Friday, March 31, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Special Post of the day! Dedicated to Mitches...

Happy Birthday Micchy! I know I'm a day late. Sorry yeah, was busy yesterday...Oh yeah, Colin said Happy Birthday too (he doesn't have your contact). ^-^ Erm, what else ah, I hope you get lots of pressies. Eto...enjoy yourself tonight, ya? Cheers!


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Another Sunday Morning…& Night

On Saturday night, after my class, my family and I went shopping at Megamall. It was a long time since I’ve been there. Naturally, we shopped until it was closing time. This morning, on the way to breakfast before college…

Dad: Eh, I tell you ah, last night, there was this “chikopek”…
Steffi: *I knew where this was heading to already*
Dad: He was staring at you, you know! *going into protective father mode. How to get bf like that lah, haih*
Steffi: Really? I didn’t notice.
Dad: What lar! He’s around 30 something, already got girlfriend, still go and stare! Grumble, grumble, pot, pet…
Steffi: Aiyah, mom! You see lah! This is what I get after changing hairstyle! Why always from the wrong category wan…SAME CATEGORY AS THE PUG!!!


So, it was class all the way till 5pm, and after that, I had to attend my aunt’s housewarming at a really nice (posh) gated community (er, is that what you call those so-called high security housing area where the houses inside has no gates?), so I was quite tired by the time I got home. After charging my camera’s battery, I wanted to put the camera back into the casing. Instead, I took the camera, took my wallet and opened it to put the camera in. -_-||| Naturally, it can’t fit. I guess this shows how tired I really am. Well, goodnight!

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

NOOoooooooo… T_T

I’m seriously beginning to think that the world is watching the weighing scale when I step on it. It’s not fair! All I did was put on a little weight and everyone starts commenting about it...

This morning at work, I was at the counter (something like a pantry) boiling water to make my usual morning cup of tea. TEA…not coffee. I’m addicted to tea. Our office cleaning lady was behind me, vacuuming the floor when she suddenly spoke to me…

(Conversation was in Malay)

Makcik: Eh, you are quite big already ah...
Steffi: *froze in shock* Uh…
Makcik: Bigger, compared to when you first came here…
Steffi: *all sorts of thoughts were swirling in my head* I guess...I’m fatter now...
Makcik: Eh, no, no! I mean taller! Bigger! *makes the bigger-sized hand gestures*
Steffi: T_T *Bigger, it means that I grew sideways also, right?* Eh, that’s not possible. I’m already 2* (HAH! Not gonna tell ya) years old this year. I can’t grow any taller anymore.
Makcik: Yes ar...looks like you’ve grown bigger…
Steffi: T____T *ENOUGH ENOUGH!*

I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing after that. The pressure to lose weight is even more now. Haih.


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Morning

It was all my fault. I knew that I was going to have class today, and yet I slept really EARLY this morning at 1.30a.m. Needless to say, it was really difficult to wake up at 7.15a.m. this morning. Anyway, when mom asked where would we want to go for breakfast, my syster mentioned the shop where the "Pug" waiter worked at. Remember the Pug waiter from previous post? I wasn't too happy to hear her reply, but since my sis seldom gets to eat out (she stays at the uni campus), I agreed.

When we reached there, I noticed that the Pug was busy washing cups in the kitchen. Phew! I sneaked into the shop and ordered my breakfast. However, while I was halfway eating, Pug walked past my table, noticed me and turned around to stare. Talk about being obvious! I pretended that I didn't see thatand continued talking to my famikly members. Inwardly, I was tensed and you could actually see an imaginary red siren going off!

About ten minutes later, just before we left (I ate in a hurry after that) he did that again. This time, even my mom and sis noticed it. Aiyeeeee!!! Don't be like that lah...I want to enjoy the food there!!

We dropped my sis off at home before going to my college. My college is situated in an area wheret he darker skinned people dominates. Of course, being half asleep, my brain wasn't interpreting words correctly.

Mom: The lighting here is so bad that it will be so dark here at night.
Dad: Yeah...
Mom: You'd only be able to see teeth floating around at night (for some odd reason, the darker skinned people have really nice white teeth. I'm so envious!)
Steffi: Tits?! Why would you see tits... (starts imagining "Public Relations Officers" walking around without wearing bra at night)
Mom: Uh...yeah...Teeths...
Steffi:...OH! Teeths! HAHAHA! I thought you said tits, you know, those "pelacur"
Dad: Oh my god, your mind ah!!!
Mom: (laughing hysterically)
Steffi: But that's because mom didn't pronounced it properly...It sounded like tits!

And our conversation ended there as I have reached my college. ^-^

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Gym - The latest craze?

