Sunday, October 29, 2006

Singapore Again...

Few months after the Firefly trip, and I'm back in Singapore again...There's nothing much I can say about the journey there, because most of the time I was dozing off, trying hard not to fall off the chair. It is really irritating when I can't get the seat by the window because when I have nowhere to lean against to sleep, I will slowly fall off to one side.

This blog will mainly be a photoblog, starting off with Orchard Road, Singapore's version of Bintang Walk. My sister and I went there right after our crazy time in Snow City (which I will blog about later) so we weren't exactly dressed up. In fact, after running around like rabid dogs in Snow City, we looked a little...out of place at Orchard Road.

A sea of people at the decorative Orchard Road

Ngee Ann City, one of the most popular shopping malls in Singapore. Takashimaya is in Ngee Ann City

A cute 7-11 booth! Reminds me of those video games I used to play. Don't know why...

An extremely LOOOOONG EXTERNAL escalator with no roof/shades over it leading to Level 4 (Sony's level) of Wisma Atria.

And then...while walking past Meritus Mandarin Hotel, my sister and I spotted a really nice looking sports car. We stupidly walked past it without realizing what car it was. The second time we walked past, we heard a guy exclaiming, "WAHLAU! Lamborghini!" We looked at each other, quickly checked the butt of the car and saw the name "Lamborghini" printed clearly on it. So, like a makcik from an ulu kampung, we started snapping pictures of it, while the hotel attendants looked at us, amused.

Looks really posh and nice...

Tangs. Nice oriental design.

Pencil shaped building. Fat one. Looks really cute to me.

And then, I saw something interesting...

SINGAPORE BIENNALE 2006!!! Visit here for more information.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Singapore - Firefly Trip

Finally, the highlight of the trip. Searching for fireflies. Actually, there's nothing much I can say about it, except that it was really difficult to spot the first firefly. Oddly enough, even though it was 7.00 p.m. already, the sky was still bright. So the boatman had to take us further down the river to search for the fireflies. Of course, all of us were required to wear our life jackets. However, I wonder if the life jackets were provided just for the sake of not being charged or for our safety's sake. Most of the jackets weren't in a good condition. Zips missing, strings gone...makes you wonder whether our safety is their first priority (who am I kidding...of course our money is their first priority).

At the rate their habitats are being invaded and destroyed, I'm not surprised if they go extinct one day. For more ACCURATE information, since I'm not professor in this field, please visit this site.
It is NOT ethical to catch any fireflies you see. However, some on our boat did catch those fireflies which were brave enough to fly beside us. I'm also an unethical person for not telling them to release it...=P

Anyway, when we went down the river it felt a little...scary. A little creepy. Like that movie, Anaconda (although I didn't watch -_-|||). We went on and on and on until I thought that we will end up in Singapore again (remember that the firefly trip is in Johor). I thought my eyes were going to pop out, the way I kept on straining them to search for the first firefly. Finally I spotted them! SO TINY! So many of them on the trees...It looked as if there were brightly lit christmas trees along the river that we were cruising on. Sadly, the night was too dark for my little camera to take pictures. Here are the pictured BEFORE the day got too dark for my camera.

View of the birds' nests under the bridge

Going down the eerie river

I've decided to post up a video of an ostrich egg hatching (this is pissing off. When blogger is up and running, u-tube is down and unconcious).

All things fun would come to an end...


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Monday, October 16, 2006

The Many Celebrations of Steffi's 23rd Birthday

As some of you probably knew (or didn't), my birthday was on a Thursday, which is one of my busier days. So I thought of celebrating it later. However, my mom told me that the Chinese believe that birthdays can be celebrated earlier or on the day itself but not later. So we were supposed to have birthday dinner on that day, a kind of mini celebration.

I have to admit that it didn't start off too well. First thing in the morning, I discovered that my handphone wasn't receiving messages although it did not indicate that the message box was full. Secondly, I found myself and a worm who decided to make a home in the guava that I was eating staring at each other before I just let my jaw drop open (and the piece of guava I was chewing dropped out onto the table)made a dash to the washroom (that was probably the fastest record, luckily the glass door didn't shatter) and started gargling my mouth for a good minute. I felt as though as I was going to lose my lunch. There goes one juicy sweet guava.

And then, I was told twice that my B-day dinner was canceled because my relatives from Johor came down unexpectedly (not because of my birthday). So instead, I had food from home for dinner before scooting off to my dance school for my Latin dance class. Right after dance class, I went to my uncle's house to celebrate with my paternal grandmother and aunts who came down from Kluang, Johor.

Birthday Cake, bought from Angel Cake House which I got to sample a bit. Tasted good.

