Sunday, January 01, 2006

I got jailed on the first day of 2006!

Hello, hello 2006! Bye bye 2005! After almost one month of not blogging (lazy bug bit me) I have decided that I MUST blog on the first day of glorious 2006. Especially after being jailed on the first day of 2006! No, no! I didn't commit any crime. I swear! It all started...

On the 31st day of December, 2005, I kept on forgetting that countdown to 2006 was on that day. How did I spend New Year's Eve? Hmmmmmm... I seem to have slight amnesia. Oh, I think I was at Subang Parade. And then, I slept after coming back. And then, I woke up, had dinner, and decided to check my hp for msges. One asked if I had any plans for the countdown. Then only I realized that the countdown was going to start in three hours time! ARGH! It's ok, I was too lazy to go out anyway.

Then, a good ol' friend of mine msged me. Asking if I wanna play Monopoly...and I thought she was bored enough to want to play monopoly with me at her house. I was thinking, why not? Let's have fun the good old way...After a phonecall however, I was uncertain. I did not expect it to be LIFE-SIZED Monopoly!

Anyway, I went there this morning, at 9.45 am to queue for the game. Only to be told that I will have to queue until one hour before the registration for the 3rd round, which was at 2.30 pm. Meaning, I have to stand in line until 1.30 pm! Shocking! But mom came up with a brilliant plan. We (my friends and I) shall take turns queueing, switching every one hour. Before the first game, I was excitedly telling my friend, "Please let me go to jail!" I got scolded for that. Haih.

At 1.00pm, one team did not turn up for the 2nd round, therefore, we got to play earlier! YAHOO! Can go back earlier! So, with the three of us, I became the token, my friend, LT, the manager and her friend, LC the dice thrower. After a few rounds of dice throwing, I fell into the....GO TO JAIL BOX! YOOHOO! I grinned like a mad person while being led by the "policeman" to the jail. However, when I saw my friends face, the only thing I could say was "uh, oh". LT came near me and said with narrowed eyes, "YOU!!!!" Whoops! Me and my mulut celupar. I must say that it was a really unique experience. Nokia staff took a photo of me in jail, so it was worth it!Steffi, a jailbird! Overall, we didn't do too badly, LT's a good manager with the dollar sign written all over her face. Clearly, she is one financial manager that her future competitors should be afraid of. However, our luck was pretty bad though. At the box "Chance" others kept on getting money, we kept on giving out money. Haih. Since one team went bankrupt, there were only five teams left. We got third place :D

Right after that, it's back to home and I slept till dinner time. Actually, way past dinner time. Can't blame me, I've been standing the entire day! Overall, it was an exciting way of starting year 2006 and I hope that it will be a good year. To all of you out there, Happy New Year and all the best for Year 2006!

P.S. Pictures shall be posted up usual. Hehe!



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