Friday, February 15, 2008

The Unfortunate Left Third Finger

I don't make any crude signs with it, so why is my finger being punished? *sobs*

Just before Chinese New Year

I managed to super glue my said third finger to my shoe. Don't ask how.

Steffi: *Tried to pull finger away* Ow ow hurts
Steffi: Quick, bring hot water!
Mom: You'll burn you finger!
Steffi: Then how?!
Sis: Eh, use baby lotion lah.
Steffi: Har? Does that work for super glue?
Sis: Yeah
Steffi: How did you know?
Mom: You are asking someone who is always getting herself stuck to things. *runs to room to get baby lotion*
Steffi: ...
Sis: ...
Steffi: You...always super glue yourself to things?
Sis: ...
Sis: NOT ALWAYS! Just a few times.
Steffi: ...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Note: Finger is still stuck to the shoe)

So, baby lotion works like magic, but since I've already tried pulling my finger away earlier, a good chunk of skin is now stuck to the shoe.

Just before Chinese New Year Part 2

Nothing much. Just had paper cut on the same finger.

After Chinese New Year

Was shopping for a present for my friend. Went to this accessories shop by Giordano at Sunway Pyramid (really cool designs!). Saw this interesting ring and tried it on, yes, on my third finger. After discovering the price (RM300++) tried to remove it, but...

Steffi: It won't come out!
Mom: See! I told you not to try it!
Steffi: But it went in easily! *struggles to pull ring out*

After 5 minutes...

Steffi: It still won't come out! I think we'll have to pay for it and go home like that.
Mom: Don't be silly, now bend your finger when pulling it out!
Steffi: I can't! It's too big!
Mom: (to sales assistant)Don't you have water?
Steffi: Don't be silly, it'll spoil the ring, how about baby lotion
Salesgirl: I don't have either...(more like she's reluctant to spoil the ring, haha)

Another 5 minutes later...

Mom: I told you already not to bla bla bla...
Steffi: I told you already I didn't force it in!

And yet another 5 minutes later...

Steffi: *panicking* Shit...won't come out.
Mom: Don't pull your finger out..
Steffi: *studies ring carefully* It's because there are so many gaps that the flesh is trapped in between. See, if I do this, it'll move a bit.
Steffi: Ok, we do it this way. I'll pull my flesh back and you pull the ring out.
*Puts plan into action. Ring comes out*
Steffi: Huh! Finally! But you see, my finger is so red now. There's even a red indentation...*reaches out for her old ring*
Mom: Don't wear that now, let your finger rest a bit.
Steffi: Ok...

After Chinese New Year Part 2

Today. Received letter from someone's despatch. Our office bought a new "RECEIVED" stamp with the date and all. It's a huge new one. Chunky. And I stamped with all my might on the letter. However, the letter wasn't the only thing that got stamped. My third finger got a taste of the huge new chunky stamp. And I saw stars for more than five minutes. It's still sore now. I wonder if I'll become Steffi of Nine Fingers soon.

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At 4:00 PM, Blogger Darke Shard said...

Wow, I'm just glad that you didn't stick your finger in your...



...Er, your nose. That's right, nose. I wasn't thinking of anything else.

Because it'd be embarassing if you had your finger stuck in your... ... ...nose.

At 11:12 AM, Blogger Eng said...

I can understand the 'misfortune' of sticking your finger to your shoe. I was can also know how it's like for wearing the ring and couldn't take it out... but you stamping on your finger?

how on earth did you managed to do that? can't you be normal and stay normal for once? :P

At 10:40 AM, Anonymous miche said...

Ditto Eng...

Champion la you Steph... :) so how was CNY? Went back hometown again ah?

At 11:30 PM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

Darke: Shaddap. I'll poke something bigger up your ***hole >.<

Eng: Trust me. It can happen. I was holding the paper down with my left hand. I underestimated the size of the stamp.

Eng & Miche: Do you WANT me to be normal? Sounds so boring...(I could do without the pain though)

Miche: CNY was awesome. That's the only time you can pretend to be a loanshark and yet they think you are...just being a kid :D

At 11:31 PM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

Miche: Oh yeah, I went back to Kluang and then to Singapore and then back to PJ. The only drawback about CNY is I'm not allowed to buy books or shoes!


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