Saturday, April 22, 2006

A true, blue blood numbnut...

It was around 9.45 pm when I reached home yesterday. I stormed into the house and threw down my bag in a huff.

Steffi: I have SHIT LUCK this week!
Mom: *looked concerned* Why?
Steffi: I fell down in class and pulled down my second instructor's skirt!
Steffi: Wha...? Hahahaha...Hey, stop laughing...hahahaha (asking people to stop laughing, but can't stop laughing herself)

(2 minutes later)
Mom: WWWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *wipes tears*
Steffi: Still laughing? -_-

(in mom's bathroom bathing. Mom was on the bed, reading newspaper)

Steffi: So you'll be going to Singapore tomorrow...
Mom: Yeah.
Steffi: *still showering*
Mom: ...
Mom: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can't believe you lah..
Steffi: STILL LAUGHING?! Haih. My butt is sore.

How it all happened...

Yesterday, my social class started fine. I was early for once. We had enough experienced people to dance the guy's role too (mostly instructors and other advanced students). There were also two new students, so the two instructors took turns to coach them. Halfway through class, a few more people came in to observe us dancing. And that's when the tragedy happened. I was dancing with my partner and my second instructor was dancing behind me with the newbie. Since she was a newbie, they were going at their own pace. I took a big step back, the instructor took a big step back as well (our backs were facing each other) and that's when I collided into her, and fell.

Well, dance rooms were supposed to be equipped with mirrors right? In last night's case, the moveable mirrors were moved halfway during class to expand our dancing area, and they weren't adjusted properly. So I couldn't see who was directly behind me.

When I was falling, my natural reaction was the grab the closest thing, which was something soft and smooth. My first thought was, "OMG, I made a fool of myself in front of so many ppl!" My second thought was, "What am I holding..." When I turned around...the only thing that came to my mind was, "OH SHIT!!! THE INSTRUCTOR'S SKIRT!" I quickly got up and apologized to her. She slowly pulled it up and asked if I was ok. Then, she walked to my classmate and said,"You asked me why I was wearing pants although I already had a skirt on. Luckily I am wearing pants as well." -_-

I was glad that she did too. Otherwise, I'd probably won't return to that place anymore. So, her dignity was saved by her pants. I suffered from a sore left butt cheek, painful ankle and a badly bruised pride and ego. Fortunately, my knee which was painful after the fall is alright now.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Beware...pointless post...

In my office, there are four of us. My Guy Boss and my colleague are in charge of the accounting and taxation work, whereas my Lady Boss and I handle the secretarial and other business management work. Sometimes, when my Guy Boss and my colleague talk to each other, I will be reminded of Ragnarok Online, especially the job class Wizard/Magician/etc.

The first word I heard which reminded me of the job class Hunter was "Sight".

Guy Boss: Have you "sight" the item?
Colleague: No, haven't "sight" the item yet.
Steffi: Sight... Wasn't that one of my Hunter's skill? *Starts day-dreaming about Rangarok Online*

Another day...

Guy Boss: yada yada yada "casting"...
Colleague: Yes, I've done the "casting" already...
Steffi: Casting...*starts imagining boss and colleague in Ragnarok's wizards' robes, casting spells*

This is getting dangerous. If one they, they talk about something related to Blacksmith of Ragnarok and I imagine my colleague and Guy Boss wearing Ragnarok's Blacksmith garment, I think I'll burst out laughing. T_T


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Senile...or not?

People said, as we age, we get more senile. But sometimes, I wonder to what extent this statement is true?

Situation 1:

It was sometime around late last year when my paternal grandma came down with my aunt to stay with my uncle. We decided to take them out for dinner at a nearby restaurant. This restaurant was once at another location.

(Conversation is in Cantonese/English)

Grandma: Where are we going?
Dad: To this restaurant ABC.
Grandma: *she has a bit of hearing problem* Ha?
Grandma: Oh...last time, it was under the bridge there right?
The rest of us: *amazed*
Dad: Wah...she can remember eh? I totally forgotten about that.
Aunt: Hahaha...sometimes she can really remember things...

After dinner, at my uncle's house...

Mom: Ok lah, we have to go now.
Steffi: Yeah, bye! *walks out to put on shoes*
Grandma: Ah bye bye...Ah wait...what's her name ah? *gestures towards me*
Steffi: *almost fell over*
Mom: Stephanie...haha
Steffi: T_T She can remember where that restaurant was at TEN, TWENTY YRS AGO and she can't even remember my name?!
Dad: Aiyah, she can remember things when she was younger that time...

