Monday, June 13, 2005

Painful day...

Today was a really painful day. Sore throat. Body started aching. Ankle getting worse. June is a seriously bad month for me. It all started on Friday...

Thank god it's Friday, right? RIGHT! Was supposed to have dinner with a friend that night. But guess what mom bought back home? DURIANS! Although I knew I will be having dinner with my friend, I finished a packet of durians...D24 durians...WHO CAN RESIST?! Then after that, I for dinner. YAH! I ACTUALLY FINISHED MY PORTION. PIG!

On Saturday, went to college, collected photos, had lunch at Kim Gary Pyramid with Pun Pun, Kit Kit and Philip. Watched Ghost Train after that. You know what? I'm never taking night trains anymore. Then followed my sis to Cyberjaya and had dinner at ANW (my "and" sign isn't working).

Sunday. Had dim sum for breakfast because we thought lunch was gonna be late. Was supposed to have tea buffet for Father's Day Celebration (I have classes next week, so we celebrated earlier). But the hotel's definition of tea is 12pm -5pm. Went to megamall, shopped and then head for the hotel. Not bad. Ate a lot. Ate too much. Over ate. Mussels, smoke salmon, etc...but no oysters. *Sigh* Nevermind, shall look for one with oysters next time. Throat was already sore, but I still ate spicy stuffs. Had dinner with ex-classmates, Teckiee, Wai Kit (Chan), LT, Annette, Wei Chin and my anime supplier, Clarence. Ate maggie mee goreng which was spicy as well. Really am an idiot, aren't I?

Monday morning. Throat very sore. Took medicine and bought cough drops. Don't seem to be working though. I guess I abused my body too much. And now I'm paying the price for it. T_T



At 10:41 PM, Blogger Eng said...

serve you rite for not taking care of yourself...



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