Thursday, June 09, 2005


Eto...yesterday was Wednesday...Nothing much happened. Except that I learnt that working for two bosses is really, really hard.

Today. Er...Thursday. Right? Morning was as usual. Had lunch with Wei Chin. WEI CHIN! COME AND HAVE LUNCH WITH ME MORE OFTEN! Guy Boss' son came today as well. Pity I was too busy to play with him. At least he was busy helping his father photostat things as well...He fell asleep on the chair though. KAWAII! SO CUTE! But still refused to go back. Later on, he was meddling with my drawers...I assumed he wanted to play with the Polly Pocket that I kept in my drawer, but when I asked him, he denied, although his hand was still on the drawer handle. AHAHAHAHA! When I looked at him again, he was on the floor playing with the Polly Pocket. Had to hide my smile behind the documents I was holding as I found it really funny. I brought the toy for my Lady Boss' daughter to play, but ended up, the Guy Boss' son was the one playing with it.

I was thinking, maybe I should bring a "boy's" toy for the Lady Boss' daughter to play. But the only "boy's" toy that I have is a remote control Viper car. I don't think my bosses will be happy if a small silver remote controlled car goes zipping around on the office floor...I won't be happy either if it gets stepped on. -_-



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