Monday, December 05, 2005

Singapore Zoo Pics!

Sorry for the long wait. Photos are finally up. Encountered problems uploading them. Photobucket is really sensitive to a few words, such as "baboon", "butt", "play" and many more which I think it's silly. Without much further ado, I now present, pics of animals at Singapore Zoo!

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White Tigers: Don't disturb us...It's our sleeping time. We need our beauty sleep! ROARRR!!!

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Warthogs: Hakuna matata?

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Darling Carlos, the show-sealion, trying to get more than a kiss from his trainer. A fish perhaps?

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Pygmy hippo :D Cute eh?

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Proboscis monkey (is that how you spell it?) I didn't realize at first that they were sleeping. It looks as though as they fell asleep doing something.

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Meerkat: Can you see me?

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Meerkat: Here I am!

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Oh my god, look at those butts! Apparently, this will attract the males to them, it shows that they are ready to be impregnated by the males. Guys, do you find this attractive?

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Manatee: Slow and steady is our style. No fish please! We are vegetarians.

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Jaguar: The sun's too hot. It's too humid. Just let me be...

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Cheetah, the rock pisser.

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Babi rusa. Pig deer? Ok, so it does look like a pig a bit, more towards a warthog actually, but a deer?

Ok, those are all the photos I have which are worth posting up. The rest are...rubbish. That's all folks!



At 12:28 PM, Blogger ashes said...

those butt pic...aihh..hilang selera...dunno wat to say..

At 3:28 PM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

Ahahaha...yeah, when I saw it, I was like, "Oh my god, I've never seen it like that before!"

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Jyrenze said...

I saw the butt thing in books before, but never so big ones ! Ewwww, I wonder what sand and leafs get stuck in those when they sit down

At 3:40 PM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

Yeah I know, when I saw them before this trip, I don't remember seeing HUGE ones. I guess that is how they sit, with the extra red flesh hanging over the edge, more of a squat actually.

"I wonder what sand and leafs get stuck in those when they sit down"

Er...I wonder whether they help each other clean those red bits...At least we know Ash definitely isn't attracted to it.

At 4:53 PM, Blogger ashes said... never returning to this post's comment section anymore...the description is gettin worst than the pic itself..
now i regret asking steff to post up pics..


At 10:02 PM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

Ahahaha...don't lar like that...susah payah post up for you, then not happy pulak. Anyway, it's something new isn't it? Something unexpected... :D


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