Saturday, June 25, 2005

Food Review!!!

I shall continue torturing Prakash. :D FOOD REVIEW! The day is...Friday. Yup. Shan't write about the other two days (or was it three?) coz I've forgotten what has happened. Work was as usual. Torturous. ^-^ It's one of those days where I will start acting like Sakura from Naruto anime. Smiling on the outside while listening to boss lecturing while imagining myself banging his head with a large hammer. LOL! But anyway, I met Pun Pun for dinner today. PENANG VILLAGE! Ain't a bad place. Nice ambience. Folks there were nice too, although there was one sissy waiter there. In fact, he told me where to buy animes from in Singapore. O.o According to Pun Pun, the food there isn't too bad. I have to agree. I ordered Beef Rendang set. What they gave was a HUGE plate (and I mean the plate) with a small bowl of beef rendang. Contents of the plate? Rice pressed nicely in square shape, two prawns (probably for decoration) sambal and salad (you know, those kind of sourish salad that has cucumber, pineapple, onions, etc) and ikan bilis. Really small ikan bilis. Nice presentation. Taste? Not bad...just nice. Not too much herbs either, so it's not overpowering. Quantity? I actually felt a little hungry an hour later, but I guess I'm just being greedy. =D About the price...hmm...definitely not cheap, but not too expensive either. Uh, I didn't keep the receipt so I can't remember the price. Probably around RM10.00-RM13.00 Is that right, Pun Pun? She'll probably know better than me. Then I got a crazy phone call from a crazy friend who came back from Aussie. Thought that he was an Indian man talking in Tamil at first, but realised it was him after his "Bon jour" greeting (There you go, Shaunie!). Had light snack with Wai Kit at Giant after that (I told you the beef rendang wasn't filling enough). The carrot and ginger soup there was a bit lumpy...I think they have already pre-prepared it and kept it in the freezer, then take it out and heat it up before serving to the customers. I just hope it's not spoilt.

As for today, was having Malaysian Taxation class till 5.30 pm. After that, went to Megamall because sis wanna buy specs from Focus Point. I'm telling ya...DON"T ORDER KOREAN FOOD FROM THE FOOD COURT THERE! So disappointing. I ordered Spicy Beef Soup with rice...what I got was lots of vege, radish and garnishing, but almost no beef at all. It looks as if it was the remnants of a big chunk of beef that has been shaped nicely (er, think of how they take one piece of jade, then carve it to shape it into something beautiful. The beef that I got was equivalent to those unwanted parts of the jade, the remnants). And I paid RM9.98 for it. Sakit hati...It's like those Old English days, when the poor goes into the dining hall to eat the leftover food that the rich had for dinner...except that I paid for mine. *Sigh*

Went into Animetech after that. Felt uneasy. My hands were itching to grab the dvds, tear open the wrappers, hug them and while glaring at the sales ppl there, yell, "MINE! THEY ARE ALL MINE! EVEN THE MERCHANDISE! MINE MINE MINE!" I just can't help it T_T The magnetic powers of the dvds and merchandise there are just too strong. And I'm weak. Bought a few photo frames after that so that I can display them in office. =D College mates photos. =D You know who you are... ;Þ Must clear my table first, though. Too many papers and files. Sure miss the good ol' days (minus assignments and exams).



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