Situation 2:

Few months later, she came down again with my two other aunts. Again, we went out for dinner at another restaurant.

(Conversation in Cantonese)
Grandma: *stares at me*
Steffi: *looks back*
Grandma: *to mom* Where are the other two?
Steffi: O_o Two...?
Mom: No, no... I only have two daughters...not three.
Grandma: Oh...haha...wrong person...

I suddenly acquired another sibling :S

Situation 3:

I went back to Kluang recently for Cheng Beng and also to celebrate my grandma's birthday. So while the older folks talk to each other, I just walked around the hall, looking for something new.

Grandma: Where's the other one? (luckily she said one this time, and not two)
Mom: Oh, the other one is staying at the University yada yada yada
Grandma: pot pet pot pet
The rest: pot pet bla bla
Grandma: So, where's the other one...
Steffi: *sweatdrops*
Mom: *explains all over again*
Steffi: *browsing through the photo album*
Grandma: So, has she found a boyfriend yet? *meaning ME*
Steffi: *jaw went slack, almost dropped the album*
Mom: Haha...not yet lah...
Steffi: ...she can remember to ask that...

The next day, my guy cousin had lunch with us before taking the train back to Singapore.

Cousin: Ok, I'm going now.
The rest of us: Ok, bye bye, have a safe journey...
Grandma: Ah...who's that ah...
Steffi: ^-^;
Aunt: *tells her his name*
Grandma: Oh...

I...really dunno what to think of this matter. But it sure is amusing. Wonder whether I'll be like that next time.


Monday, April 10, 2006

I am a Macho Man!

It's been a long time since I've watched DVD at home. The last one I watched at home was Deuce Bigalow 2. Quite funny, in my opinion. So last night, I was out with my parents when we passed by the DVD seller. I decided to look for the shows that I wanted. If anyone has Snow Dogs, do tell me. When we approached the seller, he started recommending Crash.

Seller: Buy this movie lah, it's quite "hot". See, I only have three pieces left. Good show.
Steffi: *to mom* I don't know what that show is about, so don't think I should get that first.
Mom: Ok...So get that one for your father to watch lah *points to Brokeback Mountain*
Steffi: *grins in amusement and looks at dad*
Dad: What, what? *looks over mom's shoulder*
Steffi: Mom said, get that one for you to watch. *points to Brokeback Mountain*
Dad: HEI! CEH! I DON"T WANT TO WATCH THAT! Take Crash lah...
Steffi: Yah, yah, we all know how macho you are...*rolls eyes* Well, I'm still getting it. I want to watch. *to seller* One of that please, and Crash too...

So, now, I have about uh...three dvds and one vcd to watch. And my aunt's four more albums of shows. When will I get around to watching it...


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Fanatasy/Adventure Friday Night/Saturday Morning

First of all, I have to say, I have never experienced SO MANY different kinds of emotions in one night before. Mitches, it must be you...your "qi" attracts "excitement". I don't even know how to begin. Alright, I'll start from when I got home from work on Friday. I was supposed to go to Mitches birthday dinner at Megamall and my guy friends were supposed to pick me up. The journey to Megamall was fine, I have not met the co-driver for ages, so we chatted a bit (Steffi is normally talkative, but it's after work, so she's tired).

Upon reaching Chilli's, Mitches gave me a bone-crushing hug and we proceeded to our table. After the final guest arrived and was seated, I told Mitches that my fantasy of being surrounded by the three lovely guys was finally fulfilled after so many years... :P Dinner went well, however I didn't like the fish and chips that I was eating. Prefered my guy friend's steak, but it was way out of my budget.

After dinner, we decided to go clubbing. Where to? A club where most gays hang out. And I wasn't even the one who suggested it! This was the club that I was thinking of going to during Merdeka last year. All of a sudden, I'm going there! HAHA! I was quite excited (duh!) and kept on wondering how is it like to be there among them. Fantasy No. 2 going to be fulfilled? We parked our car at Central Market's parking lot and wondered where the club was. We spotted walking toward the back of Central Market and decided to follow them since they are so obviously different from other guys. We went into the club and was told that we could enter the dance floor section for free if we go in before 12 midnight. After 12, we will have to pay RM30 cover charge.

