools*

1. Wy-Pun
2. Chun Eng
3. Prakash


Friday, September 23, 2005


My Lady Boss is currently away on holiday. However, I still consult her via messenger (not telling which one) as I am unable to handle certain jobs on my own (gimme a break, I'm still new). So...

Lady Boss: ok
Lady Boss: anything else??
Lady Boss: otherwise i will go donwstairs for awhile to buy things
Steffi: ok...
Steffi: can...
Lady Boss: just downstairs only
Steffi: no prob
Lady Boss: anything leave message lor ok ?
Steffi: yup
Lady Boss: thank you for giving me permission to go down
Lady Boss: thank you BOSS
Steffi: MUAHAHA, you are hereby permitted to leave your humble abode
Lady Boss: thankyou thankyou
Lady Boss: TTFN
Steffi: ttfn!


Lady Boss: back
Lady Boss: slave is back at home now ..
Lady Boss: any thing BOSS want to ask
Steffi: boss...dying now...
Lady Boss: what happened??
Lady Boss: slave went out for a while only BOSS dying??
Steffi: resistance to panadol is futile.,..slowly giving into the temptation
Lady Boss: hahaha
Lady Boss: y take panadol ?
Lady Boss: headache ?
Steffi: no
Steffi: whole body pain
Lady Boss: hmm
Lady Boss: sick soon lor
Steffi: getting caught in the rain for a few days = not good
Steffi: an apple a day keeps a doctor away <---bullshit wan
Steffi: still fall sick
Lady Boss: lol

And with my other friend...

Steffi: it's home got all the necessary medicine
Steffi: it's now that i'm dying
Wu Guai: drink water...lots of it...
Wu Guai: no coffee, no tea...just water
Steffi: just finished one big cup of tea
Steffi: had teh si ping kurang manis this morning as well
Wu Guai: you had ice.....swt

Not my fault, not my fault T____T I was still ok this morning...well, a lot better than now.

Tasukete...I'm dying now. First my modem, now, looks like I'm the one who has to enter ICU. *Pops two panadols* WORK! FASTER WORK! ACTIFAST PANADOL RIGHT?! T____T


Thursday, September 22, 2005

Departure of Beloved Modem

3.12pm - Phone rings.

Steffi: Hello?
Mom: They called. You modem died already...
Steffi: Died already?
Mom:'s an old model...they don't even have the spare parts to replace the spoilt ones.
Steffi: *wails*

3.18p, - Called mom.

Mom: Hello?
Steffi: You left the modem there?
Mom: Yeah.
Steffi: I want it back.
Mom: For what?
Steffi: That's my first broadband modem. Memory purposes.
Mom: SIAO! Don't be crazy. At home no more place to put rubbish.
Steffi: T_T Ok...

May my dear modem who has served me for years rest in peace...


Wake Up Chat

In the car on the way to work(mom drove), mom was talking to me about an article in the newspaper...

Mom: I just can't believe it. She actually left her car keys in the ignition and the engine running. Luckily the car auto locked by itself otherwise the whole car will be gone.
Steffi: MMhmmmm..,*looks out of the window*
Mom: I mean, yada yada bla bla pot pet..
Steffi: Ehehehe...(wondering whether she should spill the beans)
Mom: How can anyone leave their keys in the ignition with the car engine running? How can that happen? It's ridiculous...
Steffi: *clears throat* Actually...
Steffi: You are talking to her right now...
Mom: HA?! But at least your car engine wasn't running right?
Steffi: It was running.
Mom: ...WHAT?! Whose car? My car right?
Steffi: Uh...yeah...luckily.
Mom: You are lucky no one drove the car away!
Steffi: Don't think anyone will want your car in the first place... besides, there ain't no one around...
Mom: How did you manage to do that?
Steffi: Bla bla, yada yada...Like that lor...
Mom: ah...

>.< Don't ask me how...Too embarassing.

Yesterday, at the shoe shop.

Steffi: Can I have size 8 please? Seven can't fit...
Staff: *hands over size 8 shoe*
Steffi: The right foot one please...
Staff: *hands over right foot shoe*
Staff: Wah, kaki sakit boleh pakai ke?
Steffi: Sebab kaki sakit baru beli kasut macam ini...
Staff: Hahaha, kaki sakit tapi masih mau cantik lagi...
Steffi: *blushes* (thinking: shaddap. >.< It's not nice wearing slippers to meet clients)
Mom: Yalor...

Hmph. Kepoh sales girl. LOL!

Modem update: Warded into ICU ward. Stay tune for more updates...


