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China Part 8: The Butterfly Lovers

If you want to be famous, along with your darling/boy-boy/bloke/man/what-not, it's very easy. Just take a look at Romeo & Juliet and Titanic and apply it to yourselves. Practice the "you jump I jump" or "you die I also die" concept lor. Eh? You don't like to copy the Westerners? No problem...then use Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai as an example lah. Easy...(eh, joking only ah...please don't say "Steffi said so").

"The tragic lovers, Liang Shan Bo and Zhu Ying Tai can also be thought of as Romeo and Juliet of the East," said the tour guide. Hmmm...yeah, that's true. Both men were from poor family background and the girls, from rich families. Both couples' romances weren't approved by the girls' families. The difference is that Romeo and Juliet's death was more complicated and it was a plot gone all wrong. Aiyoh, the names are so long. Liang Shan Bo shall be known as "LSB" and Zhu Ying Tai as "ZYT" from hereon.

Based on the movie of "The Lovers" starring Nicky Wu (LSB) and Charlie Yeung (ZYT), in LSB and ZYT's case, the guy died because he fell sick and was heartbroken, since ZYT was going to marry another rich bloke. Oh, and according to Wikipedia, LSB died a county magistrate, so at he had a title to his name, compared to Romeo Kesian(pity) his mother. After he died, Zhu Ying Tai's marriage procession was going to pass by his grave. Suddenly, things got more dramatic and surreal here. No matter how they tried to continue their journey after that, Mother Nature won't allow. The whirlwind just wouldn't let them move forward. So what happened next? Mother Nature then send her lightning to hit LSB's grave and it cracked opened like how Ali Baba's cave did when he shouted,"OPEN SESAME!".

Since ZYT's boy-boy was inviting her in to sleep with him eternally, how could she resist? She jumped in also lah. Then the the grave closed and two butterflies flew out...Uh, of course, we assume the butterflies to be them. Bad choice actually. Butterflies have very short life-span. Should have chosen to be turtles instead. :D

How did they meet each other? By going to the same school. Actually, in my opinion, this story/legend is like the Taiwanese hit drama, a manga-adaptation, Hana Kimi ancient China style. Fortunately, Hana Kimi(manga storyline) has a happy ending. In the olden days, girls were not allowed to go to school, so if they want to go to school, they have to disguise themselves as boys. That was what ZYT did. Heck, just like the main couple in Hana Kimi, they, LSB and ZYT even slept together (SLEPT ONLY) at school (remember that I'm referring to the Hong Kong movie). But unlike Hana Kimi, LSB is one big blur-case. He never found out that she was a girl until after graduation.

OK! For more info, refer to here and here.

Oooh, so everyone is playing tug-of-war over the origin of legend, eh? Well, I went to the school where they supposedly studied at *puts on smug expression*. It's called WanSong Academy Park and it's located at Hangzhou. Even Emperor Qian Long visited this academy! Pity I didn't take picture of horizontal inscription board written by Emperor Qian Long for the academy.

The arch, again, I can't read, but I'm assuming that whatever that is written there is the academy's name.

This was where I met my first bunch of Chinese soldiers. There were truckloads full of them (no kidding!) taking pictures there!
One gang of them...Don't know where are the rest.

So of course, Steffi JUST couldn't resist...asking them (with her mom's help of course) to take picture with her because she's a sucker for military/police HK dramas, especially those featuring the formidable China soldiers/police.

The first one we asked was rather reluctant. In fact I wondered whether we made a mistake asking them. Then, the second one was quite enthusiastic and I believe, was the poser of the group. He was quite happy to fulfill my request and urge his other friends to take too. Many thanks to him & his friends!

Matrix mom with "LSB" and "ZYT".

I started going cam-crazy with flowers here...

The academy grounds.

I love this spot. Want to know why? Not only is it picturesque, this is also where another female tourist from another tour group fell into the pond.>:D Poor lady...and it was a cold, cold day too.

China tour guide (CTG) to mom...

CTG: *while giggling* Did you know, just now, another tourist from another group fell into the pond while taking picture!
Mom: *shocked* HA?! Really ah? Aiyoh, it's so cold!
CTG: I know I shouldn't be laughing, it's not good to laugh.
Mom: Haha, yeah...
CTG: ...
Mom: -_-|||

Don't you just love her? >:D

I find this flower very unique. The flowers were growing out from the main stem!

Mom with the young crown prince being taught how to write by the teacher. I hope that's not the stick he uses to punish the young prince...

Then, on the way back, I spotted a sign - "somebody-famous-but-I-don't-know-who tomb". We shall call him Scholar X. So, I told my mom,"Let's go there." When she saw the looooooooong stairway leading to Scholar X's tomb which we couldn't see from where we stood, she, of course said no. She pointed to this little stone garden ornament on the ground a few steps away and said,"I think it's that one lah..." I told her,"I don't think so, he's supposed to be this great person, don't tell me his tomb is, uh...that small?" Remember the legend of the Condor Heroes, the BIG tomb in the story? I think it should be something like that, right?"

So I went up the stairs. Up and up and up until I reached this landing. Looked to the left...hmmm, nothing. Look to the right...and Steffi froze. IT WAS HUGE! Like the one in the Condor Heroes! And, and, there were many flower wreaths and hell money around! Steffi...HAULED BUTT. Couldn't have run down faster than that time. She related her experience to her mom and the M'sian tour guide (MTG).

MTG: Oh, because it was Cheng Beng* festival a few days those things are still there...

"For those of you who don't know, Cheng Beng festival is:
One major event in the Chinese calendar, observed by Chinese communities all over the world is All Souls Day, also known as Cheng Beng or Qing Ming, which falls on April 5 every year except on leap years when it falls on April 4.

During this period, the Chinese community will visit graves of deceased family members and ancestors to pay their respects. It can be done 10 days before and after the actual date of Cheng Beng. Graves are weeded and cleaned, joss-paper is burnt, and offerings are made." Ref:'s always good to listen to momma...

TOILET BREAK! Alright, so how's the condition of the loo there? I simply have no idea how it looks like. That was because I could smell it before even seeing the entrance and being young (and foolish) I decided not to go. I can hold my bladder, right? Riiiiiiiiiiiight...I dashed to the toilet at the next stop the moment the bus halted.

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At 9:55 PM, Blogger Darke Shard said...

Man, those gardens and gates (archways?) look really beautiful. But on the other side of the spectrum... Steffi... your face looks... yellower than usual. Is it the Chinese sun?

At 11:48 PM, Anonymous SC said...


steffi has no face to see people :)

why lar you go and do that? face pretty pretty like that .. hahaha :)

At 11:58 PM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

Darke Shard: Jaundice...

SC: Because my sister said my face looks so hamsap (perverted) in that picture...just like the mask itself. :P

At 12:13 AM, Blogger Jyrenze said...

the last emoticon kinda suits the mood of the pic, haha...


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