I was surprised. I was baffled. I never knew my friends were interested in joining the gym before this. One by one, they tell me that they have joined the gym/going to join the gym. I was adamant to be different. They can go ahead and join the gym, and I will stay at home and rot. However, when Sugi told me that I could go and try out for "FREE" I agreed immediately. Afterall, we could go shopping after that right? RIGHT? That's one thing good about the gym. It's in the mall. Not good for the wallet though.

Absurd Point Number One
The first thing I had to do when I entered the gym was to answer a few questions by the consultant. Really silly questions with obvious answers. Couldn't help being sarcastic with him. There was even one question which asked, "Is there anybody who will stop you from coming to the gym" to which Sugi answered, "She herself." Thanks a lot Sugi Wugi. I added in, "And the Lazy Bug as well." He also asked me, whether I have any fitness goal in my life, which I answered, "No." It was a lie. Then he asked, "Not even losing weight?" That *****!!! Was he INSULTING me?! I answered again, "No." It was a big fat lie. He said, "Wow, this is the first time I have heard of such an answer!" Well, this is probably the first time someone had lied about it then. That's for insulting me. The consultant was nice, so I felt a little guilty for altering my handphone number on the questionnaire...:P

After keeping our bags in the locker (nice locker rooms + shower rooms + dressing rooms + toilets + sauna etc), we decided to stretch a bit before going onto this machine called, as mentioned in Sugi's blog, cross trainer. I don't know how to describe it well. You just go walking while bobbing up and down and there are handles for you to hold too. Ah, nevermind. Anyway, the way to start this machine is to walk/bob and then press those nice buttons they have on the machine to set the time and level. It's really silly. I found it absurd to press the buttons while bobbing up and down, especially when you don't know what those buttons are for, and have to concentrate harder to select the settings - Absurd Point Number Two. Fortunately, Sugi Wugi saved the day and did those for me. In front of rows and rows of different machines, there was a line of flat screen tvs, for those hardworking people using those machines there to watch. This, was Absurd Point Number Three.

The screen is small and so far away, I didn't see the point of watching them at all. Plus, I was not interested in what they were showing. This prompted my brilliant brain to come up with a good idea for a great innovation. Each machine should have a small (not too small, just nice) screen attached to it with a cd/dvd player installed. Then, the gym-goers can bring their own shows and watch. That way, gym-goers will have more motivation to exercise for a longer period. I will be happy to go to the gym if I can play my animes there. Instead of seeing those horrible red numbers, telling you how many calories you have lost, I will be able to exercise without feeling stressed or dismayed. Within ten minutes I have only lost about 60-70 calories?! But anyway, if I could lose about 100 calories per 10 minutes, that means I will lose about 300 calories after watching one episode of anime. Then, I can move on to the next machine, and spend another half an hour watching one more episode of anime, and lose another 300 calories. Within one hour, I would have lost 600 calories AND watch two episodes of animes. PERFECT!

However, if the gym-goers ain't anime freaks, then, they can perhaps bring videos of aneroxic women to motivate them to work harder, or videos with beautiful/handsome/cute men to motivate themselves. It's the same concept as hanging a carrot in front of a donkey.

The only thing which I found really interesting there, no, it's not the guys, was the Body Combat class going on. It looked so cool and fun. I met a college friend of mine there, who was in the Body Combat class with another college mate. That looked like a really good and at the same time, fun workout. The other thing that caught me attention was the women with she-man arms. O.o You wouldn't wanna piss them off.

Anyway, after playing around with the equipments there, we left the gym to check out some vcds which I wanted to get. We met our former schoolmate, Juji, there and well, people! Do watch the show that she will be hosting at the end of this month on Astro. I can't remember what channel though. Perhaps Sugi can remember. And then, we had dinner/snack at Zuup. There goes the gym workout.

Overall, it wasn't too bad a day. In conclusion? The gym ain't for me, a person with short attention span, nil willpower and a person who gets bored easily. Plus, I don't think I'm a healthy influence on Sugi. Instead of losing weight, she might be piling on the pounds if I were her gym mate. So, enjoy yourself, gym folks, while I rot at home!


Thursday, March 09, 2006

The After Effects of Change of Hairstyle

I have received many positive comments on my change of hairstyle. Some said I look younger now, some said cuter and this particular friend of mine said, "I'd be surprised if there isn't any guy going after you from now on." I replied, "Don't be silly. I'd give them a good smack for going after me just because I changed my hairstyle."

So, today...

I had food poisoning. Yup. I had to see a doctor. Before depositing cash into the clinic I usually go to, I had my breakfast at a nearby coffee shop. I went in and sat down first, while mom bought the parking ticket. Now, at this coffee shop, there is a drink "waiter" there who, as I told my mom, looks like a pug dog. Small, short and even his expression looked like one. Didn't really like him because he was a snobbish, lazy and arrogant waiter. However...

(Conversation is in cantonese, with me speaking haltingly. Italics = thoughts)
Pug: What do you want to drink?
Steffi: I've already ordered.
Pug: Oh...ok.*walks away*

After a few seconds, he came back to my table.

