Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Commercial Break: Charlteok Pie and others

After reading Micchy's blog on Korean snacks , I couldn't resist paying a visit to the Korean Supermarket, Lotte, near my office. I got myself a box of Charlteok Pie:

7 packets altogether in a box, for RM8.90.

One pie in one packet, which is just nice. Stops you from gasaking the entire box at one go.

Chocolate filling. Mine, unlike Micchy's, isn't too sweet. It's just nice. Oh, it has a slightly salty taste too. I don't mean the ikan masin kind of salty lah.

Would I buy this again? YOU BET! I'm so hooked onto it now T_T...
Where did I buy it from? Lotte supermarket at Desa Sri Hartamas, same row as Warong Uncle Don and Fotozoom.

Mommy's in Singapore. Sister too. EATING GOOD FOOD, I must say. How about ME?

Ginseng Herbal Promfret.

This is called, "make do with what you have in your kitchen". Spotted mom's herbal packet for boiling soup and decided to use those for the fish. Dump in the following:

1. Gou Qi Zi/Kei Chi/ Wolfberries
2. Huai Shan/ Wai San/ Chinese Burdock
3. Dang Shen/ Tong Sam (I think)/ Codnopsis pilosula
4. Red dates
5. Yu Zhu/ Yuk Chuk/ Solomon Seal Rhizome
6. Ginseng

into a large pan/pot and boil for an hour. I only boiled for half an hour (after discovering that the fire wasn't on although the gas was! ABUNAI! When I started the fire again, it came out with a WHOOSH!!) and well, the Yu Zhu wasn't as soft as I wanted it to be. Oh, and remember to rub salt onto the promfret. I had forgotten to do that. I only added the salt later. Can add soy sauce also, but I didn't do that (so called healthy eating habits).

After that, put the fish in and REDUCE the fire immediately. Let it simmer, not bubble like a witch's cauldron, otherwise the fish would look ugly like mine...hahaha. Boil until cook lah. Just cucuk (poke) the fish to check whether it's cooked or not.

How was the taste? Not bad, but the ginseng taste was really strong. Why? because that satchet of ginseng was meant to be for one large POT of soup.

Then last night's dinner? Today's lunch? I ate the same thing.

Marina's Beef Balls

Can boil, steam, pan-fry, deep-fry and grill. I boiled it (healthy eating again lah).
Would I buy it again? Probably not.
"No preservatives, colouring & artificial flavouring" was printed on the box. Then, why so cheap? 20 beef balls for RM5++ as compared to Ikea's beef balls, which was, I think RM18++ to RM25, can't remember, for roughly the same amount.

Would I buy it again? Probably not. It made the weighing scale be unkind to me the next morning. So that means there's lots of salt/preservatives - causes retention of water.

And also another thing. Those people with BO problem would probably suffer the next day too. Oh my god, all forms of "discharge" from your body, be it gas or liquid, stinks of beef!(A/N: Jyrenze said the way I put it is obscene. Ok, so shall I replace it with "your pee and fart will stink"?) Funny though, I don't remember tasting such strong beef taste when I ate them. Maybe next time I'll pay more and get Ikea's one.

Suddenly craving for meat pie...



At 12:14 AM, Blogger Jyrenze said...

So did your meatballs look as nice as those on the box cover?

At 12:25 AM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

Yeah, it did...although I think the size was a tad bit smaller. Maybe my fork is bigger? :P

At 11:48 AM, Blogger susan said...

Hi Steffi - I bought those charlteok pies the other day from the asian grocer and really like them now too. They were a bit weird at first though, and what's a Charlteok?


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