Friday, October 28, 2005


It's been a long time since I've last posted, partly because I was lazy, and the other part, was busy translating. Yes, I have been translating a "Nota Panduan" on how to fill in tax forms from Malay to English. It's amazing, the way they write the guide notes. At some points, I thought I have come to a dead end. It's not easy to translate when you don't even understand what they are talking about in the first place. *Sigh* Even then, I still think doing the translation was good in a way. After leaving college, I have not practiced my Malay language much, and was quite rusty, and by doing the translations, I have somehow re-acquainted myself with the Malay language.

I have just realized exactly how money faced I am after starting work. I seem to be worrying about money issue quite often lately, and even had a nightmare on foreign exchange about a week ago. Definitely wasn't nice. Not only that, because I had lost my MC and medical receipt, I also had nightmare on that matter on the same night. Needless to say, I felt really tired the next day. Being an adult isn't nice at all, eh?

Thank god for my bosses, I'll be having the whole of next week off, so I'll be in Singapore. This means that I will need someone to babysit my fishes for me. On Thursday night, I had to transport my "sea of fishes" to my cousin's house. It was definitely a big mission! The car ride to my cousin's house was the longest one I ever had (from SS1 to Subang Jaya). I didn't care if the water spilled out a bit. I was afraid that the fishes might be accidentally thrown out of their bowls. Fortunately, the mission was a success. I'm missing them now. Haih.

Now that I have started working, holidays seem to be so much more precious. I'm definitely going to enjoy myself to the max in Singapore. I'll be leaving tomorrow, so see you guys on the 7th of November! Oh, and HAPPY DEEPAVALI & SELAMAT HARI RAYA!


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fried Rainbow, the Fish who Lived!

It all started when my lady boss bought a mini fountain for the office. It was a nice little fountain, with a mist-maker added to it. Lately, because of the dengue craze that has been going around, Guy Boss thought that it'll be good to keep a fish in it. For some odd reason, it has become my duty to go fish hunting and later on, taking care of the fish. So, I found Rainbow, a Betta Splenden (Siamese fighting fish) in a shop at One Utama.

My bosses (I don't know which one, I was having breakfast at that time) happily dumped Rainbow into the fountain. A few hours later, I thought I saw a small lump of blue on the carpet, but I assumed that it was part of the carpet. I checked the table the fountain was on, to make sure that the fish didn't jump out. My bettas have never jumped before. Later on, my Lady boss came in screaming that my fish is dead on the floor…turns out the blue lump was Rainbow…because it was drying up, the colour changed and it was the same colour as the carpet…Guy Boss picked it up and dumped it back into the fountain. I was not satisfied though. I decided to put it in a clear glass vase for observation. Only then did I realize that the water was too warm for the fish to live in. No doubt bettas live in warm water (paddy fields), the water in the fountain was too warm because of the mist maker. Poor Rainbow. I quickly fished him out, and put him into the vase…and he survived. Rainbow is now living comfortably in a pretty home. From then onwards, he was renamed, Fried Rainbow, the Fish Who Lived.

I have, at home, two crazy fishes in a nice tank. One is a platy and one more is a disco (glassfish) fish. Both are supposed to be social fishes, friendly and compatible with other fishes. Mine however…are murderers. My mom and I decided to put in a pair of guppies to see how they got along with each other. Disco decided to chase it around while Psycho Platy just looked at us, pretending not to see the new guppies. Odd. It was the Psycho Platy that normally chases other fishes. Looks like Disco learnt that from Psycho Platy. I was telling my mom, "Psycho Platy will wait till you are gone before he kills them." Mom didn't believe me. She didn't think that fishes are that smart. So we went for a nap. When checked the tank a few hours later…the guppies were missing. They were too small to jump out too. Hopefully they didn't get sucked into the filter…I don’t' think that's possible actually. The holes are too small. However, my sister thought that she saw something that resembles the guppies eyes in Disco's stomach…(Disco is transparent, his innards can be seen). MURDERERS! We can only assume that Disco and Psycho Platy had them for tea break. So much for being friendly…*sigh* People at the pet shop had a hard time believing us when we told them how aggressive our fishes are, since theirs are living in harmony with other fishes. After two days, the assumed guppy in Disco's stomach is gone. I think they really ate the guppies. T_T MURDERERS!


Thursday, October 06, 2005

What's it like being 22...