Pug: Mummy leh?
Steffi: Buying parking ticket.
Pug: Oh...still studying ah?
Steffi: Nope. Working now. Today, I did not go to work because I have food poisoning.
Pug: Oh...Wah, so big already eh. Watched you growing up, from small to big.
Steffi: Ahahaha...So, howcome now only you talk to me ah?
Pug: Just that all along, didn't dare to talk to you only.*walks away to serve other customers*
Steffi: *eyebrows went upwards* HA?! Didn't dare?!

Few seconds later, and he's back.

Pug: Because you see, some people are so arrogant. They will just ignore me only.
Steffi: I thought you were the arrogant one Ahahaha...It's not that I don't want to talk, it's just that I can't speak Chinese well.
Pug: It's ok wan...yada pili pala
Steffi: yada yada *suddenly, Steffi remembers what her friend told her, "I'd be surprised if there isn't any guy going after you from now on."


It was hard to eat my breakfast after that, because I could see him walking up and down at the corner of my eye, and I'm guessing that he stopped talking to me because mom was back from buying the parking ticket. Haaaaaaaaaaaih.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What cutting hair means...

Today at work...

Steffi was at the photocopier machine, busy photostating documents when-

(Italics - thoughts)

Lady Boss to Guy Boss: Mr X! Steffi cut her hair already, nice or not?
Steffi: *turns around and gave Lady Boss the "What the heck?!" look*
Guy Boss: ...
Steffi: is it that hard to reply?
Guy Boss: You know ah, when women change their hairstyle drastically, it means that...
Steffi: they have found a new love?
Guy Boss: they have broken up with their boyfriends, or divorce.
Steffi: ahahahaha...-_-;
Lady Boss: WAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No lah, Steffi not yet lah, it's because her hair's dropping, that's why.
Steffi: Not yet...Not yet WHAT?!
Guy Boss: Aiyah, or any major problems lah.
Steffi: Major problems... Well, it is a major biological problem...
Lady Boss: AHAHAHAHAHA! Biological problem...*continues laughing hysterically*


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Saturday, March 04, 2006


My most dreaded moment is when I am forced to go for a haircut. Will it turn out okay? Will I look like an aunty? Will I look cooler or worse than before? Fatter or thinner? Will I look strange? Besides that, I somehow like having my hair long. But when my hair starts dropping like cancer patient on chemotherapy, I know it is time to do something about it, especially when even a house with a pet dog has less fur on the floor than my hair on my house floor.

So, when mom asked me to cut my hair, I started behaving like a brat. I want NO ONE else but my usual hairstylist to cut my hair! I was slightly worried though. My usual hairstylist is now a famous hairstylist who does the KL Fashion Week’s models’ hair. I was sure that the price for a haircut would be expensive. I wasn’t wrong. I gave a hundred and was given back five as change. Besides that, since they have “big” clients now, does that mean that I have to make an appointment with her? Apparently yes. Her mom (also a hairstylist; my mom bumped into her before going to my hairstylist’s place) was nice enough to call up her daughter to book the 5 o’clock slot for me. It’s odd though, how her mom’s staff can remember me as “the girl with long hair”. Hmmmm...was I that bratty that they can remember me even though I have not gone to them for two years?

The hairstylist first snipped off half of my hair. That was probably the most painful and saddest moment of my life. The hairstylist questioned me after viewing the styles that I thought was suitable, “Are you ready for the big change?” I made a sad face and replied, “Yes...” 2 years (in terms of hair length) reduced to half in a second. *sniff sob*. The service was great like usual. Had a nice cup of tea to drink while they prepared my hair to be sheared, no, I mean cut and styled. I like the massaging and hair blasting part. Felt very refreshed after that. It only took the hairstylist about half an hour to forty five minutes to finish the whole process.

And so...

2 years....It took me two years...

All gone in half an hour!

The final result...

Was I satisfied? least I won't get my hair trapped in the seatbelt thing stuck to the side of the door (what you call that ah?), or stuck to the cellophane tape at office, or the files at office, yada yada...and also (although is hasn't happened recently) have part of my hair flying outside the car window because I wasn't aware that it was blown outside the window before winding it up. Most importantly, I won't get to scare people anymore. My aunt used to say that I looked like those Japanese horror movie female ghosts. Ah well, won't be using so much shampoo now.

My wallet's crying though. Heh.


Friday, March 03, 2006

Mystery Egg!!!

Ah well, I have decided to give it a try. My Mystery Egg...ONE MONTH to hatch! Man...So long...

This egg hatches on 04/05/06! Adopt one today!

Hehe, same colour as my pendant. I hope it's not a chicken. At a time of crisis like now, FISH ARE FOES, FOWLS ARE FRIENDS! Eat more fish!

This is probably the shortest post I have ever posted.