Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Good News, Bad News, Bad Memory

The good news throat is feeling a lot better than yesterday. The bad news? I have been sneezing a few times today...Darn. Good news? Got to watch Saiyuki Gunlock ep. 6 today. Bad news? I don't have ep. 7 yet. Besides taking lots of cough drops yesterday, and having ham with bread for breakfast, grilled fish for lunch and cup noodles for dinner, I can't remember what happened. Which shows how bad my memory is. I think both my bosses realize now just how bad my memory is. My processor is like a Pentium II's processor. My boss probably knows better than I do on what I have done and what I haven't done. Which is the reason, why there are so many yellow stick on notes on my computer and table. I really have to take B Complex to boost my memory before I forget my name...

However, I realize that I have VERY good memory when it comes to anime. Or any other stuffs which are not related to work or studies. Odd eh? I guess I have to put more effort in remembering things from now on. Memory, in my working line, is very important. Haih.

Anyway, the day started off fine, with the exception of one big sneeze before I left the house. And I wasn't late, which was good. Brought my darling earl grey tea with me today. Definitely relaxing and soothing :D shall bring more next time. Work sure is getting tougher. Lunch was expensive T_T Shan't eat there anymore. Well, maybe once in a while. Must stick to my budget!

Wypun installed yahoo in her office today. YAY! One more chat fren to chat with! Good to have you both on yahoo, Pun Pun, Kit Kit! See you guys tomorrow!



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