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Indicator of Well-Being

Ever since the blackout on Thursday night, I have been unable to connect to the internet. Since I was quite occupied over the weekends, and have access to Internet at work, I didn't really suffer from withdrawal. OK, maybe I did, but not as bad as last time. However, I do not realize that my presence in cyber world is an indicator of my well-being. This was what happened last night:-

Steffi: *sitting on the floor clutching modem* ARGH, GODDAMMIT PLEASE CONNECT!!! *shakes modem in frustration*

Phone rings.

Dad: (from downstairs) GIRL! (phone still ringing)
Steffi: *still on the floor, glaring at modem* MOM!

Heard from upstairs...

Dad: Hello? *beep* Hello? Hello? *beep* Hello?
Steffi: *muttering* Baka oyaji, still dunno how to use the phone properly...Mom probably picked up the phone already.

Continues meddling with cables and evil modem. After a few minutes...

Mom: (from the room) GIRL! Yee chai wants to talk to you! She said that it's so lonely without you online!
Steffi: *rushes to room and grabs the phone*
Steffi: Hello?
Aunt: What happened to you?
Steffi: *Wails loudly* I CAN"T CONNECT TO INTERNET *sniff sob*
Aunt: No know how lonely it is without you online ah? I thought you were sick.
Aunt: When I went online, I was wondering, where's the usual "yo!" from you...
Steffi: HAHA!
Aunt: So I thought maybe you were busy and will come online later. After a while, when I checked MSN, you were still offline! So I did my stuffs again, and when I checked later, still offline!
Aunt: Then I was wondering, maybe you weren't around or something like that, but your cousin (her daughter) told me that she was chatting with you this afternoon.
Steffi: Yeah, I was at work mah. Can access to internet there. Luckily lah, otherwise I would have gone berserk.
Aunt: So I thought that you were critically ill, that's why I called to find out what happened.
Steffi: CHOI! I'm in good health. Minus my retarded ankle.
Aunt: HAHAHA! So, I'll see you when you get your modem to function again then.
Steffi: *sniff sob wails* Bye bye! *puts down phone*

Mom: You see lah...everytime you are not online, yee chai sure call to find out whether you are sick or not.
Steffi: ...
Steffi: it's that bad eh...

To those of you who are wondering about my absence online at night, my modem probably is critically ill. I'll be admitting it to ICU tomorrow. And yeah, I'm perfectly fine and healthy.

And, at work today...

Phone: *ring ring*

Steffi: yada yada good morning...
Client A: Eh, you know ah, this (some goverment dept) requires me to...Ah, wait ah, I fax to you ah...
Steffi: Ok
Client A: I'll call you back!
Steffi: ...ok...

Fax machine : *beep* (means it's receiving incoming fax)
Phone: *ring ring*

Steffi: yada yada good morning...
Client A: So you have received it...
Steffi: Hang on yeah, it's printing now...*goes to fax machine to collect document*
Steffi: It's all black...can't read it...
Client A: EH?! All black ah? Oh! Must be because the background is blue in colour. I should photostat first hor...
Steffi: Yeah...that's right...
Client A: Ok! I'll call back again
Steffi: Haha...sure...

Fax machine : *beep*
Phone: *ring ring*

Steffi: yada yada good morning...
Client A: Hello?
Steffi: Wait ah...the fax machine haven't printed yet...
Client A: Wah, why so slow wan, here said faxed over already..
Steffi: Because the fax machine has to receive all the data first before printing (bullshitting, but hopefully right lah)
Client A: Oh like that ah...

*discussion going on*

Client A: I need it by this week leh.
Steffi: *explains the whole process* If there's no problem, can get it in one day's time. Otherwise, about 5-10 days.
Client A: Cannot, cannot! Really need it by this week.
Steffi: *Exasperated. Look at Guy Boss helplessly. Guy boss laughing in the background* We have no control over's the Registrar of Z (ROZ)after all...
Client: Then you please find other sources to obtain those things.
Steffi: *Wants to bang head. Guy Boss continues laughing* But it's the ROZ we are talking about... -_-|||
Client A: Just please get those things from other sources...
Steffi: *tick appearing on forehead while Guy Boss continues giggling* I will do my best then.

After putting down the phone.

Steffi: WARGH!!! ARGH!!! WHAT SHE MEAN BY "other sources" LAH, THERE"S ONLY ONE ROZ WAT! *wants to bite table*
Boss: Hahaha! We can't do anything about it, just try to get it lah.
Steffi: T_T

Some ppl JUST don't understand, that certain things aren't in our hands. Government departments especially have certain time period for all procedures. You can sulk, throw tantrum, hang yourself but procedures are procedures. If ROZ were to give in to every single ppl, that place will look as if a tornado has just passed by! Grrrr...I think my blood pressure has gone up a lot today.

