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China Part 7: The West Lake

Presenting, the West Lake, known to be the most beautiful and romantic lake in China. Well, at least the eastern part of China lah.

Sunset at the West Lake or Xihu

Olden style pavillion.

Soldiers at the West Lake, you see them quite often here and there.

At the West Lake, there are tram rides which will take you around the lake. Now this place, Hangzhou is famous for the legend of the "Butterfly Lovers" - a tragic romance tale of Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai. Apparently, this is where they lived. So, whenever the trams honk, those at the lake would hear the theme song for the Butterfly Lovers midi-style instead of your normal "HONK HONK". At first it seemed cute. AT FIRST. After a while, it got rather irritating. I found that it's the same with other places. All the trams will have the place's "famous song (?)" as their horn sound. Really irritating.

Willow trees along the bank. The willow trees here release this feather/cottony like seeds (never encountered that at the park here) that irritates the nose...

This was supposed to be a maple tree, I mean it still is, but due to the different climatic condition and environment, it kinda morphed. Well, it mutated actually (that's what the tour guide said).

The parks at China are really beautiful...Or maybe it's because it's spring? Those are peach blossom and willow trees by the side of the lake. The website said that the lake's famous for it's plum blossom but I was told that it's Tao Hua, which means peach blossom, right?

Close-up of the Peach/Plum Blossom

We sat on a "cruise" similar to this...

This is one image I regret not taking. Su Xiao Xiao's tomb.

Image taken from I actually sat on her tomb at the other side. ARGH!!!

Steffi: *sitting on tomb* Heh, what's this thing ah...not a dustbin also, but the middle part is so cute, like an egg yolk
Mom: No lah, definitely not a dustbin.
Steffi: Say, the shape kinda reminds me of the tomb I saw yesterday at the Academy.
Mom: Maybe?
Steffi: Cannot be lah, tomb in this kind of area? (looks at tomb carefully)
Steffi: Say...that...looks like a plaque...
Steffi: *walks to the other side*

-_-||| For more information on Su Xiao Xiao, please visit

View of Leifeng Pagoda from the "cruise" I was on. Hazy dazy...

Actually there are LOTS of information on the West Lake. Here are some of the links where u can find information on the West Lake and its many legends/stories/history.

Two of the three pagodas in the lake.

Colourful flowers, indicating spring. BUT...

Can also pretend that it's autumn.

There were also lots of Cha Hua (Tea Flower/Camellia) at the park. The late Queen Mom's favourite flower. I can see why...

Really love the sceneries here.

Mudan Hua or Peony. Apparently the peony here is not as beautiful as those at Luoyang due to the climatic condition and soil.

The White Peacock

And the Golden Water Buffalo. Hehe!

Siu Chiu Hua, no Sin Chin Hua...argh, this is what happens when I don't write properly. Anyway, in Cantonese it's called Kheng Fa and it's associated to marriage or something like that. That's what my mom said lah.

A model of the West Lake at the West Lake Museum (free entrance).

More flowers :P As you can see, I just love them.

Ancient China

and Modern China, side by side.

Huh...long post. Can't blame me...The West Lake's huge. We went there twice in fact, once in the evening, once the next morning, two different spots of course.



At 9:20 AM, Blogger Jyrenze said...

Heh... dustbin indeed, the fella must be turning in his grave

At 10:14 AM, Blogger Eng said...

gosh... I'm starting to miss my trip in China even more when I saw the nice sceneries of the lake... dun think we can ever see such in M'sia... not with this kind of weather at least...

At 10:57 AM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

Jyrenze: Su Xiao Xiao's a female.

Eng: Yeah, the weather plays an important part. It would have been better if it wasn't so hazy. The lakes there don't stink too. At least the one near my house hasn't been stinking for some time already, which is good.

At 8:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

jie jie steffi

a tag for you :)

At 1:11 PM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

Ok, ok...I'll do my homework after my exams...


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