Saturday, January 26, 2008

First Trip to Singapore for the Year 2008

Yes...I know I haven't been updating. Busy. :P

Ok, so my first trip overseas for the year was supposed to be to Cambodia, but that plan was aborted :( Instead, I went to Singapore to celebrate my sister's 21st birthday with our Singapore relatives. Usually, I go to Singapore by train, but the travel time seems to be getting longer and longer :S

So this time, I went by bus - First Coach bus. On the way to Singapore, we only made one stop and that was at the Pagoh rest stop. It's huge, it's new and it's the toilets were airy, spacious and most importantly, clean. Even the landscaping was nice!

We used the Second Link to get to Singapore, instead of the Causeway. There were hardly any motor vehicles using the Second Link! Our immigration/customs centre at the Second Link was super huge, but almost empty. I think it's alright to pay a bit more to use the Second Link than to get stuck in the jam and getting frustrated using the Causeway.

On the bridge to Singapore, I tried snapping pictures of the sea (just what is so fascinating, I don't know :P) and noticed something funny:
Unless you are suicidal, I don't think you'll go against that "No Entry" sign.

We (my dad and I) arrived there at approximately 12.30pm, after a 5 hours journey. It was a fast one. The bus stopped at Novena Square, where my mom and sister were waiting for us. We left our luggages at the First Coach office in Novena Square and then proceeded to Pepper Lunch for our lunch.

Dad's lunch. Beef and eggs with rice - price: can't remember.

My lunch. Beef and cheese rice - SGD10++

My sister's. Beef steak set - SGD14++

After that, we went to Orchard Road to do some shopping. We returned to Novena station and went over to Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), which is just opposite Novena Square, because we were following our uncle back home (uncle's a senior pathologist there). I've always been fascinated by TTSH. It looks nothing like a hospital, more like a shopping centre actually.
They even have a grand (or is it a baby grand?) piano there. There's another antique piano in their mini museum.

I like the decor. Feels so fantasy like.

This ornament reminds me of the anime, Card Captor Sakura.

The various cafes, shops, eateries, bakeries, etc...

Outdoor garden. there are beautiful wooden chairs (you know, those kind with plants growing over and around it) nearby for you to sit.

So after walking around, my uncle took us to his office to have a look. As I entered...

Steffi: Kow foo, this isn't an office. This is a greenhouse!

This reminds me of the "Mugen Arc" in Sailormoon where the building was taken over by...plants. Something like that.

The "nursery" -_-|||


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At 9:57 AM, Blogger Jyrenze said...

lol your uncle must really love plants. Its as though he was a male version of "poison ivy"

At 11:26 AM, Blogger Eng said...

hey... at least he makes it an effort to decorate his office... I don't think it's easy to maintain the upkeep of plants in an office.

At 4:54 PM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

Yes, it definitely isn't! He's supposed to be a busy doctor some more. I can't even keep my table neat. Papers everywhere...haih.

Note the many lamps in the pics. The lamps are for the plants.


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