Note: The name of the real registrar has been replaced purposes.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Where's my mind heading to?

Lady Boss: in Malaysia have u seen toilet rolls that are printed and scented ?
Steffi: Uh...
Steffi: not for wiping backside
Steffi: big ones got lah
Lady Boss: do you know that here(Hong Kong) has it
Lady Boss: scented ones
Steffi: those big hand towels
Steffi: yah, later the butt sensitive to the perfume..
Lady Boss: bum also wants to have nice smell sigh
Steffi: *koffkoff* :D

I so wanted to tell her why...BUTT...:D


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Persistent Old Fogeys

When I was young, momma used to tell me, "Don't open doors for strangers". Now my boss is telling me that. But did I listen? Nooooo…but hey! I have my reasons! I'm not young anymore, right? Secondly, I have no idea how some of our clients look like. So I open the door and ask them, "Yes can I help you?" BIIIIG mistake. Just yesterday, an old Chinese couple rang our office's doorbell. So I open. Asked them what they wanted. And they went on and on about donation for disabled children's home. And I declined and declined. Conversation was in malay. Wonder why. The lady was pretty aggressive. I had to put my foot against the door to stop her from coming in. Just when I told her that there wasn't anyone in, the guy who rents a small room in our office's mother came out of the toilet. On seeing another lady here, she pushed her way in and went straight at her, and proceeded to disturb the other guy as well. Then, he told her that he's just working here and that she should talk to the boss (MY Guy Boss who wasn't in).

I told her that there wasn't anyone in as she can see for herself (this time in Cantonese). Had the nerve to tell me that she thought I was a Malay…She insisted on going into my workplace (a bigger room where all the staff is at) and started opening the door. MAN! THAT"S TOO MUCH! >.< I slammed the door shut and told her that she can't go in! then I tried getting them out. Then she continued bugging me to donate while her hubby or whoever it is wave the receipt like book under my nose. She went on and on about how I don't have a heart (howcome she left that guy alone so easily and won't stop bugging me ah?). Then I told her exasperatingly that I myself have to eat bread for lunch! (Not lying, really ate bread for lunch on that day). She said, "So charm wan meh, earn so little…" I answered," Yalah…memang earn little." Of course she thought that I was lying lah, not that I care. BUT they left. THANK GOD. After that I got lectured by both my boss and the other guy about letting strangers in, and I was thinking, "Asshole, was hoping you help me halau them, instead, push the problem back to me…"

Anyway, I have decided that I'll carry my knife with me when I open the door next time. No matter who that is. Haha, boss seems to be checking who is at the door quite often today…paranoid already. I've just discovered that when I'm pissed, I can actually speak Malay or Cantonese more fluently…than the usual stuttering that I do…hm…

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Snippets of Conversations


Boss:'s five already...time to go home.
Steffi: *Ignores and continues typing*
Boss: *meddle with this and that*
Steffi: Can you please sign here?
Boss: Ok. Oh, there are errors here.
Steffi: Ah? Sorry, I'll correct it. *type type...print*
(after a while)
Steffi: Ok, done. Can sign now.
Boss: Ok. Eh? I thought their bank is bla bla bla...
Steffi: Eh? (checks) That fella ah, give me all the wrong info (yeah yeah, put the blame on the client's right hand woman) *type type...print*
Boss: *waits in front of printer, grabs documents and sign*
Steffi: *raises eyebrow* (Boss has never done that before. Boss must have wanted to go back badly)
Boss: Ok, nah...
Steffi: Tq...

Friends comment regarding the above situation during dinner:

Friend M: Pity your boss lah, got an employee like you.
Steffi: Got lots of work mah since lady boss not around, I just want his signature. Luckily yesterday he wasn't at work, so could OT.


Steffi: Somehow, that doesn't sound right.
Friend C: Exactly. If my boss wasn't around, I'd have left immediately when it was time to go home.
Steffi: LOL


Friend M: I have this nice movie on dvd to watch. It's about bla bla bla (I can't remember the title).
Steffi: Hmmm...not that I don't want to, but...not that free...unless weekend lah...Pathetic, huh? No social life...
Friend M: That's why I'm trying to help you.
Steffi: But...I don't see how...
Friend M: It's better than coming back home from work, and then sleep.
Steffi: I don't, I watch anime alone.
Friend M: That's why lah, watch the dvd
Steffi: But how does it help...Isn't it the same thing as watching anime?
Friend M:...does watching it together ever came into your mind.
Steffi: OH! mean watch together...
Friend C: Work doesn't suit you...
Steffi: Why?
Friend C: Look at what work did to you...

