Saturday, July 16, 2005

What IS the point of writing this blog?!

I can't find my wooden comb. I miss it very much T_T No, it's not that kind of affection one has for his/her wet blanket. I'm just fed up of my hair sticking out when I use the plastic comb because of the static that was generated. I dislike getting zapped by the screws on the photostating machine as well. HAS ANYONE SEEN MY WOODEN COMB?! Please come back....T___T

It's 2.40a.m in the morning and I'm supposed to be asleep. But here I am, taking a break from my assignment as I am suffering from writer's block. Maybe I should spend my time thinking of what excuses to give the lecturer tomorrow. Or maybe I should just go to bed. Yeah...good idea. Goodnite Tuatha. Goodnite, Piggy. Goodnite, Steffi.



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