Birthday fell on a working day. Was fine with that. Work was fine, nothing troublesome. It was after work that hell started... My original plan was to pick my sister up from her university after work and then proceed to Sunway Pyramid to have dinner with my friends. So it was Sri Hartamas ---> Petaling Jaya ---> Sunway ---> Puchong ---> Cyberjaya and then Cyberjaya ---> Puchong ---> Sunway. Sounds simple eh? From Sri Hartamas to Petaling Jaya was okay. From Petaling Jaya AAAALLLLL the way to Cyberjaya was a nightmare. It took me two and a half hours to reach Cyberjaya, from Sri Hartamas. My ankle has officially died. And it only took less than half an hour to reach Sunway Pyramid from Cyberjaya. What crap... Of course, meeting up with friends compensated for the torture I had to go through *grin grin* Thanks for the dinner. :D

And the next morning, one day after turning 22...The first thing I saw was a dragonfly on the floor, trying to lift off. That was ok. Nothing wrong with that. Though I accidentally stepped on its wings after that. As I was closing the gate, I saw a dog poo outside my gate. I stared at it in horror for a few seconds, then quickly check the base of my shoes for any brown alien stuff... THERE ARE SO MANY GATES THERE!!! WHY MY HOUSE?! Then, while driving, I saw a roadkill. Dead cat with two legs up in the air...the other two are prob on the road. Urgh...If this is what being 22 is like, I don't think I really like it...

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


My friend, Haze, gave us both (Fire and I) a quiz to do...Only people with corrupted minds will understand the conversation =D

[12:13] Steffi: Fire did it oredi?
[12:13] Fire: aahhahahah
[12:13] Haze: yea
[12:13] Haze: hahaha

[11:54] Haze: aiseh
[11:55] Haze: i tot u were thinking something pervy
[11:55] Steffi: ...
[11:55] Steffi: since u were expecting
[11:55] Steffi: how can i disappoint..
[11:55] Steffi: Eh
[11:55] Steffi: NO
[11:55] Steffi: U AREN"T EXPECTING
[11:55] Haze: ....
[11:55] Haze: AHAHHAHAAA

And once upon a time at Gentings, while we were getting ready to descend…

Steffi: *sigh* It's gonna be so hot down there…
Friends: *laughing their asses out*
Steffi: huh?

Took me a few minutes to realize what my mistake was…

I try to be more careful now, but it still happens just like that. *sigh*

Do the following situations happen to you too?

Situation 1
Eating dinner at coffee shop. We(dad, sis and I) went there for the duck rice, that coffee shop has "tai chow" or Big Fry also. The Tai Chow fella approached us to ask if we wanted any vege.

Dad: Want vege or not?
Sis and I: Don't want.
Dad to TC Fella: What do you have?
Dad: What you all want ah? This vege or that vege?
Sis and Steffi: -_- up to you.

Situation 2
Eating dinner at coffee shop. Waitress came to ask what drinks we want.

Dad: What drinks do you want?
Steffi: *opens mouth*
Dad to waitress: One teapot of *insert tea name here*
Steffi: ...WAIT WAIT! I don't want to drink tea!

So tell me, just what exactly is the point of asking in the first place?

Situation 3
This is an sms communication.

Dad: It's raining heavily now. Later when you go home, don't drive so fast
Steffi: Yalah, I know. I'll drive moderately fast.
Dad: No, you drive safely, not moderately fast.

Should I answer,"Ok, I'll drive moderately fast safely" ? Wonder what would his reply be...

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Yare yare desu ne...

Firstly, regarding my previous post, I have no idea how accurate that way of measuring a guy's little brother is. One of my more "matured" friends claimed that it's true. And also, the circumference of the guy's little brother is the same as the "O" shape formed when the guy makes that "OK" sign. :P Er...and then again, I'm not too sure how true this is. Anyone care to confirm? =D Guys? XP

As for today, ate lunch at new Japanese restaurant. Promotion, one Moriawase set (all the expensive raw fish and octopus) for RM5. Normal price, RM35. Not bad. The fish was fresh. The only complaint I have about my lunch there is their green tea. It's like drinking odd tasting green coloured water. Or mebbe it's just me. I'm pretty picky about my cuppa tea. Got chatted up by the male gender of the human race there, nice chap, sitting next to me. Even exchanged cards. When I found out that his company's doing the same thing as mine, the "enemy ahead" alarm went off and all imaginary canons and bazookas were pointing at him. And when he said, "Hope to see you around." I was thinking, I'd say the same to you too, if you were 45 yrs younger...Pity, pity. Should have asked him if he has a son...kekekekekeke

Right after having a nice meal...I had to help my boss carry the printer to the office. Was wondering why he needed my help...until I saw the monster, FujiXerox DocuPrint C525 A...I almost lost my fingers, helping him carry the printer. It's a pretty intelligent printer, the only thing that it's lacking is the ability to talk. Again, what a pity. I'd have someone to talk to if it could. Now, excuse me while I and my boss play with the new toy. Maybe I should name it Naruto...