Friday, June 01, 2007

Commercial Break: Going on Hiatus

Greetings earthlings! It was a beautiful day since it was my day off :P I shouldn't be too happy though. I'm on study leave from today onwards and this can only mean one thing. EXAM'S JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!! ARGH! But anyway...

Breakfast on my day off when mom's not around. My usual Sun Sol's Muesli with Low Fat milk...

Loong Jing Tea (Dragon Well Tea) from China and...

No, that's not orange juice, that's my Vitamin C.
Redoxon, soluble vitamin C. Nice to drink.

I also have to drink 1 litre of this everyday...
My "Face Medicine". To get rid of the stupid stubborn pimples/boils on my face which appeared after my China trip. As you can see, I was so full after breakfast! Full of liquid, of course.

Mom and sister came back today from Singapore. So of course, before picking them up from the travel bus company, I have to tidy the house! Can't have them coming back home to a pig sty, otherwise I wouldn't hear the end of it. Our initial plan was to come back home first, unload then only go out for lunch, but since the bus was delayed, we went straight for lunch. I suggested that we go to Marmalade Cafe at Mont Kiara for lunch, since we were at Bangsar. I've read about that cafe before and it seemed to be a pretty decent and well-liked place.

Of course, being a Numbnut, Steffi thought that the cafe was INSIDE Plaza Mont' Kiara and not outside. She stupidly thought that Kiosk was inside Plaza Mont' Kiara and therefore Marmalade must have been inside too (the directions she found was "same row as Kiosk). Actually, it was Travelmart that she saw last time and not kiosk. Suddenly remembering that Marmalade was also located in the same row as Baskin Robins and that Baskin Robins was just further up across the road, Steffi went there to investigate and there it was!

Of course, being in Mont' Kiara, there were many foreigners having their lunch there too. Quite health concious I must say...I saw quite a few customers eating just salad for lunch. compared to us...

We decided to order three different types of dishes so that we can have a bit of each.

Smoked Salmon Spaghetti. I cannot resist smoke salmon. This dish was the best out of the three main meals we ordered.

Turkey Ham and Mushroom Quiche. Second best. It was better than the Salmon Quiche that I have eaten at another hotel about two years back. Didn't give me that "jelat" feeling.

Wholesome Pie - Beef. This was a disappointment. I had wanted a pie something like Dave's Deli's Steak and Mushroom pie which I used to eat last time. Instead this pie was packed with mince beef. However, it wasn't the style or content that was a let-down. I'm not sure whether the pies baked on other days were like this one, but, it was too salty! We didn't finish this pie. Each main meal was closed to about RM20.00.

When the carrot cake arrived, our eyes almost popped out. IT WAS SO HUGE! It didn't have enough carrots, in OUR opinion and my sister said it tasted more like fruit/raisins cake than carrot cake. I like the topping/icing though and the marmalade on top was delicious. It was also not too sweet as most carrot cake's topping/icing tend to be overly sweet. This cake was priced at RM9.00. Our totaly bill came up to RM69.00. Very pricey, in my opinion.

Todays snack from the supermart:

"Cappuccino - Iced Coffee Gels" from Taiwan.

Three in one for RM9.90

Um...ehehehe, the only thing I could understand was that this snack is a coffee jelly :P I assume that the cute little white tub is the creamer.

Oops! Due to my eagerness to eat the coffee jelly, I have forgotten to take a nice picture of the jelly before eating it...Verdict? Not bad...can actually taste the coffee and it goes well with the creamer supplied. My sister's verdict? "Okaaaaaaaay, lah." Out of the three snacks bought from Lotte supermarket, I think the Bourbon Buranchuuru is the best.

As for dinner, since it was a little too late to cook dinner at home, we decided to go out to eat. Back to the good ol' coffee shops...One of our favourite shops is Mee Yoke Lim (is it still called that?) at Chow Yang, SS2.

So, what's good?
Mom's favourite dishes. Hokkien mee and uh, "watan hor"?

One of the best popiahs around PJ area.

And this is my dinner:

Chicken Chop with Brown Sauce - RM7.00. I like eating the grilled fish here too, but due to my current skin condition, I had to give that a miss this round.

What's not:
I don't know..I haven't tried anything that isn't good so far :P

A/N: Steffi will be going on a hiatus for...say, 7 days? Well, at least until after her paper this Thursday and would probably be back with her "China Part 8: The Butterfly Lovers" post. Until then, ja!



At 6:13 PM, Blogger Darke Shard said...

Wow Steffi, you've transformed your personal blog into a travel blog and now into food blog. I think sooner or later Malaysia is going to run of food for you to blog about and you'll have to travel around the world to find new food... so then you'll have a personal-travelling-for-food blog. :D

At 8:23 PM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

Actually, that's what I would love to do most...Gastronomical travelling! :D

Anyone willing to fund me? :P

At 12:47 AM, Blogger Jyrenze said...

Lets hope all the travelling burns off the calories from all that food as well, haha

At 1:08 PM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

Unless you are willing to backpack, I doubt any weight would be lost. Just take a look at my China trip...I became a chinese dumpling -_-|||


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