Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I have lots of stuffs to complain about today! Firstly, when you are entering someone's room to do something, acknowledge them if you know that they are awake. Don't just sneak in quietly and do nothing/say nothing and then stare...It's freaky, especially in the dark and when the person inside has four eyes! Mom came into the room yesterday to check one me (I was napping) and she wanted to check if the windows were open. I turned around, saw a silhouette there. It wasn't moving, wasn't speaking and it was just standing there (at this point of time, my imagination started running wild). Only after I called out to her did my mom moved and responded. MAN! It was like those Hong Kong dramas, where the assassin enters the room to kill his target who's on the hospital bed...

Next, don't eat at Cengkih in Desa Sri Hartamas. Unless you don't mind spending much on mediocre food. Malay chap fan (mixed rice). Eight bucks for curry chicken, sotong kerabu and ikan bilis plus a glass of teh o ice limau. Not very delicious either. Plus that shop is cursed. First time there, and I got skinned by the tongs there. That piece of my finger's skin is sticking out akwardly. Just when I have decided not to cut it off (don't like that sensitive feeling you get when the skin's not there), the photostating machine decided to rip it off. Don't ask me how. Now, to get good food, the place to go to is Spicy Restaurant(mamak shop). The food's great, the milo ais is good and the price is ok as well. Plus it's clean. Flattened flies on table makes one loses his/her appetite.

Next, be more considerate on the road. I don't appreciate getting heart attack early in the morning. Why can't they just obey the rules T_T I'm not a goody two shoes either, but as I said, please think of the others.

Today seems to be a highly static day. Came to office, after a while, noticed that the skirt was sticking to my legs. Was de-staticfying by leaning against the wooden cabinet while waiting for the water to boil. Now, it's sticking to my legs again. Guess I'll have to de-staticfy by sitting on the wooden chair...

Urgh, enough for today...Back to work.

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At 10:08 PM, Blogger YSLim said...

you watch too much of anime liao la!
some more can imagine about the assassin, haha! nowaday seldom watch Hong Kong movies, because just is kind like "unmeaningful" show.....


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