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China Part 5: Wonderful Hotels

With the price that I've paid for this trip, one would think that the hotels that I'd stayed at would be similar to our budget hotels here (all in, I paid around RM2k). Surprisingly, the hotels we stayed at were beautiful and clean, similar to a three-star/four-star hotel here.

The first two nights, we stayed at Guangtian Hotel at Hangzhou. This hotel uses antique-like furnitures and decoration.

Hard beds. In China, they believe in sleeping on hard beds for good posture. I believe them. I don't see many hunching while walking. I was REALLY glad I didn't run and jump onto the bed when I first entered. It would have been really, really painful.

Chairs. Don't even remember sitting on them.

Dressing table. Those are all the lights we had. No ceiling lamps. In certain parts of China, they are required to save electricity. I'm really not fond of going around in semi-darkness.

BIIIIIIIIIIG mirror =D for the vain me...

Toilet fetish strikes again!

Alright, so the details of this hotel:
Guangtian Hotel
Add: No. 501, Dengyun Road, Hangzhou,. China
Tel: 86-571-28939999
Fax: 86-571-28025090
Website: (I tried visiting it, but can't access)

On the third night, we stayed at Yijia Kaiyuan Hotel(a four-star hote)at Suzhou. This hotel is the opposite of the first one (in terms of decoration). Has a very modern look.

I love the shower!

You can open the cupboard from INSIDE the bathroom. It's really not safe bathing in this room, the bathroom door has no lock, the cupboard door has no lock either, anyone can go in and out as they like.

I like the way they decorate this place. The cafe's down there...It's a pity I only got to stay there for one night.
The have a nice website too:

Ok, next one at Nanjing: Nianfa 168 Hotel (hehehe, nice number)
Erm...I can't believe it. I didn't take pictures of the last three hotels. Ah well, there are always the websites.
Nianfa 168 Hotel's located at a very convenient place. Many shops around the hotel for guests to check out at night. There's a hair salon nearby which, according to my group member, charges "VERY CHEAP!". They added hair extensions to her already funky hairstyle (think of Mel B from Spice Girls) and finished only at 1.00a.m. Anything for money, I guess. I'm not too sure if the other shops were open until that late (they don't have our mamaks there) because I was safely and comfortably buried under the comforters.

Details, details:
Nianfa 168 Hotel

Check out for more details on their website, if you can read Chinese, that is.

At Wuxi, we stayed at Donglin Grand Hotel. It's located at one of the busier areas at Wuxi (IMO). For the first night ever, I ventured out of the hotel and enjoyed the cold air outside. There were roadside stalls selling chow kuey teow (er, I don't think it's exactly the same as ours) and other food (some looked like lok lok). Finally bought fruits (BANANAS! HAHA!)- it's really difficult to search for fruits at China at this time. Most of the time, they serve watermelon during meals (got sick of it).

I wanted to go to the mini market nearby, but it was closed when we reached it. So we went to the 24-hours convenience shop which is known as Ke Di (可的) there. Only in Nanjing, their 24-hours convenience shop was called something else, which is Hao Di (好的) and bought their cup-of-noodles, except that it's in a rather large bowl, instead of a cup. It's not that great, and has lots of MSG, but I guess it's sufficient enough for a late night snack.

Address: No. 33 East Renmin Road, Wuxi. (at Donglin Square)
Tel: 86-510-82256777

Finally at our first and last stop, Shanghai, we stayed at Jinhui Hotel. For our twin-bed room, it costs RMB580.00 per night. I guess it's alright, considering that it's located at Shanghai.

Jinhui Hotel
Address: 8 Wuzhong Road, Shanghai (Xu Hui District)
Tel: (86)21-64282222
Fax: (86)21-64641774
Website: I don't think they have their own website, but details can be found here

So if you want to go to Shanghai-Jiangnan area, I recommend these hotels to you. :D (no, I'm not paid to do this). I didn't encounter anything strange of have strangers knocking on my room doors at night (even if they did, I'd probably be too deeply asleep to hear).

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At 9:50 AM, Blogger Eng said...

hhmm... Steffi's new obsession... hotels??!!!

a great change from mangs and animes for you if it is... hahaha

At 11:09 AM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

Travelling, to be precise.

At 11:11 AM, Anonymous sugania said...

i gotta agree.. nice shower!

At 12:34 PM, Blogger Eng said...

Su, you agree with who? me or Steph?

and well Steph.. everyone loves travelling I'm sure... but so far in your trip to China, you've been talking more about hotels and toilets than your travelling...

At 1:40 PM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

Sug's talking about the shower ler (I think)

That toilet post was REQUESTED for. The hotel post...I wrote it because I was packing all the stationery stuff I gasak from each hotel...:P

I had another request for China's food, but since we've been eating ten course meals most of the time, I didn't really take that many pictures.

As for places of interest, well, you can search online :P...I WILL write about them...someday...

At 3:14 AM, Blogger Darke Shard said...

There are no locks leading to the showers? Why Steffi, I would love to go to China with you someday. :D

At 10:37 AM, Blogger Eng said...

but you must make sure the hotel you check into doesn't have any locks... because some actually does

At 5:42 PM, Blogger charliz said...

hey, i stayed the same hotel as u for my shanghai-jiangnan trip wo....when u went there? r v on the same tour? hahahaha

me havent blog abt my trip yet la...been busy recently....

so which travel agency u booked the tour? i think we r going to the same one leh haha :p


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