Monday, November 28, 2005

Trip to Singapore, Singapore Zoological Garden (01-11-2005)

Lately, I have been feeling really, really lazy when it comes to writing blog. I'm so sorry to those who were waiting for it (puffs out chest proudly). Anyway, here it is, Singapore Zoo!

For the past two days, I have been bumming around, playing with my cute niece and cousins and window shopping. And finally! A good adventure! Ok, so maybe going to the zoo isn't really an adventure, but it's a whole day outing that will definitely be fun. Especially for an animal lover like me. It was a LOOONG journey there (from Hougang to Mandai Road). We went to the zoo in two cars, and kept in touch using a walkie talkie. It was quite fun using one. However, sometimes, we can sometimes listen to other people's conversation. This means that other people might have received our messages as well. Hmmm, must be careful of what I say on the walkie talkie now.

When we reached there, we took a few photos. As my uncle said, we will only look good for the first hour of the trip. After that, we'll look as if we've been walking through a battlefield. The very first animals we saw…Saki monkeys. Two of them were posing for us to take photographs of. Or perhaps they were looking at a group of monkeys (us) staring at them. Hmmm…Then there were the white tigers. All sleeping with their backs facing us except for one, where the face can be seen. Bah. I remember seeing the normal tiger peeing, the last time I was there. He looked as if he was watering the plant with powerful showers of yellow liquid.

Then there were the pygmy hippos. I called them my younger sister's OTHER sisters…(shall not make the mistake of calling them as my sister's sister…). After that we saw the polar bears…beautiful, fascinating creatures, so powerful and so huge (don't think dirty now). One was playing with its toy in the water and another was sleeping under the cool shades of the rocks placed in their enclosure. Next animal on the list (at least from what I can remember), BABOONS! Oh yeah…nice big red butt they have there. REALLY huge ones. It doesn't even look like a part of their bodies. The baby baboons were cute though.  We (my cousins and I) didn't go through the entire primate kingdom though. We were rushing to see the animal show. I must say, this is certainly an "Output Day" for me. It was the orang utan's turn to perform, and he was perched on a pole, preparing to swing across the open auditorium. However, he refused to budge. So, the host of the show continued talking, trying to draw our attention away from Mr Orang Utan (from now on, shall be referred to as Mr Utan) with little success. Suddenly, we heard water sound and saw a stream of water falling from Mr Utan's posterior to the drain below him. It was good that he was positioned right above the drainage system. So, we thought Mr Utan has finished his business, yet, he still refused to move! Then…PLOP! (cue the screams) Oh no! Mr Utan has BIG business to do this time. Thank god I wasn't sitting near. Really. So I was thinking, "alright, you've emptied everything, are you ready to move now?" Nope. Mr Utan still refuse to move. Just when I thought, "Oh no…don’t tell me he's…" he started digging for gold. And I always thought that bananas prevent constipation…Then, Mr Utan proceeded to swing across the auditorium. The host asked for a volunteer. No way. I wasn't keen at all, not after what I had witness. However, while the host was talking to the victim volunteer, Mr Utan disappeared backstage, hopefully, to wash his hands. The sea lion's performance was excellent, as always, though the sea lion himself, Carlos, seems to be a bit on the play boyish side…




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