Thursday, September 14, 2006

Looooooooooooong break...Singapore - Firefly Trip Day 1

It's been a long, long time since I've last posted. No, I wasn't lazy. Seriously. I've just had Writer's Block. Or should I say, Blogger's Block? I've been busy as well. No kidding on that. Not busy with anything naughty though! I've seen to many shocking things and have decided to retire as the SM Queen. How did I become one, by the way?

Anyway, back to the main title. It seems a little silly whenever I think about it. I went on this firefly trip, which required me to travel to Singapore just to travel BACK to Johor which is in Malaysia to go firefly watching. I can't remember the exact date now, as memories of that trip has faded slightly (don't worry, pictures didn't fade away). I could remember though that since we had to leave Singapore early in the morning to depart for Johor on Saturday, my mom and I had to be at Singapore on Friday. Which means that I have to take leave. To leave is reaaaaaaaaaaally precious. Must make full use of that day! So off I go to Singapore on Thursday night, right after my dance class. It was crazy. The train was to leave at 10. My class ended at 9... Still managed to make it though.

This time, the train ride wasn't as bad as the last one. No snoring ochestra. That doesn't mean that I slept well that night though. I have this obsession about sleeping on the upper bunk in the train. It makes me feel as though as I'm in one of those animes or cartoons where the main character embarks on a new journey, seeking for adventures. I know...I'm still a kid at heart. Either that or I've been watching too many animes. However, the next morning, I got a foot cramp trying to climb down from the upper bunk -_-'

The upper bunk...

So Steffi and momma took a taxi to her uncle's house and went to a nearby coffee shop (known to us as the round shop, thanks to my little cousin) to have her breakfast. And how did she spend her precious time that morning? She fell asleep...until lunch... >.< Kinda defeats the purpose of taking the night train there. Had nice dim sum for lunch though, at Plaza Singapura. The waitress and waiters there were so courteous.

While walking around Plaza Singapura, I noticed that the shoppers there were really fashion concious. Great hairstyles, fashionable outfits...hunky guys...Well, we can find pretty er, fashionable people at Sungei Wang here too, but of a different category. Most of the folks here are more comfy with slack/jeans and t-shirts/baby tops. Can't blame them though. I like wearing those myself.

One thing I really like about Singapore is their transport system. For dinner that night, I hopped onto the bus, took the MRT to Plaza Singapura again to buy my salmon fish for dinner as well as other stuffs that catches my eyes, took the MRT back and then I'm home eating. Really fast and efficient. It's really easy to go around Singapore by taking public transport.

So that was basically Day 1 of my Singapore Firefly Trip. Nothing eventful...just shopping here and there. Do watch out for Day 2...It's a day filled with bananas :D



At 3:32 PM, Blogger Jyrenze said...

LOL this was some time back wasnt it? I wanna go to SG too, well maybe someday I'll be able to la... awaiting your uh banana filled chapter 2

At 9:24 AM, Blogger ashes said...

hope steff means abt the "real" banana...not anything else.

ah..well..knowing prepared for the unexpected..:P

At 1:30 PM, Blogger Eng said...

yawn... feeling sleepy after reading your blog. why? because you spend most of the time sleeping... kinda made feel like sleeping... hahaha

anyway, awaiting Day 2

At 2:44 PM, Blogger Steffi the Numbnut said...

Eng: Ahahaha, sorry fow maing you sleepy...but I REALLY was sleepy...

Ash: Don't worry, next post is er...not as obscene as previous posts.

Jyrenze: Come on, let's conquer the world!


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