Thursday, May 31, 2007

Commercial Break: I'm officially a Bonjuker now

I need more energy today...I slept a little later than planned last night. So, what's my solution?

2-in-1 Old Town White Coffee :D As my sister said, after drinking it, she felt like jumping around, dancing and singing. Just what I needed for my last day of work before going on study leave. Luckily I drank that. I had to carry boxes of bottles of water today to the office(short distance only, I used the trolley to push those heavy boxes).

I still think that the instant coffee that I make is not as nice as the one sold at their outlets. There's something missing...I must pay Old Town Kopitiam a visit soon (this is probably the reason why the coffee made from their instant coffee powder that they sell at the supermarkets isn't as good as the one they make at their outlets).

But anyway, I'm now officially a Bonjuker! Uh, no, there's no such thing as Bonjuker, I made that up myself. I had my lunch at Bonjuk today. Yay! Actually, there's 15% discount for Yoga Zone and True Fitness members, but I'm too impatient to wait for my True Fitness membership card. Only God knows when the branch at Section 14 would open its doors to their members.

I had wanted to try the Seafood Combination Porridge but since I was going to boil Prawn & Squid soup for dinner, I opted for Mushroom and Oyster Porridge, M size.

Three side dishes and a small bowl of soup. I guess the empty small bowl is for you to scoop the porridge into, in case you want to share food with your friends. Since I went alone, I set that bowl aside. Side dish from the right, I THINK it was kimchi. I'm actually quite clueless when it comes to Korean food/dining Korean style. To the left of kimchi...I have no idea what that was. It was meat, most probably chicken. Err...I might be wrong. Ok, the last one tasted like chilli pounded with other stuff. It wasn't as spicy as the kimchi though.

And then, to my dismay...I saw the super slim chopsticks!!! Oh my most avoided type of chopsticks. Since I do not know how to hold the chopsticks the right way, I have problem holding chopsticks that have weird and fanciful designs/shapes. I can only use the normal ones at the coffee shop or those I have at home. Oh, and I have a personalised pair of chopsticks too!

This pair is a gift from Australia from Darke and Micchy, but I digress.

I was disappointed at first because it didn't look as if it had the same texture as the congee I ate during my China tour. I really missed that. However, it doesn't mean that Bonjuk's porridge wasn't delicious. It was good. I had three big, succulent oysters in my bowl of porridge. As I was chewing the oyster slowly, savouring the taste, I smiled...hey STEFFI! Stop smiling to yourself before others think that you are nuts! :D I thought that I wouldn't have touched the three side dishes, but I wiped the food off those tiny little dishes too...I just took a few sips of the sour soup though.

Lunch was satisfying albeit a bit embarassing as I made "clinking" noises due to my clumsiness with the chopstick and spoon (not used to using spoon with the left hand).

Bonjuk's brochure:

and the menu:

Dinner time! Decided to make something simple. Prawn & Squid Soup using dried anchovies as the base.
I poured a bit too much water this time though. Unlike sauces, I like my soup to be quite concentrated.

And the unplanned dish for tonight:
It's called, Strange Egg Mixture. Initially I called it Strange Omelette, but I don't think it's one. Hmmm...But anyway, it tasted quite good! Surprisingly...afterall, I have forgotten the salt, AGAIN and I just threw in whatever I could think of into the pan...There's swiss white mushrooms, 4 eggs, milk, bread and cheese sausage. Pan fry with butter.

The bread I used was:

Gardenia Breakthru!

Add McCormick's Mixed Herbs and Black Pepper...
Voila! My dinner.

And the best part of the day...
On the English label, it said "Bourbon Blanchul". Japanese label was Buranchuuru. Same a way.

Hmmm...cookies only right? No biggie...

Must check where the product was manufactured at. Nowadays, there are many products with Japanese names and labels, but aren't from Japan itself.

Packed in individual tiny packets too...


Heheheheh, it's in English this time...


and thin. So delicate.

Steffi takes a bite...
As Steffi told Jyrenze...she has just eaten heaven! Good things really come in small packages. The white filling? Since it was written "Howaito choko & Rangudoshakunkii (<---dunno what the heck this means)" it has to be white chocolate. :D

Can...biscuits/cookies actually taste this good? Oh maaaaaaaaan, I'm in love...

Bourbon Buranchuuru - RM9.60, 12 individual packets in a box.



At 10:53 PM, Blogger ashes said...

wahlau steff..

i just didnt check ur blog like 2 days..n im seeing so much posts on food.
ape semua dah takde ke?


haha..ur posts are making me hungry..

At 11:15 PM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

Stress...Food is a great stress reliever. Don't worry, I don't plan to waste the money spent on losing weights...I've been...exercising too. For some odd reason someone up there knows that I'm eating what I shouldn't be eating too :P I've been running about for the past few days at work :S

At 2:13 PM, Blogger Darke Shard said...

Wow, more food, indeed! You should blog about your exercises too, Steffi. :D

*thinks of a different kind of exercising...*

Also, as a guy wearing S-sized clothes, I'm glad that you think that good things come in small packages, hehehe. ^^ Save some of those delicacies for me!

At 12:46 AM, Blogger Jyrenze said...

I wanna eat all those things ! I showed my sis the porridge, she also wants to go try..hehe.... then she saw the price... and said, no money to eat. =p

At 12:54 AM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

Jyrenze: Eat bread for a week...then she'll have enough to eat at Bonjuk :D


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