1) The words in the conversations above may not be exactly the same as the actual one. I admit, I have a very bad memory.
2) No, I'm not a workaholic. Some things have deadlines. I can't afford to pay the penalty if it is overdue.


Element: u know wat
Steffi: ?
Element: pretty boy n gay boy's msn nicks are right on top of each other now
Steffi: ...
Steffi: ELEMENT!
Element: bcoz gay boy changed his nick
Element: huh?
Element: wat so dirty?
Element: its jus msn nickname
Element i mean he changed his msn that thier nicknames are on top of each other
Steffi: "on top of each other"
Element: ..
Element: thats YOUR dirty mind
Element: not mine
Steffi: :P

Steffi: how did i acquire this mostoe bite?
Element: from a mostoe
Steffi: when there's no mostoe around?
Element: there mus be a hidden one
Steffi: above the desk?
Steffi: Element
Steffi: i don't masturbate in office
Element: huh
Element: wat does mostoe hav to do with tat?
Steffi: u said hidden, logically, that would be under the desk, but what's my right hand dong under the desk?
Element: i mean the mostoe is hidden
Element: so wat does tat hav to do with ur hands?
Steffi: mostoe must come in contact with skin to bite my hand right
Element: uh yea, so?
Element: maybe u din notice it
Steffi: that's one super invisble mostoe then
Steffi: must spray

(1)Actual names have been replaced.
(2)This is taken from an actual chat, with Element's permission.
(3)I'm not perverted.
(4)I don't masturbate.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Today, was a really busy busy day. Since Lady Boss is in Hong Kong, I communicate with her via Yahoo Messenger. The following is an excerpt taken from the chat (at least what I can remember lah):

Steffi: These directors ah, fly here, fly there, so susah only. Always need to prepare the documents in a rush for them to sign before they fly off...
Lady Boss: Hehe...
Steffi: Luckily Client A doesn't fly around...
Lady Boss: You should be wishing that she flies away...
Steffi: Actually, it'll be better if she flies away...(message was sent one second after hers)
Lady Boss: Yeah...haha.

(half an hour later, Client A called)

Client A: yak yak yak
Steffi: yak yak yak (puts down phone)

(back to Yahoo Messenger) know what I said about Client A flying? I wish she did...
Lady Boss: LOL...(and so on and so forth).

And since momma isn't around, there ain't no dinner at home. So me dad and I went to SS2 Glutton Square (wai sek kai) to have dinner. We ordered porridge. Then, my dad sauntered off somewhere, to order steamed soup. This was what happened after that, conversation is in cantonese:

Porridge woman: Ei? Where's the customer?
Friend: who?
Porridge woman: There, that husband and wife (leong kung po).
Steffi: *raises eyebrow*
Porridge woman: Where's that husband and wife ah? He told me that he's sitting here.
Steffi:...*wonders whether she should say anything*
Porridge woman: *clicking her tongue and sighed*
Steffi: Excuse me, are those two bowls mine?
Porridge woman: Ah! There you are...haha, I've forgotten where you sit (was diagonally in front of her).
Steffi: *grins* it's ok...(she started speaking in mandarin. Being a banana, Steffi just mumbled and nods). I look that old? My dad is 50++ and I'm 22. Or does she think that I'm a young wifey? *cries*

I won't eat from you anymore *glares at porridge woman*.

Then, we went to the clinic (dad wanted to see the doc). Convo in the car (in English this time, of course):

Dad: You can go to Jaya to shop around while I go to the clinic and then to the barber.
Steffi: Ok
Dad: You carrying your hand bag...
Steffi: Yeah...
Dad: Why?!
Steffi: Then where to keep my things?
Dad: Where's your IC?
Steffi: In my bag...
Dad: WHY?!
Steffi: Do you see any pockets?
Dad: ...ok lah. I won't go to the barber. You wait for me in the clinic
Steffi: Sure...

Paranoid. Of course, I understand what he's implying also lah. I've seen a girl entering the clinic with her shoulders bleeding. All because of a snatch thief who snatched her bag and she fell. Luckily, her BF was with her.

Just the other day, on Merdeka day (yes, I managed to wake up in the morning, no, I didn't suffer from hangover) at Megamall, I saw many many guys holding their GF's handbag. An unusual sight for me. I was wondering aloud as to why this was happening. Then my mom said, " Guys stronger mah, the snatch thief will think twice before snatching the handbag away from them." Right...Never thought of that. But it was sweet of them. Then I said to me mom, "Heh, dad wouldn't even hold the handbag for 30 seconds..." Mom didn't comment. LOL! Next time I should try asking my dad...though I'm 90% sure that he'll refuse. :D

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