So, in we go. I like the chop that they chopped on my hand. It's a luminous chop and can only be seen in the dark. It was pretty dark and there was a fog like atmosphere in the dance floor section. I just sat down there like a stiff person I am while my friend started grooving to the music. For some odd reason, I started remembering the newspaper articles on clubs being raided and urine test and so on… However, if I were to voice it out, sure kena marah mulut celupar. Haha! Anyway, Mitches started pulling me up to dance so I just stood there like a dunce and stared around. Seriously, without alcohol, it's a bit difficult to loosen up. Then, my guy friend from UK held out his hands for me to dance with him. AIYEEEEE!!!! FANTASY 3!!! >.< If this were to happen years ago when I was in school, I'd probably turn all red and faint. After moving a bit for a few minutes, I decided to take a rest. And that when the DJ announced, "Everyone please calm down. The police are here to do a routine check. Don't worry, it is just a routine check. Please produce your I/C for them to see." It was only 11.45 pm! There, you go, that's Adventure 1.

The first word that came into my mind was, "OH, SHIT! It really is happening!" I actually have nothing to worry about because I am of legal age. However, I was fully aware that one of us was two months away from being 18. I felt guilty too, as I was the one who bugged him to come. The police did their job well in checking for underage people and he was called up. I panicked. All sorts of thought came to my mind. What will they do to him? Will he get suspended from college? Will they lock him up? (going extreme already lah) And then, we found out that the minimum age for a person to enter clubs is 21 years old and not 18, so please take note of that. One of us (UK guy) left first to the police station they were taking him to (they took the four underage in a normal van, no, they weren't handcuffed), while the rest of us went in another car. The best part was, we didn't know which station they were taking them to. Even though the co driver of the car I was in spoke to the policeman, we were still unsure as they gave us all sorts of names and directions, Dang Wangi, Stadium Merdeka, god knows what else they said. I spoke to Mitches father on the phone, and I think he really panicked when I said, "Hello, Mr X? This is Mitches friend here. May I know where is the Dang Wangi police station?" He insisted on talking to his daughter after that. :S

We went past Bukit Aman, went to another police station, asked for directions, ended up in a traffic police station, asked for directions again, and finally arrived at the right one. Tun HS Lee Police Station. Sheesh! Can't they say that earlier?! However, I must say that they were polite and were ready to help anytime.

We quickly went into see the underaged guy and realized that the person who was supposed to arrive there first wasn't there yet. Great. We had to wait for a long time as the sergeant in charge was out on another case. My friends were busy giving directions to the UK guy who was somewhere in KL. We waited. And waited. And waited. AND the Prima Don (is it don?) finally arrived. But oh no, we had to continue waiting for him to do other stuffs. While waiting, another batch of underaged folks came in. They must have raided another club. I was relieved, though, that all the police wanted from my friend was just a statement from him. No charges against him, no calling up parents, no staying overnight at the police station. The charge will be against the club for allowing underage people to go in. RM2k per head. That's RM8k from the club we went to. And then, another bunch of police came in (this is one of the busier stations) with a scrawny looking guy…as he walked past, I took a look at his hands. They were handcuffed. He was taken straight behind the counter and into another room.

This police station reminded me of a bank. It's quite clean, has white tiled floor and rows of chairs for people to sit. Above the counter, there's an electronic counter to show who's turn is it to be served by them. That means if you want to talk to them, you have to take numbers. O.o I never knew! Does it mean that they are pretty busy during the day?

Ok, back to the story. The sergeant was finally ready to take his and others statements. They went into another part of the building. That was at 3.00am in the morning. After a while, I was grumbling, asking them what took them so long...Mitches told me that they were only in there for 20 minutes. I guess it seems long when you don't know what's going on in there and is anxious to know what IS going on. It feels like waiting for a pregnant woman to deliver. And then, UK guy has to mention that in that room, there's a policeman, three gender confused guys and our guy friend… Uh… Well...there were handcuffs too HEHE! Ahem. Anyway, there were other police in there also, so nothing naughty happened.

After all the hassle, I reached home about 4a.m. The next day, I woke up at 10.00 a.m. rolled around in bed for a while and then prepared for class. Needless to say, I almost fell asleep in class a few times. That was indeed the most exciting night so far. I don't think I will be going to clubs anytime soon. So remember, minimum age to enter a club in Malaysia is 21 years old, and not 18 years old. Make sure to carry your I/Cs with you when you go clubbing. This is a community service by Steffi Waffy @ Maphy... XP