Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Indicator of Well-Being

Ever since the blackout on Thursday night, I have been unable to connect to the internet. Since I was quite occupied over the weekends, and have access to Internet at work, I didn't really suffer from withdrawal. OK, maybe I did, but not as bad as last time. However, I do not realize that my presence in cyber world is an indicator of my well-being. This was what happened last night:-

Steffi: *sitting on the floor clutching modem* ARGH, GODDAMMIT PLEASE CONNECT!!! *shakes modem in frustration*

Phone rings.

Dad: (from downstairs) GIRL! (phone still ringing)
Steffi: *still on the floor, glaring at modem* MOM!

Heard from upstairs...

Dad: Hello? *beep* Hello? Hello? *beep* Hello?
Steffi: *muttering* Baka oyaji, still dunno how to use the phone properly...Mom probably picked up the phone already.

Continues meddling with cables and evil modem. After a few minutes...

Mom: (from the room) GIRL! Yee chai wants to talk to you! She said that it's so lonely without you online!
Steffi: *rushes to room and grabs the phone*
Steffi: Hello?
Aunt: What happened to you?
Steffi: *Wails loudly* I CAN"T CONNECT TO INTERNET *sniff sob*
Aunt: No wonder...you know how lonely it is without you online ah? I thought you were sick.
Aunt: When I went online, I was wondering, where's the usual "yo!" from you...
Steffi: HAHA!
Aunt: So I thought maybe you were busy and will come online later. After a while, when I checked MSN, you were still offline! So I did my stuffs again, and when I checked later, still offline!
Aunt: Then I was wondering, maybe you weren't around or something like that, but your cousin (her daughter) told me that she was chatting with you this afternoon.
Steffi: Yeah, I was at work mah. Can access to internet there. Luckily lah, otherwise I would have gone berserk.
Aunt: So I thought that you were critically ill, that's why I called to find out what happened.
Steffi: CHOI! I'm in good health. Minus my retarded ankle.
Aunt: HAHAHA! So, I'll see you when you get your modem to function again then.
Steffi: *sniff sob wails* Bye bye! *puts down phone*

Mom: You see lah...everytime you are not online, yee chai sure call to find out whether you are sick or not.
Steffi: ...
Steffi: it's that bad eh...

To those of you who are wondering about my absence online at night, my modem probably is critically ill. I'll be admitting it to ICU tomorrow. And yeah, I'm perfectly fine and healthy.

And, at work today...

Phone: *ring ring*

Steffi: yada yada good morning...
Client A: Eh, you know ah, this (some goverment dept) requires me to...Ah, wait ah, I fax to you ah...
Steffi: Ok
Client A: I'll call you back!
Steffi: ...ok...

Fax machine : *beep* (means it's receiving incoming fax)
Phone: *ring ring*

Steffi: yada yada good morning...
Client A: So you have received it...
Steffi: Hang on yeah, it's printing now...*goes to fax machine to collect document*
Steffi: It's all black...can't read it...
Client A: EH?! All black ah? Oh! Must be because the background is blue in colour. I should photostat first hor...
Steffi: Yeah...that's right...
Client A: Ok! I'll call back again
Steffi: Haha...sure...

Fax machine : *beep*
Phone: *ring ring*

Steffi: yada yada good morning...
Client A: Hello?
Steffi: Wait ah...the fax machine haven't printed yet...
Client A: Wah, why so slow wan, here said faxed over already..
Steffi: Because the fax machine has to receive all the data first before printing (bullshitting, but hopefully right lah)
Client A: Oh like that ah...

*discussion going on*

Client A: I need it by this week leh.
Steffi: *explains the whole process* If there's no problem, can get it in one day's time. Otherwise, about 5-10 days.
Client A: Cannot, cannot! Really need it by this week.
Steffi: *Exasperated. Look at Guy Boss helplessly. Guy boss laughing in the background* We have no control over this...it's the Registrar of Z (ROZ)after all...
Client: Then you please find other sources to obtain those things.
Steffi: *Wants to bang head. Guy Boss continues laughing* But it's the ROZ we are talking about... -_-|||
Client A: Just please get those things from other sources...
Steffi: *tick appearing on forehead while Guy Boss continues giggling* I will do my best then.

After putting down the phone.

Steffi: WARGH!!! ARGH!!! WHAT SHE MEAN BY "other sources" LAH, THERE"S ONLY ONE ROZ WAT! *wants to bite table*
Boss: Hahaha! We can't do anything about it, just try to get it lah.
Steffi: T_T

Some ppl JUST don't understand, that certain things aren't in our hands. Government departments especially have certain time period for all procedures. You can sulk, throw tantrum, hang yourself but procedures are procedures. If ROZ were to give in to every single ppl, that place will look as if a tornado has just passed by! Grrrr...I think my blood pressure has gone up a lot today.

Note: The name of the real registrar has been replaced for...er...confidential purposes.

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At 9:30 AM, Blogger Jyrenze said...

I would like to see your bosses face if you bite the table in front of him

At 2:26 PM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

jyrenze: I would love to see too, but my teeth ain't strong enough.

At 9:39 PM, Blogger Eng said...

we can always get a miniature tables


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