Since it was an impromptu birthday celebration, we had lots of fruits instead of food. It was like a fruit festival..Mmmmm...

So the next day, mom took me to Jack's Place to replace the dinner I was supposed to have the night before.

We went to Jack's Place at One Utama. Jack's Place originated from Singapore.

Potato in Jacket with cream and bits of bacon. I didn't get to eat that T_T

Next time, I must remember to take picture BEFORE eating...

Main course: Seafood Combo consisting of grilled mussels, fried oysters and grilled fish which was already in my stomach.

Seafood salad. There were calamari rings, prawns, tuna, scallop, real crabmeat as well fake crabmeat, most of which were in my tummy already.

The next celebration was held at Dave's Pizza Pasta and Vino at One Utama, this time, all family members were present (Dad, mom and sis). Initially, we wanted to eat at TGIF. However, since it's puasa time, all eateries were full. The waiting list was long. After searching around, we found a non halal place where we DIDN"T have to queue to be seated.

The counter.

My sister and I ordered a RM40.00++ dinner set.

It comes with a glass of red wine, salad, pumpkin soup...

Pork lagsana as main course and...

Apple crumble pie as dessert

Mom had mixed seafood in bechamel sauce (can't remember the name of the dish) which consisted of calamari rings, fish (dunno what fish), mussels, lala and prawns. REALLY mouthwatering! Dad on the other hand had steak. It was sooooooooooooo good! I recommend this place to people who don't mind paying more than RM40++ for a dish.

End of a really good meal

Surprise of the day...

When I got home, I saw a postcard on my hall table.

A postcard from Lay Theng! Posted from Piazza di San Pietro, Rome, Italy. Thanks a lot, Lay Theng! *HUGS*

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Singapore - Firefly Trip - Ostrich Park

One of the other places that we visited in Singapore was the Ostrich Park. Can't remember the name of the park though. There's nothing much to write about since Ashes wasn't there like before... I didn't go for the ostrich ride since Ashes wasn't around for me to bully...=( It was really entertaining to see him on an ostrich! =D

Egg hatching in an incubator. Don't worry, the chick is alive, caught it moving around on video...on the incubator, there was a sign stating "One Day Old".

Probably around 7 days old...

Only 3 weeks old and they can move THAT fast! O.o Difficult to take picture of them as they can't stand still...

The adults. Male ostrich is black in colour with pink beak (HOWCOME?! I thought that it was the lady who's supposed to have nice pink lips...).

Ostrich egg. Enough to feed a family of four for breakfast!

I didn't try eating ostrich meat there though. It seems so weird and wrong to be cooing and sitting on them one moment and eating them the next!

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Singapore - Firefly Trip - Desaru Fruit Farm

Aiyah...took a long break again. Ah well, during the second day, there were many places that we visited in Johor. Woke up early in the morning, probably around 6.00a.m. to take the bus back to Johor (immigration fellas must have been curious when they saw the date when we entered Singapore) using the second link. Our destination? Gelang Patah. The tour guide DID explain why the place has such a name, but I seriously can't remember. I just knew that something had happened, and the gelang (bangle) broke (patah) and so that's how it got its name. -_-|||

Erm, let's talk about food first. We had breakfast at one of the coffee shop (nothing special, just your usual dishes). I actually overheard an aunty scolding another aunty, saying, "Prawn mee is not spicy! Where got spicy prawn mee wan!" I was rolling my eyes hearing that. -_- Sorry hor, aunty, but prawn mee in Malaysia IS spicy. Lunch on the other hand, was at a seafood restaurant in a fishing village. Not bad lah, the food. I had mini lobsters!

Anyway, one of the places we visited on that day was the Desaru Fruit Farm. There's nothing much I can say about a fruit farm, so here are the pictures.

The entrance

The long awaited banana pics...

The amazing pisang seribu (or was it seribu pisang?). Looks kinda er...obscene, right down to it's pink tip. And ninja Kakasteffi is even touching the rod part! >.< What a pervert! Kakasteffi never did count whether there were one thousand tiny bananas stuck onto that large one there...It'll probably take ages.

And so happen, the next day, at the wet market near Kakasteffi's place of accomodation, she saw this:

Red Banana. (Picture is taken from The colour of the banana brings obscenity to a whole new level. Kakasteffi actually took a picture of that banana at the market with her handphone, but decided that this one looks better.

There were many other bananas there, but, *shrugs* they are just bananas.



They also had animals there.

This is especially for Jyrenze =D Can you imagine if the tiny goat who gored us was replaced by that BIG billy goat? OH man...

I had those red meat dragon fruit. LOTS of it. And I didn't think that it'll stain things badly. As a result...

Fuschia fingers. My face had fuschia stains too. Looked like a clown. Haih.